The B-Town film boom continues as new Web Series starts shooting in Burien

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The B-Town film boom continues, as a new webseries called “Manic Pixie Dream Wife” has begun shooting in Burien.

Series Creator M. Elizabeth Eller is a proud graduate of Highline High School.

“I have a very large family, and almost everyone for four generations lives in Burien, so B-Town will always be my forever home,” she told The B-Town Blog. “As such, when we started location scouting, I asked our production staff to focus on Burien so we could highlight local businesses and connect with people I know through my family.”

Filming will be done at The Mark Restaurant as well as A Place For Pets.

“We are so excited to be starting things off – well, let’s be real. *I* am so excited to be starting our month long shoot in my hometown!” Elizabeth added.

For more information, visit the project’s Kickstarter page here:

You can also “Like” them on Facebook here:

Some other films which have shot in Burien include:

  • Every Beautiful Thing,” recently shot at the Countryside Cafe (read our previous coverage here).
  • The Maury Island Incident,” shot at the Tin Room Bar during the summer of 2013 (and playing as a fundraiser there on Aug. 1).
  • Your Sister’s Sister,” shot also at the Countryside Cafe when it was “Germaine’s Country Kitchen,” and Directed by Lynn Shelton.
  • Safety Not Guaranteed,” shot at Highline High School and Grocery Outlet on SW 152nd (NOTE: Colin Trevorrow, the Director of this film, has moved onto a new project – with a slightly higher budget – called “Jurassic World”!).
  • The Off Hours,” Directed by Megan Griffiths.

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