Next Burien Foodshed Project meeting will be Thursday at Pit Stop Bottle Shop

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The next conversation about the Burien Foodshed Project is set for this Thursday, Feb. 26 at 6 p.m. at Pit Stop Bottle Shop, located at 216 SW 153rd Street.

  • Do you care where your food comes from and whether it’s healthy or local?
  • Do you want to grow more food in your yard or connect with local farmers?
  • How can food help build community, economy, and businesses in Burien?

Please join the discussion about what’s possible!

All are welcome – just show up.

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4 Responses to “Next Burien Foodshed Project meeting will be Thursday at Pit Stop Bottle Shop”
  1. Question Authority says:

    Food and Beer – “it’s what’s for dinner!” The Pit Stop ROCKS!!!

  2. Jackie says:

    People in Burien can get locally grown foods though a number of cooperatives that operate in this area and the cost for the delivery boxes is affordable. But most people in Burien don’t want to eat what seasonally comes in with the boxes such as lots of kale. Also the Burien Farmer’s Market could enlist more local and organic farmers to be a part of the market and more citizens could shop from it, if it was on the weekend. Instead Discover Burien and the Farmer’s Market have elected to run an elitist market that happens on Thursday when most of the local citizens are working. The Burien Farmer’s Market it a toy/novelty market because it matches the Market manager’s work schedule and when she wants to run the market but does not serve the majority of citizens in the city. Blame Discover Burien for that contract.

    If this meeting is about getting more citizens to garden in Burien then great and I might come. So why isn’t Sustainable Burien or King County Extension Service running this meeting in a public meeting space? But if it is another campaign movement for the glory of Council Member Tosta to try to get the City of Burien and citizen’s tax dollars into paying for other people’s commercial businesses and greenhouses then I don’t want to attend it or have my tax dollars used for it. PCC already runs an excellent program to save farmlands and mentor farmers. It is a private funding group and movement, the PCC farmlands trust.

    Now if Council member Tosta wants to get serious investors into creating such a private trust, this is the first I have heard of it but why would she want to duplicate what PCC has done? I think this is a meeting she is organizing? Why not just partner with PCC? or the several other private enterprise that already are working on this local food source? Burien does not need to re-create the local food sources that already exist. Expanding with an existing successful local food grower/farmland trust makes more sense? But lastly, the City of Burien with citizen tax dollars should not be in any other business than just city government, not real estate buying or selling, not doggie day care, not policing what people eat and not competing against other private local food growers.

  3. Question Authority says:

    I think you should attend, but just to have a few beers to help take that hard bitter edge down a notch. Anger bad, beer good.

  4. David says:

    In response to Jackie’s comments, it is my understanding that Nancy Tosta is looking for grants and private investors for her idea’s, and I agree that the taxpayers should not pay for the purchase of private enterprises. I’ve heard nothing about her wanting the tax payers of Burien to pay for other peoples businesses or property. If you want the facts then I suggest you attend the meeting and ask your questions, that is why they are public meetings.
    Anyone in any community who is interested in what is going on needs to attend these types of meeting to get their information first hand and not rely on what they are hearing from others no matter how much you trust them. Everyone has their own opinions and their own way of interpreting what they hear. This doesn’t make them right or wrong, it just makes them human.
    Attend the meetings, then make up your mind.

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