Follow the Burien Police Department’s Twitter ‘Ride Along’ on the 4th of July

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The Burien Police Department is doing a Twitter “Ride Along” on Friday, July 4, and here are some of their Tweets (latest ones are first):

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10 Responses to “Follow the Burien Police Department’s Twitter ‘Ride Along’ on the 4th of July”
  1. Loren says:

    I hear fireworks going off all over the place and it is only 6 pm. What city are the officers in?

  2. Dixie says:

    It might be nice if they come East of 509 and South of 518. The area North of Highline High School is getting noisy and it isn’t even 7 pm yet, much less dark, the time it usually gets bad. I am next to an overgrown vacant lot that was set on fire by fireworks last year–after it had been cut back–and this year the weeds, and bushes are taller than I am. I have hoses set up to save my house if needed.

  3. Denis says:

    When did we become such a bunch of ninnies and can’t enjoy fireworks for a nite. Way too PC and safe & sane?

  4. Frankie says:

    This is all that Burien police have to do with their time? Confiscate and bust people with fireworks? Would be nice if they’d address the transients trespassing and drinking in the city parks, the kids that make a trip to the library intolerable and other real crime.

    • jimmy says:

      around the 4 of july yes they bust people breaking the law that is broken around this time a year also you must not have read the tweets there were some other calls not just fireworks

  5. stew says:

    does anybody have the numbers on how many incidents of serious concern not related to noise complaints there were on the 4th???….. are fireworks once a year that big of a deal????

    • Patty says:

      Yes – it is a big deal when you come home and find your place on fire like I did!

      • stew says:

        that is unfortunate patty. sorry for your loss.. I’m sure you had insurance right??? but how many other houses were on fire in burien??? its too bad a few idiots ruin it for responsible pyro’s who only get a chance to be a kid aga the in once a year and light some fireworks which I have done since probly age 5. I used to even clean the whole street of debris on the 5th. some of which was not mine. Remember we are celebrating our freedom on the fourth of july. I will light fireworks til the day I die!!!!!! Illegal or not!!!!!

  6. Michelle says:

    If people control their fireworks properly, it would not be a problem….In my area of Normandy Park, we had MASSIVE fireworks around our house. We did not do them because we are not supposed too. Where were the Police then since they went off until 3:00 AM! Good job Normandy Police Department…..your never where you should be but ya’ll get away with murder, literally!

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