Street overlay project to begin Tuesday, Sept. 2

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The City of Burien announced that its Public Works Department will be working with ICON Materials to overlay several streets citywide, as well as upgrade storm drainage facilities along SW 152nd Street beginning Tuesday, Sept. 2.

The following locations will be affected:

  • SW 152nd Street between 10th Avenue SW and Maplewild Ave SW (15300 block)
  • 4th Ave SW and SW 136th Street intersection
  • 4th Ave SW and SW 128th Street intersection

“Overlay is a process to remove and replace the top 2-inches of asphalt to maintain pavement life,” the city said in an announcement. “Before we place a brand new asphalt surface on the street, approximately 800 feet of storm drainage pipe and several catch basins will be replaced.”

This project will run tentatively through Oct. 13.

“Please drive safely and plan ahead for travel time. Thank you.”

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10 Responses to “Street overlay project to begin Tuesday, Sept. 2”
  1. TbC says:

    Oh boy!! Three more projects that will most likely be late and over budget. I also wonder why the areas west of Ambaum get the bulk of the over lay projects? First Ave. between 128th and 136th is MUCH worse than 152nd and gets more traffic. HMMM…

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    • citizen says:

      City needs to look at the potholes on 143 rd and 4th ave…..1ST Ave needs HELP.

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    • Sassal says:

      As usual, Three Tree Point gets first priority. In the 30 years I have been in the area nothing has changed. Democracy, no, it’s called Capitalism. And we pay good money for it.

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  2. Jace says:

    Submit a formal complaint and they should take care of it.

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  3. Frank says:

    Interesting that they are starting at 152nd and 20th ave. sw on the first day of school. Busy intersection. Timing is amazing.

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  4. Really says:

    This goes to show that you can’t please everyone….. at least Public Works is doing! And Frank, yes this is a conspiracy against the local School Districts.

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