‘Compassionate’ ejection of squatters at North SeaTac Park as cleanup begins

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From our sister site The SeaTac Blog:


SeaTac City Manager Todd Cutts says the city has “trespassed” people living in North SeaTac Park after a storm of publicity over garbage, drug paraphernalia and squatters last weekend which followed Councilmember Pam Fernald’s suggestion she would give up her $12,000 annual salary to get the park cleaned up (we were first to report on this issue).

The city manager said he would come up with a solution and he reiterated that in several messages to The SeaTac Blog this week.

Read Jack Mayne’s full story – which includes several photos of the cleanup efforts as well as items discovered in the park – here.

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18 Responses to “‘Compassionate’ ejection of squatters at North SeaTac Park as cleanup begins”
  1. Question Authority says:

    The migration to Burien has inevitably begun as we are now known on the streets as the Wild West. Hopefully proactive efforts by the Police using the laws available to them already, will lesson the impact and upsurge in crime and dysfunction. All driven by signs of obvious addiction shown at that camp now being cleared out.

    • Ghost of Maplewild says:

      I am sure most will end up in B-Town. I drove by Safeway yesterday and the number of panhandlers appears to have doubled. Maybe it’s the nice weather, or it’s the displacement from SeaTac. I truly hope the Burien city council is watching this very closely and takes note from the SeaTac councils handling of this situation. I am optimistic that most will take up SeaTac’s offer and accept some sort of help to get back on their feet. Was there ever a number given on a estimate of how many people were living there?

  2. Aaron says:

    Have seen some moving into the wooded area at the recently completed Miller Creek Park on Des Moines @ 146th.

    Frustrating that my dog and I can’t enjoy this beautiful new park without drug addicted squatters leaving garbage and needles laying around.

  3. othersideofthetracks says:

    Damn, They even had satellite T.V. *lol*

  4. Question Authority says:

    Here is my free “Public Service Announcement” regarding the safe handling and disposal of randomly found hypodermic needles. If you come across any even with a protective cap use tongs, pliers, chop sticks, etc to pick them up. Besides the inherent danger of a “poke” some infectious fluids can live outside for up to 30 days. Place them only in a sturdy and hard skinned container such as a pop bottle with a lid, and not randomly in a trash bag that can be swung against a leg of an unsuspecting worker or volunteer. Place this bottle in a safe place away from children such as the trunk of a car and deliver to any Fire Station for safe disposal. Stay safe and stay alive, because needles are turning up where you and your children or animals play, and junkies have no concern for anyone but themselves and getting their high.

    • Pam F. says:

      Great PSA! Thank you.

      I was wearing work gloves, at the end of our clean up, putting the found needles in a sharps container we had available for the clean up.

      I thought I was being careful and still got stuck. My own fault.

      The needles were kind of’ in a bunch, and I did not see that the exact one I was reaching for had the needle pointing my direction. Pretty freaky being stuck by that needle…

    • david kendall says:

      you people are so wrong it’s stupid. 98% of the people living in the woods down there don’t even use needles, the other 2% that do, don’t go to the open end of the park where the children play and use and discard their needles. The people leaving the needles are the ones who still live with their parents and can’t use drugs at home. don’t blame the homeless because its convenient.

  5. Fan of the B-town Blog says:

    Thank you again B-Town Blog for keeping us abreast of the timely news of our community, both positive and negative.
    Your efforts are surely raising the awareness of our fellow citizens. As has been said before, we must all pull together to make and keep our community awesome.
    Kudos to SeaTac for jumping on this problem right away. Nice work! Now let’s all do our part. I’d like to hear from NAVOS on this problem.

  6. Local says:

    Driving this road to work from the Fred Meyer area I see the steady flow into Burien EVERY morning. Lock up your house ,car, and keep the children inside.

  7. Ray says:

    I’m greatly surprised that Lauren Berkowitz hasn’t gotten SAFE and the ACLU to protest and issue letters that Sea Tac is criminalizing homelessness. It seems that SAFE should have been leading a protest at the park, at where the Mayor works or at least at the SeaTac City Hall. Was there one? Wasn’t this an eviction of the homeless from public lands?
    Also, it seems by now that Sea Tac should have made the national news for clearing the area. Did anyone see a story in the national media? Those are the strategies she used against her fellow council members and the City of Burien,
    Why no demands from the compassionate advocates that use this blog for restrooms and showers in Sea Tac, at the Sounder Station or at the airport for the homeless in SeaTac or any other homeless person who might stumble into SeaTac from anywhere? Why no outcries that SeaTac is involved in the criminalization of homelessness? The real question is why Berkowitz, SAFE and the ACLU have targeted Burien as the bad city over the at least 200+ other cities in Washington that have trespass ordinances and who remove trespassers from their public sites? Perhaps Berkowitz’s and SAFE’s agenda is really about something else and just not about homelessness? Or perhaps it is just hypocrisy?

  8. Willey says:

    If you see a hobo wearing a hoodie and with backpack riding a bicycle in your neighborhood two things are probable.
    1. Someone is casing the area.
    2. The bike is likely stolen.

  9. Burien Human says:

    160th and 4th Ave SW. NW side of the street

  10. Question Authority says:

    I got my own stolen lawnmower back from a methhead just this afternoon. I dropped by the pawnshop on 1st Ave and 156th and they told me a guy came in with it just 15 minutes before that they turned away because of his past questionable interactions, and the fact his face was pock marked with meth sores. He was standing a half block away with it when I pulled up, after plying him with random questions he choose to walk away, and the truck he got in, the Police now have photos of.
    Crack the whip Council, or we will!

  11. Buck says:

    The only reason the Mayor of Sea Tac, Mia Gregerson was not protested against and not yelled at at her place of work, called a drug user and a criminal against human rights was because she is a close friend of Lauren Berkowitz and Kshamsa Sawant ! Likewise SAFE has not attacked Nancy Tosta for voting to keep Ord. 621 because she is also a close friend and ally of Lauren’s. Perhaps a bit of hypocrasy going on here?

  12. Night delivery says:

    Drive around Burien at night along first Ave and Ambaum.. All the way up to 128th… Even at 3 am The “Bike people” are out.. The 30+ year old grubby looking men riding children’s bikes around with huge back packs.. Its scary.. It really is.. They are out every night popping out from behind businesses… These are not your mentally challenged shopping cart wheelers. These people know what they are doing…
    They are living in several discarded homes in the area… Even on school grounds… They are the ones who leave those clothes collection bins trashed in the mornings. The ones who caused the local post offices that we enjoy to lock up the lobbies at night. The ones who leave the discarded syringes in the playgrounds and local restrooms.
    Don’t blame the cops on this but your local social services and that’s if these people on the streets even want to use them. They sure have enough money to purchase booze and Heroin!!
    These are some of the folks going through your garages and cars while you sleep and even when your at work…There are dozens and dozens of them in this area every single night. There are a half a dozen every night sleeping just under the probation office in the wells Fargo garage on Ambaum. Good luck using that drive up ATM late night. Look over to your right.. Stop giving money to those characters on the exit ramps off SeaTac exit and also 509 at 128.. They are business people Its a regular day time job…Half the time they have better clothes on then our families do!

    • jimmy says:

      Well hopefully the cops will catch them sooner than July when they double the shifts. Also if you see these people and they are trespassing call the cops if there at the wells fargo after business hours than call the cops. Even if they are there during business hours go in the bank and tell some one that works there’s. If you see them in a cloths collection bin or getting out one call the cops. Take pictures if needed to show the police who it is most cell phone have a camera it might not be the greatest on some but it will at least give the cops a better idea of who it was.

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