UPDATE: Haggen announces takeover, store closure dates for Burien Albertsons

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Haggen – which is acquiring the Burien Albertsons at 12725 First Ave. South, as well as a Safeway in Renton – announced takeover and closure dates for its new stores:


  • 6:00, Sunday March 8 –  Burien Albertsons Store closes
  • 12:01 am, Monday, March 9- Haggen takes ownership of the store
  • 4:00 pm*, Tuesday, March 10 – Burien Store reopens as Haggen (*Opening time is tentative)


  • 6:00 pm, Tuesday, March 3 – Renton Safeway Store closes
  • 12:01 am, Wednesday, March 4- Haggen takes ownership of the store
  • 4:00 pm*, Thursday, March 5 – Renton Store reopens as Haggen (*Opening time is tentative)

Haggen also announced a community meeting for both stores:

Renton Burien Comm event

WHO: Local Farmers, Food Producers, Non-profit Leaders, Community Members

WHEN: 5:00 – 6:00 pm, Thursday March 19, 2015

WHERE: Metropolitan Banquet Hall, Inc., 16420 SE 128th St., Renton 98059

“Haggen’s commitment to being local extends beyond its sourcing and into the communities around its stores,” reads an announcement. “To get to know its neighbors and these neighborhoods better, Haggen is inviting community members who are interested in partnering with the brand to meet with company leaders soon after the conversions of the acquired stores. At these informal, public meetings, local farmers and producers can discuss selling their wares on Haggen’s shelves, non-profit organizations can learn about Haggen’s community giving, and small businesses can explore co-marketing programs.”

“We hope community members will join us for a fun evening to learn about how we can work together to strengthen our community,” said John Clougher, Haggen CEO, Pacific NW.

Also, with each store opening, Haggen plans to partner with five local non-profits, donating $1,000 to a single organization on the first day the store opens and 2% of sales to four additional organizations on four consecutive Saturdays.

Haggen will also be taking over the Five Corner Albertsons, located at 15840 1st Ave. South, in June.

Read our previous coverage here.

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22 Responses to “UPDATE: Haggen announces takeover, store closure dates for Burien Albertsons”
  1. mike says:

    I hope they maintain the awesome beer selection, offer lower prices, and have better produce and meat than Albersons.

    • Joey says:

      Mike, If you find that their beer selection is lacking, come visit Pit Stop Bottle Shop located on South West 153rd Street here in Burien. With over 375 craft beers in stock as well as 18 taps and half off growler fills on Thursday, I am sure you can find something you will like!

  2. So glad says:

    Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!! I hate Albertsons!!

  3. John Hendow says:

    I used to live in Bellingham, and the Haggen stores were fantastic, with good prices and selection. I’ll be interested to see how this goes for us in Burien.

  4. Margo says:

    i thought they were taking over the Albertson’s on 160th as well. Any info on that one?

  5. KateBB says:

    Is it HAH-ggen or HAY-ggen?

  6. Another Mom in Burien says:

    I hope new ownership means enforcing a CLEAN, loiter free environment as well as making sure the actual store gets a MUCH needed face lift. I also hope right out of the gate the make sure to prosecute criminal activities. This location is notorious for drugs, beggars and I hope by Haggen coming in, it gets cleaned up!

  7. GaryR says:

    I wish they were taking over the 5-corners Albertson’s too!

  8. GaryR says:

    Never mind. I see they are converting that store in JUNE.

  9. Marlene Allbright says:

    To Another Mom in Burien, you can go to this page on Haggen’s website, and send them a message about your concerns.


  10. Question Authority says:

    I certainly hope they enforce the “Service Dogs Only” law which is absolutely being taken advantage of by inconsiderate pet owners. I am disgusted by people who simply go online and purchase fake certificates and vests so they can take their filthy pet everywhere they go and abuse the law. The law allows for two questions to be asked by any store employees that do not violate privacy laws.
    #1. Is that a service animal? #2. What service does it perform? In addition “Emotional Support Dogs” do not qualify per the law to be treated as legitimate service animals and are not allowed in any establishment. Service Dogs do not ride in shopping carts and sit on chairs, they actually are trained unlike those crusty butted yappers sitting in shopping carts with whatever they just stepped in outside, which is where you then put your food. This abuse of the law stretches across Burien at many businesses and it needs to be stopped. Albertsons is notorious for ignoring the law because as I was told by a manager there, “we can’t ask if it’s a service animal” that is B.S. read the law and enforce it or lose my business $$$

    • Jhopps says:

      I agree, however you are not totally correct about sitting in carts. The law states that if the service they are performing needs to be near there head, then it is allowed.

    • Question Nothing says:

      This is hilarious coming from someone who chooses the name “Question Authority” and yet you lose your mind over something as minor as people not banning dogs from a store?

  11. takeover says:

    Albertsons and Safeway have been wanting to merge forever and havent been allowed to. This isnt really a haggens take-over, its a way for Albertsons and Safeway to merge, its going to be haggens in name only, sure, the essentials and western family name will be gone, but only to another label.

    • jimmy says:


      If you read this link above same as the link at bottom of the story it explains what’s going on.

      The two Albertsons grocery stores in Burien will be acquired by Bellingham-based Haggen, as part of a 146-store deal brought about by the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) review of the Albertson’s LLC and Safeway merger.

      The FTC does not want Albertson’s or Safeway to have a risk of a monopoly on grocery in the area with the two merging so there making them sell off two stores in the area they will still have the Safeway location in burien what ever names is going to be.

      Also I am pretty sure Albertson’s does not sell western family products all ready.

      • restlesswatcher says:

        “Also I am pretty sure Albertson’s does not sell western family products all ready.”
        No they sell under the essential label, Safeway sells under the western family label.
        Sometimes your brilliance astounds me Jimmy.
        It never said Albertsons sold western family products but Safeway does of which both
        are mentioned.

        • jimmy says:

          ok sorry I don’t shop at safeway that often so I was not sure if they do or not.Yes I do know about the essential brand they also have the supper saver or supper savv (not sure of the spelling there) brand to that is also own by Albertson’s .

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