UPDATE: Bail set at $2 million for Burien man suspected in Kent shooting

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UPDATE 8/21/14: On Thursday (Aug. 21), a judge set bail at $2 million for Leland D. Russell, 29, a Burien man suspected in Wednesday’s double homicide in Kent.

The suspect was arrested on investigation of homicide for the fatal shooting of two men at a gas station in Kent.

Russell’s criminal record shows previous arrests for burglary and felony harassment, as well as a conviction for negligent driving.

He waived his appearance at a bail hearing Thursday afternoon.

A second appearance is scheduled for August 25 in the King County Jail.


If you saw a lot of police activity near 14th Ave S. and S. 128th late Wednesday night (Aug. 20), it was because the Kent Police Department was following up on leads from a double homicide at a Shell station that morning.

We received reports that police had set up a command center in a church parking lot at 8th Ave South and S. 128th.

“Kent Detectives are following leads from this morning’s double homicide, which have led them to Burien,” Commander Jarod Kasner of the Kent P.D. told The B-Town Blog. “They are working to confirm information that was obtained and possibly serve a warrant on a residence in the area.”

Kent Police arrested one man and detained another in connection with the deadly shooting.

As we learn more about this incident, we’ll update this post.

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16 Responses to “UPDATE: Bail set at $2 million for Burien man suspected in Kent shooting”
  1. Question Authority says:

    Instead of exercising his civic freedom and United Nations rights to seek both Government services and an education at the City Hall/Library in Burien, he instead went out killing innocent people. That is the disturbing additude of our own renegade council member Lauren “hugs and kisses will solve all the worlds problems” Berko_itz. Were all doomed.
    Nothing like being put on the map for being the home of a gang banging killer.

    • Guywhowatches says:

      Hey have law offices of b.s and p.o.s called about your case yet. The one you’re were claiming to file on anyone that says anything about you on this blog. The one that would look into your own online activity and find your irrelevant posts and comments to most topics. That are usually posted in away to anger people and get a response in which you return with a more outlandish response creating a hostile environment for the readers or out of area viewers of this blog. Making the city look even worst than any news story that you pick to make your outlandish comments like your latest ploy to get attention is making fun a council members name in very childish way. But then again this what you wanted a response from someone.

      • Question Authority says:

        Actually the only item that I took great concern with and commented on, if you had your facts straight was being called an anti semite by Joey Martinez.. That un called for and un justified slanderous comment brought forth my interest in seeking legal council, and if you recall Joey has done nothing but back peddle his way out of such stupidity.
        P.S. Nothing is forcing you to read the blog, so your issues are all on you.

        • TcB says:

          I keep telling you, Slander is spoken. libel is written. To prove libel though, you have to be held in high esteem by the community, which is kinda hard to do when you’re sort of anonymous

          • Question Authority says:

            Thank you for correcting that mistake of mine, actually I am such a well known and respected member of the Burien business and social scene it only makes sense that I remain anonymous. It also gives me the freedom to share my real views which would complicate my outstanding local reputation. Just saying.

            • Guywhowatches says:

              Yes we my not be force to read it. But if we want to read any story on here and post a comment about the story. Then we have to make sure that it does not conflict with your ever thought for the day or you will attack the comment with your outlandish statement’s and tricky ways of voting down any comment till its hidden. While all your comment’s surprisingly are still view able as others have done on this blog that your name has been connected to. That is what creating a hostile environment for the readers and commentators of this blog and to find out these actions are taking place by someone who claims to be an adult and such a well know person of burien. hmm I think this person needs to grow up and not be so self center in there thoughts and views

        • Joey Martinez says:

          Thank you for stopping the use of your anti-semetic and anti-woman insulting name for a duly elected official. It has no place in a civil discussion.

          Joey Martinez

  2. Loren says:

    Where is Al Sharpton now? Where are all the protests?? Two unarmed people gunned down in cold blood?
    Where is the outrage?

    • Question Authority says:

      From the online photo of one of the victims, the color of his skin disqualified him from the care and concern of Big Al.

    • Loren says:

      Hands up! Don’t shoot!

      • Question Authority says:

        Do not walk back towards the officer who is yelling at you to freeze, who you just beat the face of after shoving him back into his car. Hands up or not, follow the command!

  3. Realist says:

    Typical incident. Angry black man with family upbringing and societal problems guns down 2 men who were just trying to get him to act right. Another black statistic and more segregation was reinforced today. This kind of situation keeps racism alive and well. The minority of blacks who do work hard to make a legitimate life get sold out by this kinda of thing. But no one cares, just words on the internet.

  4. HEARTLESS says:

    Every post on this topic is WORTHLESS….not one of you have mentioned the poor familys or the victims. Get a LIFE. Show some RESPECT.

    • Question Authority says:

      Actually what has happened is two separate shootings that took place on opposite sides of the nation are being mixed together. And I will admit to adding to this current comment fray by my own statments. Futhermore this original article is of course focused upon our local connection, the loss of innocent lives do have to be recognized and I for one am doing that right now, sorry if you knew them as crime has no heart.

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