Police chase blocks SR-518 near 51st Ave South Wednesday afternoon

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If you’ve driven in or out of the area Wednesday afternoon (Feb. 11) on SR-518, you’re probably aware of a large police turnout that blocked the freeway in SeaTac near 51st Ave S.

Burien and King County deputies located a suspect vehicle in a series of shoplifting incidents from the Burien and Renton areas.

When deputies tried to stop the car it refused and there was a short (under 5 minutes) pursuit. The suspect vehicle got away after hitting that patrol car.

A few minutes later a couple of other units found the suspect car and there was an even shorter pursuit which was ended by a PIT maneuver on SR-518.

There were 4 subjects on board, 3 males and 1 female. There were no injuries to deputies or subjects.

Detectives will be investigating the group further to see if they can link them to more shoplifts from the area.

All lanes were cleared around 1:45 p.m.

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12 Responses to “Police chase blocks SR-518 near 51st Ave South Wednesday afternoon”
  1. Question Authority says:

    What store?

  2. Question Authority says:

    Why are they driving Westbound towards Burien if they just robbed a store there? Kinda funny like.

    • jimmy says:

      The pit maneuver can spin the car around depending on the speed of the two cars and the weight of the cars . Also the story was updated to include that it was at Fred Meyers

      • Wade Pennington says:

        Pit or no pit they are in the West bound lanes….something isn’t quite right….they were headed for Burien at the time of the pit.

        • jimmy says:

          Who know they probably just trying get away from the police . I have seen episodes of COPS where some criminal will go around the same block over and over until there tires melt off. Then get out and try to run it does not make sense but it happens .

  3. Question Authority says:


  4. Question Authority says:

    I think I see a neck tattoo on one of the subjects in the photo, a precursor to ending up in handcuffs. I will add that I once spent three months on a jury, and every handcuffed defendant that I ever passed in the hall on the way to a court hearing had a neck tattoo. “Losers”

    • Troll-E says:

      Whoa now QA… but don’t both you and the neck-taters have an issue with the “Five-O”? From your assertion of the entire population of the neck lifestyle choosers, I was assuming you all had a lot more in common by your screen name. Seems like a pot and kettle kinda deal.

      But hey, you seem all fun and non-judgy, so I’m probably way off base 🙂

      • Question Authority says:

        The “Law” and me go way way back, but I learned early on that they make much better friends than enemies so I walk a fine line because I don’t like the feel of handcuffs.

    • Dave says:

      Wow you’re a closed minded D-Bag. I have my entire body covered with tattoos and have never once been in handcuffs. College educated, loving husband and father to 3 children. I hold a full time job, and am a tattoo artist as well. Your fear over someone being tatted up is garbage. This is 2015, not 1915. You need to either grow up and accept the fact that 75 percent of our population has tattoos or crawl in a deep dark hole and wait to turn to dirt. So you are basically telling everyone that guys with mustaches are child molesters, black guys are either rappers or drug dealers, Arabs are terrorists, and Mexicans are illegal. It’s people like you who deaden our society. Take your bible and go be with your god, you’re not welcome here.

  5. Question Authority says:

    I feel the need to clarify my neck tattoo statement as I was only referring to cursive script like the “banger’s and hoe’s in the hood” have, and not the ink work of artists.

  6. Earl Gipson says:

    Tattoos might be a bit off topic here but every little visible thing can bias another person’s view of yourself and others. A skull and crossbones tattoo versus one with “mom” inside of a heart (wherever you put it) will have a different reaction if publicly displayed. If you wish to advertise yourself with tattoos or even bumper stickers you are going to get pre-judgment whether that was you intent or not.

    I would go with the “mom” one if/when frequently in court before a judge/jury.

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