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Burien’s Jerrod Sessler has re-opened Zoopa – as all organic – in Tukwila

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ZoopaSidebar02After a season of planning and building renovations, Burien’s Jerrod Sessler and his team recently re-opened ‘Zoopa‘ – now as an all-organic eatery – in Tukwila near the Westfield Southcenter mall.

Sessler says that he will not use conventional produce, as he believes people want the flavor and healthy benefits of eating organic food.

Organic produce sales have increased in double digit annual growth for the last 12 years.

“Organic produce tastes better, it is more nutritious and I believe people will have a better experience in our restaurant because we use organics,” Sessler said. “I won’t eat conventional produce and forcing our guests to would seem like a double standard to me.”

Sessler was diagnosed with terminal cancer nearly 15 years ago, but didn’t do conventional medical treatment, and to this day refuses to consume conventional produce. He also chooses not to use it in his new restaurant even though profits could be better if he did.

He also changed the name of the restaurant from Zoopa to ‘Zoopa Organic’ to demonstrate the seriousness with which he approaches this topic.

“Many people think that the organic processes are something new,” he added. “The truth is that everything was, at one time, organic. The current organic movement is really a fight against all the rifling that has been going on in the growth and production of what we call food today. People are tired of eating junk and the ill effects it is having on their bodies. We are changing that.”

Zoopa Organic is similar to a Whole Foods Deli, Marlene’s Market Deli or PCC Deli – but without the ‘pay-by-the-pound’ pricing.

And to sweeten his new venture, Sessler is offering this great, exclusive coupon to our readers (click image to print coupon):

Here’s are some testimonials from happy, satisfied customers:

We could not be more excited that Zoopa is open and with a better selection, friendly staff and the highest quality organic food. Our visits to Zoopa were a highlight for my daughter and I so we were devastated when it closed in 2012. That all changed one December evening in 2013 however! We were near Target on the south side of Southcenter Mall. As we were driving down the road, my daughter began to shout, “The lights are on, the lights are on!!”. I looked, and indeed, I could see that Zoopa was lit up! She said “Mommy, stop, stop pull over and let’s look inside.” Reluctantly, I agreed. We pulled into the parking lot, parked and walked up to peak inside. As we peered in, we saw a man with a couple of boys working. Curiosity to over and we began to tap on the window. The gentleman was gracious enough to open up with his two boys and spend some time talking with us. We asked him if Zoopa would be opening again. He said “yes, it will be Zoopa Organic.” His name is Jerrod Sessler and he had quite an amazing story to share. Zoopa meant a lot to his family as well but for more serious reasons. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer nearly 15 years ago and found that eating healthy was a better solution that conventional medical treatment. His family ate a Zoopa regularly but always wished the food was better quality… organic. We talked for a few minutes and his youngest son offered to give us a book that his father had written, titled “Five Percent Chance.” The book and the family are amazing.

My daughter and I enjoy eating at Zoopa Organic at least 2-3 times each week. The food is wholesome, organic and offers up quite a variety. Every time we go in, there’s always something new, a continuous process of improvement, whether it be a new recipe, plates or a beautiful new salad bar. The employees are friendly, hardworking and accommodating. And if you have any suggestions, the owners love to hear your ideas.

Here’s more from the Eatzoopa.com website:

As the leader in wholesome buffet dining, the selection at Zoopa is beyond compare. With locally grown organic vegetables and salads offered daily along with our house-made soups, pizzas and baked goods our offering is vibrant, healthy and vast! In addition, we source only the freshest organic produce, locally whenever possible, ensuring our guests always enjoy the highest quality seasonal produce.

Our all-you-can-eat restaurants provide guests with the opportunity to create the perfect meal every time. With an unlimited amount of flavor combinations, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Zoopa is located at 393 Strander Blvd. in Tukwila; 206-575-0500 or [email protected].

Here are some photos of the new Zoopa, courtesy Michael Brunk (click images to see larger versions/slideshow):

Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com

Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com

Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com

Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com

Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com

Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com

Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com

Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com

Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com

Photo by Michael Brunk / nwlens.com


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6 Responses to “Burien’s Jerrod Sessler has re-opened Zoopa – as all organic – in Tukwila”
  1. seahurst3 says:

    Be sure to check YELP before you go to the new Zoopas

  2. Greg Duff says:

    I do not always trust the comments on yelp. Who is to say that they were not written by the competition. I have eaten at Zoopa Organic several times and I think it is a very nice restaurant. When they first started, it had some growing pains. The food was always very fresh and very good. Cleanliness was not a problem that I saw, it was how some of the tables were set up. I was not wild about how you got your silverware and I thought how they use their windows could have been better. These are things that someone who has not owned a restaurant would have to learn. It has nothing to do with the cleanliness or the quality of the food. I also bought a coupon on Groupon for weekday lunches. Zoopa Organic is a regular for me.

  3. Connie Farrell says:

    I always liked Zoopas but now I love it. My wife and I can’t wait to go back. Started eating organic this spring. Feeling better and loving it.

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