Prosecutor announces initiative to close 15 unlicensed marijuana stores

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From our sister site The White Center Blog:

From left, Sheriff John Urquhart, Dan Satterberg, and Russ Hauge of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

From left, Sheriff John Urquhart, Dan Satterberg, and Russ Hauge of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, outside the KCSO Storefront in White Center on July 8. 2015.

On Wednesday morning (July 8), King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, along with Sheriff John Urquhart and Russ Hauge of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board announced an initiative to close 15 unlicensed marijuana stores in unincorporated King County, including White Center.

The news conference was held outside the KCSO Storefront on 16th Ave SW, near where there is one new state-licensed store operating alongside six unlicensed stores in the vicinity.

Read the full story – which includes a list of threatened dispensaries – here.

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29 Responses to “Prosecutor announces initiative to close 15 unlicensed marijuana stores”
  1. Burien Human says:

    Please do not shut those stores down. We need all the pot we can get. We need all the booze and drugs and nicotine we can get. We need to stay loaded. We need legal prescription drugs, we need illicit drugs like meth and heroin and cocaine. Please don’t make us live life without being loaded.
    More pot shops, more convenience stores, more smoke shops, more drugs legalized.
    We cannot live life on life’s terms. Help us. Thank you for selling hard booze at grocery stores. That was a step in the right direction.

    • Jimmy says:

      Hey burien human are you register to vote and do you understand how the political system works.

      You also fail to mention all fast food company’s that sell chemical filled foods and fatting meals and drinks.

      Or what about the companies that make anvils,hammers,and other power tools their dangerous too if there not used correctly and could be life ending

      Oh wait No one has ever overdose on pot! why do so many critics of pot mix it in with so many dangerous things.

      • Burien Human says:

        Jimmy, you are one clueless son of a gun.

        • Jimmy says:

          What makes you think that pot is so dangerous. Have you had a problem with it yourself. I mean if you have thats on you people with a addictive personally are going to get addicted to any thing. There’s people that are addicted to eating chalk theres people that are addicted to biting there finger nails until they bleed.

          One the main reasons these places are being closed is because with the old law the medical dispensary’s could and would buy there cannabis from just about anyone. Doing this they risk putting the medical cannabis community at danger by not knowing what types or amounts of plant foods and additives were used in the growing process . Witch could cause harmful effects if someone to say uses a plant or growing additive type product that is not maid for human consumption. Then people smoke the cannabis or eat the products maid by the cannabis it could or would cause a bad effect especially if they already have health issue. Then there also the pricing system and tax system. So basically these places will shut down completely then reopen under new licenses.

          Now for these little spend $100 get your medical cannabis card places as Q of A mention. Yes these places need to be stopped. But the issue is that your supposed to able as a adult to go to your doctor and if you have a medical condition that cannabis can help with as the law state. Then your doctor can give the authorization to use cannabis. But most doctor’s are afraid they will lose their medical licenses by the federal government (witch the federal government already said there fine). Then there the owners of the doctors offices are sometimes against giving the authorization’s do to the fact that cannabis can be use to treat lots of different things. That could put there prescription writing money down the drain. Even cannabis that doesn’t really get you high but has a high CBD count can help relieve lots different aches and pains. So Burien humane who ever you are I think you need to ejaculate your self on this even if you don’t like cannabis.

          • Dan Hove says:

            i see many issues here, the least of which is the debate of whether marijuana has medical benefits. I think the real issue is being tip toed around. Doesn’t it really boil down to this? If I have a medical condition that CBD or THC can help a doctor should be able to prescribe it and my medical insurance should cover it under my prescription plan. That is one thing that the pharmaceutical industry just can’t tolerate. They want the ONLY access to prescription medication paid for by medicaid/medicare. Really it is always about money. It always is in a capitalistic society. But it is not as it would appear in the main stream press. Read between the lines and think about it.
            Thank you.

      • start your own says:

        Look up the word sarcasm.

        • Jimmy says:

          yes start your own and you should look up the term Internet troll

          in this discussion between adults we should be able to act like adults and not have off topic comments.

          • startyourown says:

            Internet troll?
            Wow, that hurts Jimmy,
            You know, I used to have a nice waterfront place down on the shores of beautiful Tub lake
            till I got “evicted”, all because people like you started calling me hurtful names (like internet troll), broke my spirit and drove me from my 5×8 with a 48″ center height and banished me to just hide under my bridge and smoke pot. *lol*

        • Burien Human says:

          Thank you start your own.
          It is a lost cause I think?

          • Jimmy says:

            Really A lost cause I give you honest information and all you and start your own can post is petty nonsense ok . You both need to educate your self’s on this topic and others if your going try to have a honest discussion on this blog and not some off topic trolling nonsense. You know I look up a lot of stuff on these topic’s on this blog and post honest information I don’t see why people like your self have to come on here and try post nonsense is it to get a rise are you that much of emotional tool that you need to try to upset a person on-line just for the sh**s and giggles. If so go post on reddit or 4chan with that garbage and leave this blog for people that want post honest information and opinion’s.

  2. Question Authority says:

    The simple fact to justify closing these establishments “not stores” is how run amok the system is. I can go to a multitude of crooked, so called Doctors or “Hempfest” and complain of joint pain and somehow without further scrutiny be given a MMJ card for $99. Most got in for the profit and wild west lack of rules, but now your day has come and furthermore those who don’t even card are perpetuating unchecked access to the undeserving.

    • ShellyC says:

      Maybe you should leave your parents basement and come out into the real world. Your lack of knowledge on the cannabis issue is quite glaring.
      I’ve had an MMJ card for years after I got run over by a DRUNK driver while walking my dog, and had chronic pain that pharmaceuticals would’t relieve. MMJ was/is a godsend to me for leading a somewhat “normal” life.
      I just want affordable access to what works, and your uninformed opinion is what fuels the fire of fear among the uninformed.

      • Question Authority says:

        So that you better understand my position on this matter, I fully support legal access to MMJ and Recreational cannabis products to legal age adults. My concerns are with unfettered access by crooked means, firms or Doctors. Choose to, or need it for medical reasons smoke it the hell up. Quality and safety through a regulated system is of paramount concerns to the public.

  3. Black Chaz says:

    Give your customers your cell #.

  4. Taxes says:

    When is Burien going to open a LEGAL POT SHOP? We need to take care of our own citizens in Burien. There are no illegal OR legal shops in the CITY of BURIEN….WHY? We voted for Legalization with taxation but have no access.

    • Jimmy says:

      it’s not really up to city now its up to who ever wants to start the process with the liquor control board and open one.

      There is the nimbin pot shop on 1 st ave in the top hat neighborhood thats is not in burien but not to far it’s about a block out of the burien border.

      • Question Authority says:

        A block heavy or so from bringing the City of Burien tax revenue, if our City political system were not so business prohibitive we could be making bank. Hey SeaTac Airport patrons, want to enjoy rare legal pot in Amweica? Burien welcomes your business and tourist dollars and only a taxi ride away. Now that is a successful business model.

        • Jimmy says:

          here are a couple links to check out

          The city already gave its ok it’s now up to someone to find location and start the process Liquor Control Board as I stated.

          • Politician I am Not says:

            Burien City can open their own Legal MMJ Shop. Check out the city of North Bonneville, they are making a VERY LARGE PROFIT. All the profits go to the City and they employ 45 tax paying jobs.

            • start your own says:

              they are making a VERY LARGE PROFIT.
              You got that right, stuffs too spendy at those pot shops,
              thanks anyways, but I`ll stick to the underground

              • Jimmy says:

                Well since there are some stores that have prices at or near street prices now before the tax system has changed after that mores prices will soon change to. Then you also to take in credit your comment your going to stick to the underground. Well doe’s your underground person have a wide selection of cannabis to choose from also do they have gourmet made edibles that are are infuse with thc. Do they have a selection of hash,shatter,wax,vape cartages,hash oil,thc tinctures and thc infused massages creams available . Also do you they have smell proof containers with all the info on them for there product so if you get stop by the police you don’t risk breaking the law. Facing a fine,confiscation and possible jail time.

                P.S You still haven’t answer my previous question about your so called business you tried to run in burien.

                • startyourown says:

                  I dont need hash oil, vape, and all that other happy horse crap, (for lack of a better word) Just give me a couple of zig-zags and a bud. Oh, and a Bic,
                  For Petes sake, dont forget the Bic. *lol*
                  And I already told you that my business with Burien is none of yours.

                  • Jimmy says:

                    Hey dummy you made a public comment. I just asked some simple questions and look what you have done now is just came back with nothing but more petty nonsense proving me right . so thank you for that. Your childish behavior really is just that so why don’t go eat some gram crackers and watch some sponge Bob little kid. Leave the blog for the adults to have discussions.

                    • startyourown says:

                      Wow Jimmy, first you call me an internet troll, then a dummy and then bark something out about childishness behavior and leave the blog for adults to have discussions?????
                      That my man, is probably the most brilliant comment you have ever donned with us here on the b-town blog
                      (Well, except for the part about eating graham crackers and watching sponge-bob)
                      So from what I have read I guess you are leaving?
                      And why are you so interested in someone else`s business that is of ZERO concern of yours?
                      Anybody of any intelligence that looks at this blog knows you will never have a business in Burien or anywhere else for that matter.

    • Question Mark says:

      Burien was not called out by the Liquor Control Board as a separate jurisdiction for the Retail Marijuana lottery. That puts Burien within the King County At Large jurisdiction, which has a limit of 11 retail stores. None of the 11 applicants that won the lottery has chosen Burien as a location, however. I’ve been advised by applicants I’ve talked with that they’ve found significant issues trying to site stores in a legally zoned area that is outside the 1000 foot exclusion area from schools, parks, libraries, etc.

      Here’s the list of locations, based on research I have been doing, for retail marijuana license applications in the King County At Large jurisdiction. Also listed is the number of applications total in the area and the number approved:

      Skyway – 5 (2 approved)
      White Center – 3 (3 approved)
      Covington – 1 (1 approved)
      Kenmore – 1 (1 approved)
      Newcastle – 1 (0 approved)

  5. Jimmy says:

    Well start your own you stated in your comment in a letter to editor about business in burien having problems that you tried to a run business in burien but had issues. But then you want to hide the name of your business when question about it witch does not really make any sense unless if your lying about the whole dam thing. Most people that run a honorable business would not mind bringing it up in a discussion about businesses among the fact that you state that you now run the business in Seattle it could help to prove that your not full of bs also could be seen as a little free advertisement if any thing . But no you can’t see it that way. Then you go on to troll me and of course anything I type in response to you then you come back and disagree because I called you out on your lie. Then try post more petty nonsense to get a response just like internet trolls do this why I called you a internet troll when someone like your self acts in this way they should be called out. Also I never said I was trying to run a business where the hell you pull that out of your clouds of smoke or what!

    As I see it your someone that may a post got a response that called you out and all you could back with is petty nonsense and more petty nonsense in a trolling way and why did you do this instead of stating what the name your business is or was or what kind business it is or was because in the end you really did not do any of this now did you. You just wanted some attention well since you stated in your publicly viewed comments that you been using a underground pot connection maybe the state will give you some attention as in tax evasion and possession of marijuana charges since you are not following the I-502 law at all.

  6. bewildered says:

    I think some of you should just embrace your bromance and get a room, as you argue like your married.

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