FOUND: Unusual looking cat near SW 164th and 11th SW in Gregory Heights

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BTB Reader Ross Houghton found this unusual looking cat near his house around SW 164th and 11th SW in Gregory Heights:


“This amazing beast has been seen the last few weeks around our house,” Ross said. “No collar and looking thin. It meows like a kitten and is very curious. Someone thought it may be a domestic hybrid of an ocelot. If so they are rare and expensive. Have not seen any missing posters in the neighborhood.”

If you recognize this cool-looking kitty, please contact Ross at

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11 Responses to “FOUND: Unusual looking cat near SW 164th and 11th SW in Gregory Heights”
  1. Misty says:

    It is beautiful, It appears to be the breed bangle, very costly….I am sure the owner must be very upset he/she is missing.

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  2. Devin says:

    A cat like this used to come to my apartment when I lived at 35th ave SW AND SW Webster. I took his to the vet and he had a microchip with owner info…

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  3. Tina Routt says:

    Yes that is a bangle kitty. i will volunteer to come catch the kitty & take it to the vet for a micro chip scan,

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  4. Annetta Cepek says:

    Can you get him and then to a vet? He is a rare and expensive breed. Someone is missing him and he likely has a microchip. If he is thin, he needs food and water. Please help this guy out and get him safe!

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  5. Andrew says:

    That is probably my dads bangle he lives less than a block away, it gets fed its not skinny I’ll let him know to put a collar on it.

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  6. AD says:

    Bengals are a very slender breed of cat, a lot like modern Orientals. If they start putting on much weight (average cat -like), their health starts to spiral downhill very quickly. A healthy Bengal does look very slim- but the photos of this one look good. They are very happy to accept food from willing humans….

    In a time when many people are busy and don’t always get involved, it warms my heart to see so many people concerned and willing to help! Bravo all!

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  7. HikeBandit says:

    It’s always tough to tell a prowling house cat from a lost cat that actually needs help. Please collar, tag, and microchip your cats.

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  8. Marc L says:

    Definitely a Bengal kitty. These things retail for $2200 so its owner might want it back.

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  9. Tara H says:

    Its a Bengal. Please ask for proof of ownership if you are able to capture it. They are expensive and often stolen. Yes everyone please microchip, collar and spay/neuter!!

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    • shari says:

      …and remember that there are (hungry) coyotes and (nasty tempered) raccoons in abundance in that neighborhood…coyote killed my neighbors gorgeous cat not long ago.

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