Two shot on SW 152nd in downtown Burien early Sunday morning

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Photo showing bullet hole in the window of Burien Tattoo courtesy Roger Arnold.

The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that two males received non life-threatening injuries when an unknown suspect or suspects fired several rounds at the victims early Sunday morning, Oct. 19.

Both were taken to the hospital.

One officer was in the area and heard the gunfire, and was on scene immediately.

“At least one of the adult males who were shot had been inside a nearby pub prior to the shooting but it’s unknown what precipitated the shooting or if it is even related to the pub,” Sgt. DB Gates told The B-Town Blog.

The case has been sent to detectives for follow up.

The shooting happened in the 400 block of SW 152 Street Sunday morning around 1:30 a.m.

“Two doors down, a 9mm bullet went through the front of our building, through the plate glass window, through the back wall, and lodged in the women’s bathroom door,” said Steve Lemons, “and just 20 minutes earlier there was a young child sitting at a light table there, and the bullet would’ve probably killed the child, or at least grazed the child.”

“People need to know what’s going on in downtown Burien,” he added.

Capt. Bryan Howard of the Burien Police Department posted this to their Facebook page on Monday (Oct. 20):

“Any violence is inexcusable and we will be working on this investigation as well as taking preventive steps to ensure everyone’s safety when visiting our city.

This will include assigning resources to work later hours so we can provide additional visibility and patrols downtown.”

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18 Responses to “Two shot on SW 152nd in downtown Burien early Sunday morning”
  1. fishorcutbait says:

    Not the first time this has happened at Mckellys!! There was a stabbing there early this summer. I’m sure it won’t be the last! !

    • I dont care anymore says:

      Well we do need to cut down on the surplus population, and what better way than to let them choose and decide among themselves.

  2. Wade Pennington says:

    I have written the following letter to the city because of a serious problem in our streets. I hope that every one that cares will make the letter their own and send it to the city. as a concerned citizen I thank you in advance.

    Burien city manager: Kamuron Gurol [email protected]

    Dear Mr. Gurol,

    I am writing you this morning as a very concerned citizen and local business owner. I am a lifelong resident of Burien.

    As you are aware there were two people shot on 152nd this weekend. This a clear result of a festering issue that has been brought to your attention in the past. Mick Kelly’s is attracting a dangerous crowd that is detracting from the downtown area and is preventing those of us that truly support the downtown economy from feeling safe being on the streets at night. This cannot continue.

    I hope that you feel, as a quickly growing group of citizens do, that this issue must be controlled at this time by any means available. Clearly a concentrated effort by the police needs to be in force that makes these people feel that they do not control our streets.

    As a Burien resident I would like to request that the city take the following steps to stop this before someone else gets shot:

    An increased police presence, increase police stops of vehicles leaving Mick Kelly’s, increased DUI testing, enforcement of anti-loitering laws, enforcement of open container laws, a concentrated effort and deliberate effort to let this element know they are not welcome here.

    I will be working with group of concerned citizens that are deciding whether we need to approach the city government in a more formal manor about this issue. We hope that the city will take clear and visible steps to clear up this issue and that we can then all move on to make Burien a safe place for all.

  3. Paris Waddill says:

    At least they didn’t have bad body odor. Then they would have been busted for sure!

    That’s clearly a higher priority for Burien City Council than creating a safe, vibrant downtown area with stores that are open and available to meet the needs of local residents. Instead, we roll up the sidewalks at 5pm, except for the bars, creating a ghost town that incubates this kind of behavior.

  4. Janet says:

    Where in this report does it say Mick Kelly’s?

    • Wade Pennington says:

      The reason Mick Kelley’s is mentioned is because the “pub” mentioned by police is in fact Mick Kelley’s. the city has an ongoing issue with the bar crowd late at night. It is attracting a very rowdy crowd and has been warned many times by the city to control the circumstance and has agreed to make changes that clearly have not worked. The city had already scheduled a follow up the owners to see how the plan to clean things up was working when the shooting occurred. This is the bar with the most complaints. it is a place to start turning around our tow. Although any drinking crowd can get out of hand the bar that over serves is problematic. As a life long resident of Burien I am concerned that people are not up in arms about a shooting on main street but are more concerned about what bar is mentioned.

  5. Betsy says:

    Janet, as some one who saw it as it happened it was right in front of Mick’s. Take my word on it.

    • Jackie says:

      Ever sense Mick Kelly’s changed hands, I have been hearing things about how ruff the crowd has become. Very unfortunate.

      • Betsy says:

        We’ve seen this situation building for months and are not surprised. We’ve told this is the pattern now for the last couple years. Every Saturday night (and some Fridays) we see people arriving about 11 p.m. who have already been drinking. They sit in the cars or out on the curb, drinking what they’ve brought to the scene, doing drugs and partying before even heading in the bar. If the weather is really nice it becomes a street party atmosphere where 30-40 people are hanging out on the street – or in the street – doing all the same things the entire night/early morning. If not, about 1:30 a.m. they start heading back to their cars, some so drunk they are literally falling on the ground while others stumble along with the help of their friends. Often they hang around their cars for while, sometimes stopping to pee in the street, before they get in their cars, honk horns, gun their motors and drive off through your neighborhoods. I hope the owners of other restaurants in this area will put pressure on this bar as well as the city council, police and city manager to make sure this gets resolved. We want to feel safe living, shopping and dining in downtown Burien.

    • Dustin says:

      Betsy is right it was Mick kellys, I was standing right next to one of the victims when he was shot.

  6. Catharine says:

    Indeed, a safe, vibrant downtown area DOES have stores that are open, restaurants that are open, and yes, bars that are open, and all the customers thereof peacefully coexisting with the community as a whole. This incident probably has very little to do with Mick Kelly’s itself, because it probably could just as well have been around the corner by the Black Zia or up the street at CC’s Lounge. I find it extremely surprising that in the 3-&-a-half city blocks of 152nd that contain 7 bars/taverns (Mark, Tin Room, 913, CCs, Black Zia, Mick’s, & Elliot Bay Brewery), that there is not more police presence on that section of our “main drag.” Police don’t have to stop every bar-goer or cigarette smoker standing 25-feet from every door, but just having a presence in the area can be a deterrent. Also, do all those businesses have security cameras? If not, they should.

  7. beckyp says:

    I believe that the City of Burien has only 4 paid police officers for our city. Not that is an excuse, it might be time for these establishments to hire there own paid police security.

    • Betsy says:

      Becky, As I understood it there are only 4-5 officers on duty at any one time but more on payroll to cover rotations of duty. I think your idea of bars hiring off duty officers is a good one but doubt they will.

      • Chad says:

        It most certainly was mick Kelly’s pub that was involved with shooting. I was there with a cop. Why this pub has still got its license I don’t know. A certain other bar on 153rd lost its license because of this behavior. I am sick of this. Drugs,underage drinking,drink driving,urinating on street,pot smoking,fighting and now shooting.thank God no one was killed.i feel sorry for the people who have invested in the condos across from this pub. Obviously the owner of mick Kelly’s is friendly with the local cops or is one himself. Good to know the local cops are doing their due diligence….not.

        • local gal says:

          Well that ‘certain other bar’ only lost its license temporarily. Its back up and running using same name on its fb page and amongst patrons. They just have a different sign on the building.

    • Chad says:

      Are they being paid by the owner of mick kellys

      • Betsy says:

        Chad, that is really not fair. While I would like them to step it up in preventing and patrolling in this area, there is nothing to back up your statement. To make such a crazy statement you should be able to proof it.

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