Troubled Haggen closing grocery store on 1st & 128th as part of ‘realignment’

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Haggen announced that they will be closing 100 of their stores, including the North Burien one located on 1st Ave South near SW/S. 128th Street.

The store located in the Five Corners shopping center will apparently remain open.

The grocery chain announced a plan to exit from the Pacific Southwest market and realign its operations around 37 core stores and one stand-alone pharmacy in the Pacific Northwest as part of a Chapter 11 process.

The small Bellingham grocery chain this year took over 146 stores from Albertsons and Safeway (read our previous coverage here). It had previously announced it would close or sell 27 stores.

“Haggen is asking the Bankruptcy Court for approval to conduct Store Closing Sales,” reads a press release. “All employees of the non-core stores and the Pacific Southwest support office will receive 60 day notice of the pending store and office closures. During this process, all stores will remain open. Employees will continue to receive their pay and benefits through the normal course of business as previously approved by the court.”

The company also added:

Haggen is supportive of employees securing work elsewhere and is continuing to work with Albertson’s in its request for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to waive the restriction in the FTC Order which restricts the hiring of Haggen employees. Because this is a modification of an order entered by the FTC, the waiver will require Commission approval, which the FTC staff is seeking to obtain on an expedited basis. This has been a priority for Haggen management to ensure its employees can take advantage of every opportunity available to them.

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20 Responses to “Troubled Haggen closing grocery store on 1st & 128th as part of ‘realignment’”
  1. Devilsadvocate says:

    What a bunch of b.s.
    Haggens saying they were mis-lead. Albertsons saying they never got paid for thier remaining store products. Haggens knew exactly what they were getting into.
    Think maybe jacking up the prices to the point where folks dont shop there anymore
    had anything to do with it?

  2. Burien Human says:

    Interesting business model, raise your prices and then blame everybody else when nobody shops at your establishment.
    The idiots that made those decisions will still have a job, unfortunately the people who have worked for years and decades at these stores will not.

  3. Lin says:

    I am happy to hear that the 5-corners store will not be closing. It is a major upgrade to the previous Albertson’s store. Their fresh produce is top quality. I especially appreciate the extensive organic produce and fruit section, and organic meats and produce. I don’t find the prices for these as being unreasonable; I’m use to paying higher prices for organic products in order to support my health. I will continue to support this store.

    • Rob Do says:

      I would never buy anything labeled “organic” “green” or “natural”. but I won’t stop anyone else from getting ripped off…

  4. unknown says:

    I heard they have a partnership with their produce supplier so maybe they will give them help???

    • startyourown says:

      They partnered with Albertsons and Safeway trying to get a monopoly and it blew up in their face.

      • Jimmy says:

        The two Albertsons grocery stores in Burien will be acquired by Bellingham-based Haggen, as part of a 146-store deal brought about by the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) review of the Albertson’s LLC and Safeway merger.

        So startyouown the FTC was trying to stop a monopoly not start one . So maybe if you actually read the facts instead of making outrageous claims to troll a blog.

        Also the 128th location has always had issues with amount customer shopping there even though it can be crowded in there at times. This why when it was a albertson it was sold with in the albertson company then sold again as part of the haggen’s deal.

    • startyourown says:

      I dont know for sure but I would imagine produce is probably only a small amount of market profits for stores that diversified.

  5. Stuart says:

    I sometimes shopped at Albertsons at 128th and visited the Haggens that opened there a few times. I was really surprised at the pricing increases. It simply did not seem realistic.

  6. KateBB says:

    Great! Our poor little Cedarhurst/Top Hat neighborhood area declines even more . . .

  7. elston says:

    Haggens operated high end stores. Over the years we have stopped at the store in Bellingham and loved it. Sort of like going to Whole Foods. In Bellingham they had a trendy university crowd. That was where they were headquartered. But it is not a business model suitable for most of the other locations they acquired from Albertsons.

    Albertsons (Safeway) has to be loving this. They were required to sell Albertson’s in Burien to a competitor so they would have competition and not have a monopoly. With the closing of Haggen, Safeway is now a monopoly in Burien that only has to run one location. Safeway (Albertsons) is the winner.

  8. common sense says:

    Hope a Whole Foods comes to town and gives this place some class! We need some class. Grocery Outlet and Waynes are nott cutting it. Their is money in Burien, lets get it and class this town up and increase tax revenue. We can’t always be a third class country city! Economic development is a joke. open close open close open close open close…close close close close….depressing!

    • eric says:

      Dear common sense, If folks are complaining about the prices in Haggens they would be just as vocal, if not more, about a Whole Foods. (Maybe they would not complain so much about a PCC?) Of course, if Rob Do is representative, and organic food is too much to stand for, then your wish for going upscale is doomed. Luckily Burien is growing up, whether people want it or not. Burien has to chose to manage the change or take a laissez-faire attitude and wake up one day in place they do not want and could have avoided.

      • Sandy S says:

        PCC came to mind for me, too. But as you say, many Burien natives are quite tentative about paying for quality and variety. It’s very likely all food is going to continue to rise in price rather sharply in the next few years, so I would just as soon have it be as chemical-free, as possible. Maybe if another business or two opened in the same location they could draw more business together?

  9. Carol says:

    When shopping Haggen’s in Bellingham we noticed that the prices were higher. When they opened here they raised the prices to be the same as their other stores. It just so happens that Haggen has higher prices. as it is geared towards the trendy.

    • Kevin says:

      My understanding is that Haggen uses more locally sourced foods, more organic products, and a slightly better quality merchandise in general. That tends to drive prices up. It’s worked for them in other places, but not in a lot of the new locations where it happened overnight. If they were selling the same merchandise as the stores they bought out but jacked up the prices they blew it. If they brought in better quality merchandise then they still blew it, if only by 1) not gauging the local interest properly and/or 2) not getting the word out well enough. Too much too fast, a common mistake in business, where bigger faster is generally considered better. They just did it more spectacularly than most.

  10. Jace says:

    My vote is for Winco. Meanwhile I’ll continue shopping at Fred Meyer and anywhere else I can snag a great deal.

  11. Jazmine says:

    I’m just waiting to see what that building is going to turn into after Haggens on 128th closes. I know that Wal-Mart isnt allowed in Seattle-Burien

  12. Jazmine says:

    I’m just waiting to see what that building is going to turn into after Haggens on 128th closes. I know that Wal-Mart isnt allowed in Seattle-Burien area, but I heard it’s also true about Winco. I know that building might be a little small for a Winco but id love to have a Winco here, I live just a block from it hahaha. They took our beloved Albertsons just so they can screw up and close again

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