Homelessness Advocacy workshop will be at Boulevard Park Library Saturday

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A Homelessness Advocacy workshop will be held at the Boulevard Park Library this Saturday, Feb. 7, from 2 – 4 p.m.

Here’s more info:

Go Beyond the One Night Count! – Attend our Homelessness Advocacy 101 workshops (Don’t be shy! Advocacy just means speaking up!)

WHEN: Saturday, February 7 from 2 to 4 p.m.

WHERE: Boulevard Park Library, 12015 Roseberg Ave S., Seattle 98168

INFO: Do you care about homelessness and want to do more, but you need to know how to help? Learn to speak up for the smart policies and robust funding that will lead to a healthy and housed Washington: more affordable housing, a stronger safety net, fair revenue, & supportive services.

Join us for “Advocacy 101,” a FUN training with Nancy Amidei (Civic Engagement Project). Together with local experts and allies, we’ll remind you of what you might have learned in 8th grade:

  • Who makes decisions in Olympia?
  • How does a bill become a law?
  • What can regular people do to have a say? We will share the basics of key legislative proposals to create housing, support people who are homeless, and make a better future for all of us. You’ll leave informed and inspired, with simple actions and sample messages to use with your classmates, fellow congregants, neighbors, and friends. Learn how to speak up effectively and make a real difference!

Register for the workshop on-line: www.homelessinfo.org

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10 Responses to “Homelessness Advocacy workshop will be at Boulevard Park Library Saturday”
  1. Lauren Sawant says:

    You wouldn’t catch me advocating for the homeless even if I were high on meth!

    And I do not appreciate this “coalition” bringing their so called “workshop” into my Boulevard Park neighborhood.

  2. Darla says:

    Homeless advocacy? Seriously? How about a workshop on teaching soft skills to increase the likelihood of employment for this population? Ridiculous. like Blvd. Park needs MORE homelessness? Unbelievable.

    • Watchful jr says:

      I think the point of this program is to reduce homelessness. Seems like they want to help create policies and programs like the very good idea you suggest. Giving people that want to get off the streets tools and a path to housing.

      Homelessness advocacy means advocating on behalf of the homeless. Not advocating in favor of homelessness.

  3. Boulevard Woking Stiff says:

    These types of groups are usually looking for the lowest common denominator. Most don’t even live in the Highline area. They think we’re just a bunch of stupid immigrants or something and easy to sway.

  4. Greg Barry says:

    Lot’s of us are just one or two paychecks away from being homeless. A smooth talking leftist lesbian like Nancy Amidei is not helping anyone and she never intended to.

    • Wondering says:

      Really? Did you just say that? Just walk on by and turn your face, that’ll be easy for you.
      What is wrong with you people? What ever in the world does a persons sexual orientation have to do with this issue? Thank goodness there are generous, thoughtful, individuals who are willing to take a stand to help these unfortunate homeless persons. Nancy sounds like just the sort of person who would help you out if you were unlucky enough to be in such a situation.

      • Greg Barry says:

        Yes I did say that. You can read. I’m surprised you didn’t reply in English, Spanish, and Viet Namese.

        • Wondering says:

          Do you also have something against other nationalities that have come to our shores? And what has it got to do with this announcement? The homeless that I have encountered here in Burien appear to be strong healthy people with white skins. I haven’t seen any Hispanic people, or Asiatic persons begging but I have seen many of them working at the most menial jobs. Now as far as helping the homeless goes, any program that will enable or encourage or help them to get a job and a home, I am for it! And any to one who will help in that I will say ” You go Girl or Boy, Man or Woman.” Whether you are black,white,or blue, I still think Nancy would help you if you were down and out too.

  5. Michael Schultz says:

    Our caring and compassionate well moneyed Seattle liberals are trying to run the homeless out.. It’s bad for stock prices

  6. Rachael Levine says:

    This workshop was a respectful, informative gathering of people who live here and who care about people who live here. People who live here don’t all have homes. Looking for solutions, we came to learn more. Ignorance is not bliss, nor are healthy communities built on prejudice.

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