Seahurst Park Beach Restoration Project in final stages; should open end of July

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The City of Burien said this week that the Seahust Shoreline Restoration Project is in its final stages – and is expected to re-open at the end of July or early August – as construction of storm drainage facilities continues in the upland areas and along the main trail.

“Some construction activity is shifting to the southern end of the site with grading and concrete work occurring at the new picnic area, playground and beach access stairways,” reads an announcement.

New beach access stairways are being constructed.

The new picnic area is being constructed and the new playground components installed. Irrigation improvements are also being made along the entire length of the project.

Construction of the fish ladder at the Marine Technology Lab has been completed and additional woody debris has been placed along the length of the beach and around the new creek outfalls.

The project has encountered some grading and drainage concerns along the main park trail that are requiring additional storm drain facilities due to hillside seepage previously covered by a large section of concrete at mid-trail. Minor modifications are being made to planting material selections due to seasonal availability.

Project completion has been impacted by a few additional weeks and is currently expected to be at the end of July, possibly early August.

Project updates will continue to be posted to the project webpage at

Photos courtesy the City of Burien:

Parks Operations Manager Steve Roemer explains plans for the beach restoration project to City Manager Kamuron Gurol.

Parks Operations Manager Steve Roemer explains plans for the beach restoration project to City Manager Kamuron Gurol.


Newly-constructed wetland area which is fed by North Creek; plantings will be placed in the next several weeks.


Parks Operations Manager Steve Roemer explains beach restoration project construction activity to City Manager Kamuron Gurol.


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7 Responses to “Seahurst Park Beach Restoration Project in final stages; should open end of July”
  1. feisty says:

    Great Job…No summer at the beach…. poor planning is no excuse… After a few high tides with a good storm the repairs will cost us taxpayers for years to come.

    • peaceofmind says:

      Well, if the beach really does get reverted back to its natural state a few high tides and storms should not be a problem. After all, it withstood them for tens of thousands years before they tried putting in that eye sore they called a seawall and ruined it
      I remember even driving on that beach once upon a time long time ago.

  2. Lee Moyer says:

    I’m curious. What is the poor planning? Wetland restoration has to be done in the summer when there is less runoff. The tides are less extreme in the summer, which must be a consideration for construction.
    If the beach restoration is done right it will stand the winter storms better than the private bulkheads in Burien that seem to be poorly maintained till they collapse. Then the owner wants emergency exemptions from the rules on shoreline construction or help from the Corp of Engineers..

  3. Question Authority says:

    It’s simply amazing there are such unique viewpoints when it comes to a public works project as have been shared about this one. Cost overruns, delays, change of scope, unknown site findings, tribal influence etc. etc. etc. As you wash your car in the driveway, fertilize your lawn, spread pest poison or further degrade your natural environment the parks such as this will become all the more unattractive. I look forward to once again visiting but it will take all of us to keep it beautiful no matter how long it takes to finish. It hold a special place for me because of all the high school I skipped there burning a fatty!

    • jimmy says:

      I wonder how people are getting picture in there head of you chasing some over wait person down the beach with lighter and can of gas.

    • othersideofthetracks says:

      Ahhhhh, Those were the days.
      Kegs and beach fires,,

      • devilsadvocate says:

        I remember sneaking down there at daybreak during summer break (before the beach opened) to fish for sea-run cutthroat and old man Fox (the ranger at that time) would always come down and chase us off the beach until the one morning we actually caught one around 20″.
        (We had to take turns carrying it home in a clear plastic garbage bag that we put water in to keep it alive during the trek back up through the trails to home)
        I`ll never forget that was the only time he ever actually spoke to us outside of “git yer ass off this beach until dawn” he would yell as we ran for the woods.
        Whadyu boys catch that on he asked? After we told him, he still ran us off.*lol*

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