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GO ‘HAWKS! But first, go for a ‘Walk-n-Talk’ this Sunday before the Super Bowl

Last year, 22 “12th Man” Walk-n-Talkers had a brisk walk before the Super Bowl… and look what happened. The Seahawks won! Let’s do it again.

WABI-12th Man Superbowl Walkers Titled

Some may say:

“Oh no… there’s no time for a walk. I’m gonna watch the game.” 

It’s easy. We’ll go for a walk and then finish up just in time for all festivities (kick-off is at 3:30 p.m.). The walk will start at Burien Town Square, so afterwards you can join a “cheering squad” at your favorite local establishment. TVs, big and blaring… game food and drink… and plenty of football fanaticism will be clustered in pockets around Burien. Get exercise and support your local businesses and team all in one fell swoop.

The Walk-n-Talk is a FREE activity and draws people of many ages. Come chat with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet up with. (After-walk Superbowl festivities are not hosted by WABI. You’re on your own for that fun.)

Some Intentions for Burien’s Walk-n-Talk:
  • “Encourage active living to support physical and mental health.”
    (Part of Burien’s “Vision”.)
  • Initiate conversation between friends and neighbors, new and old.

Click on the map below to view a larger image. Then please print it out and bring it with you if you’d like a copy as you’re walking.

Walk-N-Talk-Highline-SeaTac-RouteV2 [1]

Questions? Please contact Maureen Hoffmann at [email protected] [2].

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