Burien Foodshed Project’s next meeting will be at Community Center Monday

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The Burien Foodshed Project – a conversation-in-progress about food and community – will be holding its next meeting on Monday, June 29, from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Lakeview Room of the Burien Community Center.

The Community Center is located at 14700 6th Ave SW.

“Can food help to build community in Burien; what role can food play in our economic development; as a community can we support Burien, King County, and other regional farmers to make a living growing food; how do we grow more food in Burien; can we eat healthier; how/can young people learn more about where their food comes from; can Burien be an urban agriculture center; do we want a food coop in Burien and if so, how do we create it; how can food help bridge the equity gap, protect the environment; etc, etc??”

If these questions are of interest, please consider joining the conversation.

All are welcome!”

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7 Responses to “Burien Foodshed Project’s next meeting will be at Community Center Monday”
  1. local says:

    Burien has Arsenic in ALL the dirt. Be very careful when gardening with Arsenic. Washington State/Tacoma Smelter/ Arsenic web site has some great suggestions when working outside.

    • othersideofthetracks says:

      “great suggestions when working outside.”
      Great suggestions like dont eat the dirt?

    • Jimmy says:

      This is why when most people garden they dig some of the dirt then put a sheet of plastic down then put there fresh clean potting soil down . Then plant there fruits and vegetables. Also helps provide nutrients for the plants.

      • Reg Ron says:

        I shop at major chains that have the money and experience to know what they’re selling and can stand behind it.

        If you get sick from something you bought at a “farmers’s market” you’ll never that seller again.

  2. Sandy S says:

    This sounds so good! In my experience, gardening in and of itself, can help build community. Making local food available will certainly be a bonus. I would love to see the bits of city/public land that are ‘forgotten landscape’ made available to groups interested in using it for gardens, whether flower or vegies. These groups could be long established flower and garden clubs or, any group of people who ask for the right to turn the unused site into a garden for a year. Little spots for seniors to tend would be wonderful, especially if slightly raised. I look at so much wasted land that is longing to be loved. If we can figure out how to have hanging flower baskets displayed, we can certainly figure out how to provide water to patches of garden that would only improve the appearance of the town.

  3. Bubba Burien says:

    I shop at Safeway, Fred Meyer, or Albertson’s and try not to over-think it too much.

    If you get sick from something you bought at a farmers market you’re on you’re own.

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