LETTER: Kennedy Catholic High School presents their case about athletic field

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Kennedy Catholic has submitted a land use permit application to the City of Burien for Phase Two of our Athletic Complex renovations and expansion.

Project Background:
Last fall we finalized Phase One of the Athletic Complex with the installation of a turfed multi-use athletic field, structures for track and field events, press boxes, and fencing. Also during Phase One, a complex underground drainage system and the infrastructure and utilities for future development was completed. The field was used for spring lacrosse, soccer, track and field practices and contests and fitness classes during the school day.

Future Phases:
Beginning next summer, plans are in development to continue the next phase of the athletic campus. These plans include permanent stadium bleacher seating for 1200 fans, a permanent digital scoreboard, a field house to include restrooms, concessions, ticket sales, meeting space, tennis courts, a new track, field lighting and sound system, landscaping, improvements to the baseball field, among other minor enhancements. These projects will be completed in 2 additional phases over the course of multiple years.

Permit Application:
In early June, our team of architects and engineers submitted a land use permit to the City of Burien. This permit would allow the above-mentioned projects to move forward and would grant permission for home football games this fall with temporary seating, concessions and restrooms. The application was approved by the City and has moved to the public comment phase.

This is among the first major campus renovation projects for the school in nearly 50 years. Access to a true ‘home’ facility promotes school spirit and overall pride in the local community and we are excited to finally be embarking on this new phase. This project has been the vision of the school and the dream of many for years. Kennedy Catholic High School has been serving the Burien and surrounding community since 1966.

The Athletic Campus improvements are greatly needed to accommodate the increased demand for practice and contest time at the high school level. There are very few fields in our area that are available for high school use. Those that are rented are often over used which makes rental time and coordination difficult.

A new field will invigorate the neighborhood, Burien and surrounding community and has the potential to provide an invaluable community resource. We believe that the athletic field will expand the opportunity to facilitate games and events that foster support and recognition of youth and their families. The proposed enhancements would also benefit Burien and the overall community with an improved traffic and parking plan, landscaping, and aesthetics. We believe that local businesses and restaurants will benefit from spectator commerce and travel to Burien.

In addition, participation in high school athletics promotes healthy lifestyles, keeps students safe and school focused, and requires academic success for participation. Studies show that students involved in athletic programs are more inclined to excel in the classroom and more likely to make wise, safe decisions in their social lives. The coaches and staff at Kennedy Catholic are excellent role models to their teams and they care deeply for each and every student athlete.

Kennedy Catholic has a rich history in the Burien and surrounding community and athletics has played a key part in that tradition. We are proud to be part of this community and we are excited to continue to offer a high-quality Catholic education within modern facilities to all those who seek it.

Mike Prato
Kennedy Catholic High School

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18 Responses to “LETTER: Kennedy Catholic High School presents their case about athletic field”
  1. Heather says:

    As a former Kennedy student I find the schools actions horrible. How is the above letter a rebuttal to the questions given by the original letter? All see is we think it will be good for Burien. Your only argument is that increased traffic will help restaurants? That does not seem like much of a benefit to me, I would not want to live near Highline stadium and I can imagine this will be just as bad. Shame on you Kennedy!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    This doesn’t do a thing for Burien – just for their students. Whether it is their right to do what they’ve planned I don’t know, but don’t sell it for something it isn’t. Also curious, with the cost of attending, how many of their students actually live in Burien?

  3. Will Spruill says:

    Mr. Prato you do a good job explaining how athletic fields are good for students along with the community and I completely agree. You’ve done a poor job at addressing any of my concerns as a neighbor with significant impacts.
    I would expect that as a leader of such an organization you would have had better vision planning. If this complex was truly “the vision of the school and a dream of many for years” you would have acquired the proper land to fit this project. Your project proposal is well beyond the zoning for the land you have.

    • kitty says:

      Please remember that your home faces the field be ause YOU built it that way after you burnt fown yhe original home. The fact that you face the field is your fault and yours alo e. However, Kennedy needs to address the traffic issues a larger fied wi. Ause.

      • Will Spruill says:

        My home faces the same direction it has since the 1950’s. Kennedy’s athletic complex proposal will position light towers, PA systems, and bleachers to face the front of my house.

    • Jimmy says:

      Well I see it says in this letter they have file there paper work and have been approved by the city. They also state it’s only 1,200 seats not the 1,800 or 1,300 as you stated in your letter and the comments on your letter. Now I don’t know if these were typo’s on your end or a over exaggeration to make a situation seems worst than it really is. No offense but in a situation were you want to state facts it makes you sound a lot better if you give the actually facts instead of a over exaggeration of the facts. This type of stuff happens on here and other news outlets in letter’s to the editor some times. It just confuses people makes them ether lose interest or bicker back and forth in a childish behavior.

    • Hypocrite says:

      I do believe your home does not meet minimum setbacks for your zoning RS7200 20 front, 20 rear, 10 side, & 5 side. In Fact you remove/burn a fully functioning 1950 something 1 story home in 2005ish from your lot and build a 2600 sf 2 story that does not conform to other homes in the neighborhood and does not meet minimum zoning requirements. Your home faces 3rd Ave S and unless Kennedy plans on putting bleachers & lights to watch your garage door open and close you should be fine. People in glass houses (well lit Friday nights during football games) shouldn’t through stones. Mathew 7:3

      • Will Spruill says:

        Might want to check your facts Hypocrite; my home in fact does meet the zoning standards with city of Burien. My home was designed to fit the lot and not impact the zoning standards; no variances were needed. Spend your time elsewhere and figure out how Kennedy can build their complex and meet the zoning standards; without variances that impact my neighborhood’s lives.

  4. Will Spruill says:


    The City is required to read and publish every comment made regarding the application during this phase. Please take a few moments before July 24 to send a letter or email to the City of Burien expressing concerns of the land use application for Kennedy Catholic High School.

    Please sign all letters/emails and send to the following by US mail or email by Friday, July 24.

    Stephanie Jewett, AICP
    Department of Community Development City of Burien
    400 SW 152nd Street (Suite 300)
    Burien, WA 98166
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    • Chaz Domingoson says:

      Here is how I will help, some free advice. The best thing about being bitter, is it doesn’t get any worse. Look for something positive out of this and smile. Life is too short to be so sour

      • Burien Homeowner says:

        “Looking for something positive” doesn’t actually accomplish anything here, does it? That kind of mindset is only useful in situations where all other options have been exhausted. Imagine if that kind of thinking was utilized by, say, MLK. No one should discourage a homeowner from standing up for themselves, even if they happen to be on the opposite side of an issue. Mr. Prato’s letter is full of grand, sweeping statements but doesn’t seem to say a whole lot about the finer points of this topic. This ploy is unfortunately common in today’s political climate–a lack of transparency in an attempt to keep citizens in the dark so they more readily accept policies they know little about.

        • Chaz Domingoson says:

          You compared MLK and a guy mad that a permit was given to a high school to expand it’s sports facility. You sound like you have a lot of solutions on this. Hey Will, Burien Homeowner thinks you should chain yourself to one of those 70ft poles until they give in and you get treated like a person.

          • Burien Homeowner says:

            Thanks for the laugh, Chaz. =) I think you know exactly what I meant, and twisting it and taking it out of context doesn’t diminish the points I made.

    • Question Authority says:

      Thank you, I will send a letter to the City explaining my full support for the project. Maybe you could get Kennedy to buy you movie ticket the night of the games. GO LANCERS!

  5. Dr says:

    Where will the tennis courts go exactly? Was more land acquired some place?

  6. Question Authority says:

    Who owns the large grass field to the NE of the football field, looks like a great place for extra parking.

  7. Taxpayer says:

    Its all about the space…..bout the space…..bout the space…NO PARKING!!

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