PHOTOS: Makeshift tribute set up for missing Vendor at Burien Farmers Market

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As we previously reported, Moua Vang, a longtime flower Vendor at the Burien Farmers Market, went missing in Lakewood on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Event Manager Debra George told The B-Town Blog that they honored Moua’s absence from Burien’s market Thursday by leaving her usual space vacant, marked with a bouquet of flowers:



Moua also sold flowers at the Des Moines Farmers Market.

Read more about this mystery that turned a usually happy market into a rather somber, subdued one.

Everyone at South King Media sends their best to all those who know Moua. We hope she is found safely very soon.

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4 Responses to “PHOTOS: Makeshift tribute set up for missing Vendor at Burien Farmers Market”
  1. Advice says:

    Nothing happened to this person…she just chose to disappear. She left via Seatac airport and is back. The usual family mess and running away. It is a shame she caused unnecessary concern for the community. Hope Discover Burien helps her to get emotional help! She needs it. Her family should be ashamed of themselves! This was unnecessary…help your family members when in need….

    • Sandy S says:

      Like you had a clue Advice? You are being so judgmental without knowing why this happened. How ignorant can you get?

      • Advice says:

        Duh! She staged her own abduction as the blog headline states…your co-behavior is alive and well and you are not helping…this is a serious punishable offense and a costly waste of time for law enforcement and our community….give it a rest! Not every thing is as it appears, beautiful bouquets included! Get her help! She has 6 kids my god!

  2. Kate BB says:

    Thank you, Discover Burien, for your compassion. That was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful young lady in need of care and concern. If her own family and friends can’t (or won’t) be there for her, at least the community can . . .

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