Homeless encampments, discarded drug trash causes SeaTac Council dispute

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From our sister site The SeaTac Blog:

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 5.36.38 PM

In the south end of North SeaTac Park, near one of the last bogs around – Tub Lake – are several homeless encampments and a tremendous amount of garbage.

When SeaTac Councilmember Pam Fernald wanted to clean up North SeaTac Park of old trash and dumped drug paraphernalia – even offering her year’s salary to pay for the work – it resulted in a banged gavel, a sudden Council recess, and a defense of park squatters; then, finally, a city manager’s agreement to come up with a solution.


A collection of hypodermic needles and a drug kit were found. Later during her cleanup, Fernald was poked in the finger by a needle.

Read Jack Mayne’s full story – complete with numerous photos of trash, drug paraphernalia and homeless encampments found in the park – here.

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13 Responses to “Homeless encampments, discarded drug trash causes SeaTac Council dispute”
  1. Burien says:

    This is a Burien Problem. Our homes and cars are broken into on a regular basis. Drugs are needed… we are the source. WHY isn’t the Burien City Council smart enough to know where problem is coming from? I have seen this group of drug users use Burien as there Cash Cow. Look at the Map this is a Burien/ Sea Tac location. Our new Burien City Park is right across the street. 3rd Runway overhead and lots of Needles in the bushes. Great idea Burien.

  2. Question Authority says:

    This type of disgusting encampment exists on many smaller scales within Burien already. If we as a City do not collectively enforce the laws already on the books, a large site much like this could easily materialize near the Lora Lake Apartment parcel on condemned land. For those of you against enforcement like our own CM “Lauren B.” I encourage you to dedicate your free time picking up needles, feces and the remnants of stolen property to justify your position on this topic. Laws are what keeps society civilized because left unchecked all hell breaks out.

  3. jimmy says:

    That area has all ways been for a homeless camp for the past 30 years at least nothing really new there. The drug needle’s yes that defiantly is bad and needs be clean up and the person responsible should be held accountable for there actions. But its very unlikely the person will be caught unless if there is dna and the police are willing to go that far in finding the dumba**.

  4. ShellyC says:

    Are those bicycles in that one picture with the newer camping gear? Could the lair of Burien’s notorious Bicycle Bandits been found?

  5. Fan of the B-town Blog says:

    Well, here’s the answer to the “homes” of the homeless population in South Seattle/King County. This is where they congregate when the safe and sane members of the tent cities can’t stand them any more and have kicked them out. This is really a public health problem which needs to be addressed by police and mental health professionals. There needs to be adequate treatment or other measures to deal with these health menaces for the safety of all of us If they can’t or won’t help themselves. Perhaps our lawmakers need to revisit our Mental Health Laws.

  6. Karen McMichael says:

    I agree with “Fan of the BTown Blog,” from 5/3. It’s a good idea for folks to look beyond the borders of Burien/Seatac and South King County to get a picture of the growing issue of homelessness in our region. It’s not by any means a localized issue.

    Pointing fingers at specific council members who are doing their jobs voluntarily isn’t the real issue I don’t think. Disagreement is one thing, finger pointing another.

    Thanks for the photos, it’s a sobering reality of a serious problem and definitely one that needs to be dealt with on a county wide basis as well as local communities.

    • Question Authority says:

      When that specific CM adopts a political stance that is unsupported by their fellow CM’s and works to cause even more disruption to the hopeful recovery, let alone sanity of Burien and it’s residents, then all bets are off. I will not stand quietly by while that person single handedly ruins Burien with their Socialist agenda.

      • Joey Martinez says:

        … As long as you agree with that majority. You forgot to add that part. Previous council minority groups have done the same thing and no peep from you.

        And what’s all this Red baiting about? Do you have a list of 205 people you’ll be outing as well? Start with yourself.

        • Question Authority says:

          I’m going to out only you and fellow commenter Rob as narcissistic, because you two are the only ones who post your mug shots with your babble. In addition, I pick and choose where I dedicate my efforts so your second guessing is just unwarranted speculation and a waste of good air.

  7. othersideofthetracks says:

    I know I`m sick and tired of seeing some pan-handler at seemingly EVERY corner.

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