ELECTION: School Bond inches up to 57.68% approval Thursday night

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King County Elections released the fourth round of results for Tuesday’s election, and the Highline School District Bond continues to inch up, now with 57.68% approving as of Thursday night, Nov. 6 at 7:40 p.m.

However, the bond issue requires a 60% majority to pass.

The district says “it’s still too close to call,” but it’s looking like it still may not hit the threshold needed to pass.

Here’s the current tally:

Highline School District No. 401 Proposition No. 1 Bonds to Construct New Schools:

  • Approved: 12058 57.68%
  • Rejected: 8847 42.32%

The bond is slowing inching its way up; here are the trends:

  1. 56.68%: 1st returns (Nov. 4)
  2. 57.15%: 2nd returns (Nov. 5, 4:34 p.m.)
  3. 57.28%: 3rd returns (Nov. 5, 7:40 p.m.)
  4. 57.55%: 4th returns (Nov. 6, 4:15 p.m.)
  5. 57.68%: 5th returns (Nov. 6, 7:40 p.m.)

Another round of results will be released tonight around 8 p.m., so be sure to check back…

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7 Responses to “ELECTION: School Bond inches up to 57.68% approval Thursday night”
  1. Tim says:

    Even if it does not pass you can be sure it will be on the ballot come February. They will continue with this tax levy ripoff election nonsense until it does pass.

    • shari says:

      Well, they’re called Public Schools for a reason…i agree levies after levies after levies is far from the best approach, but I grew up someplace where voters started rebelling against them and I remember very clearly how bad it got for us kids and our families (double shifts etc). Is there not a decent alternative to the levy cycle?

      • p willoughby says:

        Yes Shari,

        There is a way to stop the consortium of Highline Citizens for Schools (PAC),
        Teachers Union, and Administration.

        You must organize and elect the candidates for School Board. When you don’t have people you believe in contest for the reins of power, then you lose power by default to the miscreants.

        Remember, stop the abuses where the power resides – in the Board of Directors. If they can’t pass a resolution that you agree with, the game is over. Then the people you employ either get in line and perform or they are gone.

        The community has gone through the greatest campaign assault on them using their money that I have ever seen. Shamelessly violating the intent of law.

  2. Doug says:

    My wallet thanks all of those that voted to reject this outrageous grab of over a third of a billion dollars. What are these people thinking? Click on the link for the test results from the current money pit approved a few years ago.
    Tim’s right – they will resurrect this until enough WEA union hacks approve it in a low turnout election.

  3. Anonymous... says:

    It’s wonderful that you POWERFUL dipsticks with your POWERFUL 42% of total votes feel so righteously validated!! In no other worldly context could 42% success enable anyone to feel very good, but, congratulations on sucking just barely enough to win…crazy…

    • p willoughby says:


      Law is replete with supermajority specifications. It is like saying, are you really sure?

      In this case of the Bond, the School District ran the largest campaign using taxpayer resources that I have ever seen. Individual voters have no defense against that onslaught against them. That is why the legislature passed the supermajority question, “Are you really sure?”

  4. Bob Bohica says:

    Does the district get a refund towards their 700,000 media budget?????……..

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