LETTER: During Blog Candidate Forum, ‘I witnessed a disturbing incident…’

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Dear Editor,

During the Holli Giffin-Bob Edgar debate this week, I witnessed a disturbing incident that should be of interest to voters. I watched a council candidate (Darla Green) accost a protestor, a small man holding a familiar 8 ½” by 11” sign “Burien, Where is Your Heart?”. The man said nothing, just quietly held his sign. In my full view four feet away, Darla moved to stand directly in front of the man, stared at him with unmistakable vitriol and hate in her eyes and tore up a copy of his handout right in his face. The man said nothing and made no motions, just quietly held his sign.

One of her supporters then stood directly in front of the man, blocking view of his sign, moving to the right and left, taunting him saying “I could dance all night”, “You are amusing me”, etc. before returning to Darla’s side. The small man said nothing, just quietly held his sign.

Darla Green does not does not exhibit professional, collaborative, listening behavior – and it is hardly the first instance of inappropriate self-management by Ms. Green. I cannot imagine this woman representing our city, and showing her anger, hate and divisiveness to the City Council and in meetings with other elected officials. I will be voting for Austin Bell who understands that the Council’s job is to set policy on behalf of all those who live in Burien, not to intimidate.

Barbara A. Trenary

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115 Responses to “LETTER: During Blog Candidate Forum, ‘I witnessed a disturbing incident…’”
  1. Question Authority says:

    What are the odds this same man was one of the protesters who stormed her private business and taunted her, and her employees all while acting menacing.
    I find your version of events to be unsubstantiated and you possibly do not know what precipitated this (action?)

    • john says:

      This piece is a political hack job with typical distract and attack Rovian tactics.

    • Steve says:

      I witnessed the incident Ms. Trenary describes. Her version is accurate in every detail. The man holding the sign was calm, quiet and respectful of the proceedings. He was simply standing in the rear of the room holding a small sign. Ms. Green walked up to him, took one of the extra signs he was holding, held it up to his face and ripped it in half while glaring at him. He kept his poise. His was a classy performance. Hers was an embarrassment for a public official. Or even a grown-up.

      • Sandy S says:

        Thanks for your post Steve. I was not there and knew nothing of this incident when watching the video. I have watched much of it twice. Especially the later half. Darla does seem to have a flame thrower response, when her buttons are pushed. She does not seem clear internally about who deserves concern and who she will attack. I do wonder how this will play out if she becomes a CM.
        Just like we see with those who post here on the blog, she may believe what she wants to believe is so, rather than be open to consideration of anything that does not support her objective, to say nothing of the facts. Some of this may be due to nerves, after all it is her first big appearance as a candidate. But, it may also be her style. A goal is set, and look out if you stand between her and that goal. If this is it, I wonder just what that goal is?

  2. Interested observer says:

    Thank you, Barbara. This was related to me by someone else who was there, also.

  3. JJ Greive says:

    Darla is unfit or office.

    • Pam F.2 says:

      The way I see it, Ms. Green, Burien’s FUTURE Council Member, stood up to bullies. And it appears that she did so after monthes of harassment from this group. I’ve always taught my children to stand up for themselves and others in the face of bullying behavior and this tips my vote to her. I’d rather have a Council Member with some tanacity than a slick carreer polictican in the making.

      • B Hennessy says:

        These aren’t bullies, these are real Burienites who just happen to disagree. People who legitimately have a separate viewpoint, not because they just want to be mean. You need to stop taking it so personally if someone dislikes you, we aren’t picking the high school class president.

    • john says:

      Interesting the same smack talk charactors that were gunho annexation supporters are against Darla Green. What does that tell you?

      • PJ says:

        No wrong again Hennessy – not suburban Seattle, but BURIEN! And this is exactly why we are fighting so hard to get Darla Green, Bob Edgar and Lucy Krakowiak elected so we don’t become Seattle South!

        • B Hennessy says:

          If Seattle hadn’t existed you would have never lived in Burien. Do you think that when Obama visited a few weeks ago that he thought to about Burien for even a second? Burien is already South Seattle, because that’s all it has ever been. This city produces nothing of any use to the outside world, it is merely an extension of Seattle’s prosperity.

      • Jimmy says:

        o no john you said the a word in burien watch out !

  4. Question Authority says:

    Out of curiosity do you support the actions of Berkowitz and her methods of disruption and participation in protests of fellow Council members. Who do you think invited the sign carrying protesters anyway – Hint hint. L.B.

  5. Lisa Parks says:

    I saw that same “small” man. I, also, witnessed that same small man talking about how it was Lauren Berkowitz’s idea to have them protest the candidate forums. I’m pretty sure that there will be more of that conversation disclosed in the future. I really can’t imagine what it must be like for Darla to be subjected to the taunting, protesting, and lies – particularly when it is initiated by a council member that wss elected to serve ALL the citizens of Burien

    • john says:

      Another good reason to vote for Darla.. LB is going all out to try and diss her in favor of one of her coherts.. All we need is another LB on the council for all out chaos to decend on Burien . One disruptive immature councilmember is enough!

  6. JJ Greive says:

    Are you kidding? There is no comparison between tearing up a sign and tweeting. and as long as I am at it, why don’t you admit your name? Makes this points look like bathroom wall graffiti.
    I am proud to state my name with my opinion, why don’t you?

  7. Ernestine says:

    Thank you for speaking up about this, Barbara. I too have concerns about Darla and feel she is too hot headed to represent Burien properly.

  8. Austin Bell seems like a nice young man who could have a bright future in front of him. He has the look, talks the talk, is making the right connections, and getting the big endorsements. Every thing about him says career politician wannabe. Last thing this nation needs is yet another career politician who owes their soul to those that got them elected. Austin, you are an innocent young man right now. Keep going down the road you are on and you will end up a disillusioned old man who can’t get anything done longing for the days of innocence. Does Burien really need a career politician, one who is more interested in being elevated to a higher position then taking care of the community he represents?

    • Lee Moyer says:

      So we don’t want bright young candidates who want to do the right thing because they may move on. So what non-qualifications should we be looking for? Weak thinkers who will rubber stamp the body odor ordinance, downzoning the council member’s neighborhood to increase property values, prohibition public access to Lake Burien, and other self serving efforts by the Lake Burien cartel.

      • I have spent my entire life having to vote for the lesser of two evils. In the end they always do the same thing, serve their masters, the ones that paid for their campaigns while ignoring their constituency. Sure now and then they will feed us some crumbs but in the end they are always be subservient to their true masters. If we are to fix this country it starts here at the local level. We need candidates that put the needs of their constituency over that of lobbyists and special interests. If we do this then some can start to trickle to the top. When that becomes the norm we will then see major positive changes to our nation as a whole. Imagine getting to vote for the best of the two goods.

        Lee, if you think our country is on the right track and needs more career politicians then by all means vote for this young man.

        • B Hennessy says:

          There aren’t special interests at work, this isn’t the International Communist Conspiracy. These are citizens of Burien who like Darla are just trying to do what they think is right. What we really don’t need is local politicians with a top-down approach to the issues, only addressing the needs of their privileged enclaves while ignoring the needs of the many.

        • Lee Moyer says:

          I don’t know if our country is on the right track, but it is clear that a vote for Austin Bell will help Burien get on the right track. I just don’t understand the above logic that it is best to vote for the less qualified candidate.

          • Joel A Manning says:

            Austin has done and accomplished almost entirely nothing? Upon what do you base your claim that he is the more qualified candidate?

            In addition his campaign is managed by Jeff Upthegrove, same manager for Lauren Berkowitz. There are pictures of him at protest events with Lauren Berkowitz that can be found on the Internet. Seems reasonable to expect similar from him as we have seen from Lauren.

            It would be refreshing if you just said they’re socialists and I like socialism and that’s why they get my vote. At least that would be honest.

          • Right track for who? Could it be to those who donate from well outside Burien as described by the comments at the bottom of this page. Politicians loyalties are beholden to those that pay.

      • B Hennessy says:

        Isn’t that the truth. I don’t see how an “Aesthetician” could be qualified for anything beyond owning a salon.

      • john says:

        This coming from the resentment of a Gung ho annexation supporter who did not get his way on that or his plan to rent out boats to the public on an ecologically sensitive lake. (thank goodness more rational heads prevailed)

    • Julie says:

      Hummm… Austin Bell using Burien as a stepping stone? Heck even Joey Fitzgibbon pretended to serve on the planning commission for about a year before seeking higher office.

      • I Love Burien says:

        Would that be like Austin Bell pretending to be a licensed Real Estate broker? Or Austin Bell pretending to serve the citizens of Burien, while only using it as a stepping stone? Maybe Austin Bell pretending to care about Burien because he hasn’t had the “opportunity ” to serve the city because he has been so actively involved in politics?

  9. Can'tWeAllGetAlong says:

    Burien is not a safe city. Despite having roots here for 30 years our families (3 households) have moved.

  10. Michele says:

    So how is Darla Green going to make “Burien safer” when she can’t even control her own anger, emotions and actions in a public forum? This is disgusting, shameful and childish behavior. I have no confidence in this woman, she is out for herself and does not have a level enough head to fill this seat with a balanced and respectful attitude for ALL Burien residents, no matter their address and/or social standing. She will never, ever get a vote from me. True colors are shine through!

  11. chuck says:

    The forums have been interesting and hopefully enlightening to the attendees. I could nto make this forum but after reading some of the comments I wonder if these same people went to the Darla Green and Austin Bell debate. I was seated in the last row and about half way though the debate one of those sign waving protestors began to shout from the back about “arresting the bankers”. It was loud enough that the audience from the from began turning around.

    Without question her purpose was to disrupt and “protest”. Protest nothing about any particular candidate nor the issues that the candidates spoke about. Just make noise and be disruptive. After about five seconds of this nonsense I turn around and said “I did not come here to listen to you. Shut up.”

    Protesters such as these serve no useful purpose. They add nothing to the debate nor the issues being discussed. A few minutes later another protester started to yell from the other side of the room from the back. He too was told by a legitimate attendee that “he (I) did not come here to listen to you. Shut up.”
    The more that we the people raise our collective voices against such ignorant protesters (paid???) the more our vices will prevail.

    I would not doubt for a second that these were the same protesters that were paid er at the Edgar, Giffin debate. Enough is enough in my book and I will stand up and speak against it.

  12. Laurie says:

    I have been a supporter of Darla, and this story greatly disturbs me. Gracious professionalism goes a long way. If this is in fact true, then Darla is very wrong. She should not have lowered herself to the level of others that cannot act like grown ups. I am very disappointed.
    These are the type of actions that are going on in Congress and the Senate. “He touched me first” “she called me a name” etc….We as a city are not going to get anything accomplish ed by retaliating against people that we don’t like. Let’s try to be reasonable adults, and practice gracious professionalism, raise ourselves above the ignorant, and solve our problems proactively.

    • Jack says:

      Do you believe everything that you read? Or do you just write your comment to further denigrate someone that you don’t intend to vote for anyway? Perhaps you are trying to influence others by chiming in..

  13. Joe says:

    So I looked at the forum pictures and that guy at the door is no quiet little man. He is a non resident professional protester who comes with the organization SAFE and yells on the Burien streets with his blow horn. He went to Moss Chiro and marched around the building shouting Lucy is on Crack. Burien is pretty much the same city it was when Lauren Berkowitz doesn’t invite her wack-a-doodle protesters and criminal vagrants to town. Get a life Barbara! The worst thing Darla did was to stare at a guy and throw a paper away she didn’t want. I’m still voting for her.

    • john says:

      We are voting for Darla too and anyone with a lick of sense who cares about BURIEN and NOT an extremist politcal agenda should also…

  14. Jack says:

    Why is every comment always whited out?

  15. Joel A Manning says:

    That is a fantastic account of these events! There is even a grain of truth to it. Barbara is a close neighbor of Austin Bell’s and a friend of the Upthegrove family but I’m sure that has nothing to do with her gross misrepresentation of the events she described.

  16. Charles Schaefer says:

    So Austin Bell understands that the Council’s job is to set policy on behalf of all those who live in Burien, does he? Then I’m sure he will be appalled at the individuals coming in from out of town to disrupt our democratic process. Barbara, I’m sorry you had to witness the disturbing incident of a group of professional activists/protesters who have repeatedly interrupted council meetings, Darla Green’s business and now candidate forums with uncivilized behavior. (They were shouting at people in the parking lot after the debate and name calling because they have no constructive ideas to present) The little man’s name is Bang Nguyen, he is the Executive Director of the protest group SAFE and most of his resumé is devoted to his activist experience. http://www.indeed.com/r/Bang-Nguyen/38bc153f5f29e056 He does not live in Burien, so I’m sure Mr. Bell will have no interest in hearing his viewpoints.

  17. I have read many comments and observed many things in my 6 years living in Burien. I am fed up with how the City of Burien officials namely certain council members and a city manager who are not looking out for the safety of it’s citizens. It is clear Burien has became worse since I moved here. Burien is always on the news and most of it is nothing to be proud of. I saw Darla and her supporters waving signs on 148th and went out to talk with her as a voter. Darla was open friendly and nothing like what some people are portraying her to be.. I found her to be friendly and engaged her on her thoughts and concerns. I found them to be the same as mine. Number one is safety for residents of Burien and trying to bring in new business. A safer and more vibrant business district, wow imagine that. If your tired about the crime and seeing empty businesses then we need change lets do it bring in new leadership and retain the ones that want that too. I have been a victim of crime have seen many crimes committed in my presence and I am sure many of you have also. When I heard about a senior citizen at Safeway get her purse stolen in the parking lot I was like why her why in Burien, it was very disturbing. Is this the new normal? Do we want to be a city famous for crime and empty businesses or do we want to make it safer and
    thrive a beautiful city that we all can be proud of. The time has come to elect and re-elect the people that feel the same way. Call or go out and meet Darla and form your own opinion as I have done. I want Burien to be a model city for low crime and thriving businesses. I want to spend my money locally and give back to my
    community but right now I don’t feel safe and go elsewhere to patronize stores. One example is the library located right at City Hall the city hires off duty Burien Police to patrol the area because of all the crime. One ‘would think going to city hall would be safer then that. Lets do something about it make it safer for our elderly and our children to use our parks and feel safe and proud again. Darla has my vote and so does Lucy Krakowiak and Bob Edgar. They all want a safer city one that thrives with businesses and that is a great thing. One last thing for the writer who stated ‘I witnessed a disturbing incident…’ well I have witnessed many disturbing incidents all over Burien mostly on a daily basis. I also witnessed the protesters who came in from other cities on metro buses who shoved signs in peoples faces and blocked sidewalks now that was a disturbing incident. . I guess you did not have a problem with that. Thanks for allowing a forum and exercise your right to vote. Good luck Darla, Lucy and Bob.

  18. PJ says:

    Barbara Trenary – Do you live in the city of Burien, if so do you care about the city of Burien? If in fact you do, I’m quite perplexed of your support of the antagonistic protesters that do not live or work in Burien. Why do you think it is OK for them to have been coming into our city for the last several months protesting at OUR city council meetings, candidate forums and OUR city businesses. This is not OK, it has made a mockery of our city in a very public way, when in fact the supporters of these outsiders is a very small percentage of people that live in Burien.

  19. Jimmy says:

    Ok in this day and age when it’s so easy to snap a photo or take video of a situation. Why is it that no one does it when their is a situation with a political candidate. How come there are no pictures/video of these activities that M.s. green may have done. Why are no pictures or video in the other letter to the editor about sign’s getting stolen or damage. I think if people want to take the time write a letter to editor that’s nice but send some proof of your story then it’s not a he said she said situation. This way the voters then can make a honest choice of who to vote for and who not to vote for. Instead of a bunch mud slinging childish nonsense. This is not high school ok the candidates and their staff need to understand this. Drop the BullS*** drama!

  20. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    Oh boy here we go! If you can’t promote and win a campaign on your own merits and vision you might as well sling copious amounts of mud at your opponent. This is exactly what we all witnessed in the Berkowitz/Block fiasco. Upthegrove tactics for sure.

    • B Hennessy says:

      Mud? No, Darla really treats her perceived enemies as if they’re a cabal who only wants to degrade Burien. You yourself portray this mentality by assuming the Upthegroves had to make someone write this.

      • Charles Schaefer says:

        A cabal that want to degrade Burien is exactly what they are. Or maybe you think that vagrants on the street corners, camping in our parks, and public use of alcohol and drugs is good for Burien. I don’t. It scares away people from shopping in our stores and as a result makes businesses not want to locate here.

        • B Hennessy says:

          And you actually believe that there are people who willfully bring homeless addicts into Burien simply to be a nuisance to businesses? That’s quite an immoral view of humanity.

          • Charles Schaefer says:

            No, I think they bring homeless addicts into Burien in a misguided effort to be compassionate and that they don’t understand economics. However, the fact is that if they are allowed to enact their policies that is what will result.

            • B Hennessy says:

              What does economics have to do with mental health? Why do you have to put a dollar sign on everything? You think everyone else must be beneficial to your self interest or they are a drain on you economically because you are a solipsistic, narcissistic, sociopathic, amoral human being.

              • Charles Schaefer says:

                Let me explain it to you in very simple terms: If there are addicts living on the streets, it scares away people who would spend money here. That means less tax revenue for the city, so less money is available for human services. The reason I put a dollar sign on everything is because I understand that nothing is free. It all has to be paid for by someone. People with mental health issues need treatment. Letting them roam around town unchecked is not helping them get better and is unsafe for others.

              • Jack says:

                Good vocabulary! Must be an English major from Berkley, who uses the tired tactics of criticizing another’s point of view by name calling and referring to Fox News. Yawn. You should have been on debate team so you could use facts instead if accusations. Your comments add no value, and just make thumb tired scrolling down the page in search of intelligence.

    • Pam F.2 says:

      It it smells like JUTG, Looks like JUTG, surely it is jUTG. Sad that that the “black sheep” of the clan will surely bring down ALL of them. Are your listening KC CM Dave Upthegrove? Are you going to let this stand? Because, while you have tried desperately to distance your self from brother Jeff and mother Cyndi…………………YOU KNOW THAT THEY WILL TAKE YOU DOWN with their horrible self centered position and eccentric view of what their utopia should e . Is it worth it?

  21. Dustin says:

    Shouldn’t letters like this be verified before posted? Maybe it was verified but if not it would be a shame it this was posted and found out not to be true.

  22. KateBB says:

    I am SO sorry I was duped by and voted for LB. I will be much more careful this time around!!!!!

  23. Joe Moldovan says:

    I would like to relate an incident that occurred to while providing musical entertainment in the street. It is called busking. It is legal and endorsed by the National Endowments of the Arts. I was being filmed by my crew for our entry in the Burien UFO event (April 2015). While playing a guitar in Olde Burien across the The Mark; a restaurant, Darla Green came out into the street. Claimed that what I was doing was illegal and that I wasn’t paying taxes on my donations. She went as far as to say “You will never play here again.” I found her wrongful bullying verbal behaviour conducive with violent offenders. Darla has also therefore violated my constitutional rights of the first amendment that regards to free speech. When I found that this individual who indeed is as scary to my sense of social right as was my childhood nightmares of any imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening was running for office I was floored to see the support that she receives from other “well meaning Burien residents”. What is wrong with you people?

  24. Question Authority says:

    I received the mailer today claiming that the three virginal outside candidates were leaders, tell me again what they have actually led to earn that title.

  25. Burien Human says:

    Socialism is when people who think they are elites take what you have earned and give it to other elites. You and the poor get the leftover crumbs.
    Socialism is when elites in power think they know how to run your life better than you.

  26. Jeff says:

    Lucy K. is campaign funded 90+% by individual Burien residents. Bob Edgar is funded 90% by Burien residents and 100% by individual citizens. Darla Green is funded 70+% by Burien residents. None of them are funded by big organizations or big PACS.

    Austin Bell, Holli Giffin and John Scherer are all funded by at least 70% by outside money and outside organizations. This means they are beholding to these outside organizations and not to the the Burien residents. They are beholding to the agendas that these groups tell them they have to deliver on. That is exactly how be got Lauren Berkowitz. Her campaign was funded 80% by outside money and she has brought their screwball agendas to our City Council and disputed work that should be going on to help the city and Burien residents.

    I just got this flyer in the mail from this gigantic PAC claiming it is the South King Working Families PAC. Who really is this group as it only shows the top 5 contributors to it? This PAC doesn’t have its offices or pay taxes in our city but it wants to own and control our city. Why? It has no real interest in Burien residents or improving the city. It has its own agenda and they are targeting Burien just like they destroyed the residents control of the Sea Tac City Council. Don’t vote for Bell, Giffin or Scherer they are Puppets/Plants/Fronts/Schills for these outside organizations and Lauren Berkowitz and Jeff Upthergrove. They have never worked for Burien and generally know nothing about it as was evidenced at the B-Town forums. And they have not been Burien leaders ever as the flyers tries to suggest. This new flyer shows their true color-pea green and black.

    Vote for Bob Edgar, Lucy K. and Darla Green who really represent Burien residents and are funded by Burien residents!

  27. Laurie says:

    Even though this has now been revealed to be an activist that was hired to a job, I would still caution Darla not to react. The more you react to bad behavior, the worst it gets. Don’t reward bad behavior, be gracious!

  28. Dave says:

    Joey, You obviously didn’t go to the B-Town Forums. Both Lucy K. and Bob Edgar announced where their funding was coming from in front of the 50 or so people who were in the audience.Nothing secret.
    John Scherer stated he had only one individual donor and the rest was outside organization money. Holli Giffin said nothing about the sources of her campaign money but a lot of it is outside money. Austin Bell said nothing about where his money was coming from and a lot of his is outside money.
    As you well know mini campaigns collect very little money and for that reason the State of Washington doesn’t feel that the candidates using this low funding model need to report weekly and so it doesn’t show up. Lucy and Bob show on the PDC site as running mini campaigns. Thanks Lucy and Bob for not turning this election into an outside money battle as Joey Martinez tried to do with his LAST CAMPAIGN.
    Of course JOEY, you know about mini campaigns but you wanted to try to do a back handed mudsling by suggesting that Lucy K. and Bob Edgar were hiding something. Being secret when they were not.
    Vote for Bob Edgar and Lucy K. because they are funded by Burien Residents and they have opening discussed their financing at a public meeting.

    • Joey Martinez says:

      Obviously I did not attend. Thanks to Pat Lemoine and the wonders of the internets I was able to watch on Youtube!

      Bob and Lucy don’t believe in Open government. Proof is in how they campaign. Proof is in there banning of tweeting information to voters. Proof is in switching seats.

      They should post who is donating to them on their website if they truly believe in open transparent government.

      • Dave says:

        Joey- you are the man who registered to use a min-campaign in the 2015 election with the PDC. It is right on the PDC site. So by your convoluted, twisted logic, you also don’t believe in open government. Also by your same logic, John Scherer doesn’t believe in open government.Of course this is just the usual hypocrisy you use to regularly use to make one of your silly, wacky points on this blog.
        Bob Edgar and Lucy K. have been completely forth coming on where their funding is coming from. Vote for Bob, Lucy and Darla for open government.
        In the interest of open information, Barbara Ternary owns commercial property on 152nd S.W., is a close associate, friend with Nancy Tosta, is a close neighbor to Nancy Tosta and Austin Bell and owns a house over in Seahurst-Three Tree Point area. She supports a number of the Austin Bell and Lauren Berkowitz kinds of positions,

  29. Lilly says:

    Everyone by now has gotten the wierd green and black flyer from a PAC that is not located in the City of Burien. This PAC and its accounting are being handled by Phillip Lloyd from Seattle, WA. Phillip Lloyd handles the largest money campaign candidates and money PACS in the State of Washington. What the heck is he and this PAC doing in a Burien election? The members of this PAC also don’t have their headquarters in Burien. So what are they doing in our election? Why are they trying to buy and control Burien’s Council Positions?
    Remember to vote for Bob Edgar, Lucy K. and Darla Green as they are funded by Burien residents and have Burien’s best interests at heart.

    • Joel A Manning says:

      Well Seattle doesn’t want a tent city…

      • Millie O'Hara says:

        But in the past Seattle, Bellevue and King County have always wanted to dump everything they don’t want into Burien.

        • I love Burien says:

          Still true Millie. That is why we became a city and why we must be dilligent. That is why we must ask ourselves: why are Seattle folks endorsing these candidates?
          Another reason to vote Green, Krakowiak, and Edgar!

  30. PJ says:

    I find it very telling that the author of this letter has not responded on this trail of posts, even when asked directly a question of her…

  31. Joe Moldovan says:

    Tonight, I tremble for the safety of my city Burien as entrepreneurs attempt an advance into the control of our city council. I quake and have been shaken as they set sights on the reduction of liberties of music for the people in the name of public safety. They know only of corporate profit and ill will for the struggling and impoverished who they sneer and proclaim to be of bad odor. Yet it is the stink of their own selfishness and self serving needs that they feel the need to advance and attack the same citizens that they share this city with. A true leader has vision for not now, but future generations. The children of our children who we will gladly lay down our lives in order for our progeny to survive. But NAY, I see no plan to reduce the dependency on coal, fossil fuels and other noxious poisons that have been included in the very air we breath. What aspect of reversing the greenhouse effects have they offered before the point of no return has been reached. I hear no response in that regard, but can only suspect that they stay late at night to count the coffers of their till. Corporate profit above all is the nearsighted disease they share and the concern for immediate gains above the true safety of generations to come is being marched over in a hobnail boot of accounting.

    • Joel A Manning says:

      Joe thank you for that. I have not laughed so hard in my life. I strongly suggest ye not mix internet with bong.

    • Thunder Justice Aqua Rainforest Moonshine says:

      Someone’s day is someone else’s midnight, Reverend. This guy has more coffers in his till than anyone else running for council: http://www.pdc.wa.gov/MvcQuerySystem/CandidateData/contributions?param=QkVMTEEgIDE2Ng====&year=2015&type=local He has no vision for this or any other generation and as he has no progeny of his own to care for, what makes you think he will look out for ours? He is in real estate and wants to buy up all the land so the struggling and impoverished have to live in the Ocean with the Dolphins and get caught in those 6-pack plastic bottle holders. Try to practice your liberty of music underwater and you will see that NAY the truly disturbing incident has yet to be witnessed. Peace out.

    • Stop The Stupidity! says:

      Speaking of, “……..ill will for the struggling and impoverished……..” why don’t you take a gander at Darla’s campaign Facebook page, Elect Darla Green for Burien. On October 1st she posted a picture of the donations she received on behalf of the Transform Burien food pantry. Some whine, some get things done. I think Burien would be better off with people who get things done, that’s why I’m voting for Darla.

  32. Jimmy says:

    I wonder back in 2013 when Lauren Berkowitz was running for burien council the first time. She thought I may be new to politics but I have a bunch of ideas that may help fix some of the issues in burien. Now as we look at most of the candidates running they to say they have all these great ideas to help and fix the problems around burien. But then also some of the issues around burien like the trespassing issues and some of the crime maybe dead issues by the time any of these candidates get into there office. Now I don’t agree completely with any of current council members but I also don’t completely disagree with any of them either. But the new ones running I just feel none of them are really cut out for the job. I know a lot people are upset with Lauren Berkowitz and some of her ideas and actions but can one council member really destroy burien I mean look what we have made it though over the years. But then if look at congress and all the other people that are supposed to have great ideas to fix the country they can’t agree on a lot of things but they get things done. Even though they stop and hold things up with nonsense like not being able to agree with the president of united states of america because he wants people to able afford health care.

    I also wonder why is allways the same people on this blog that try to tell people who exactly to vote for. Let The people pick who to vote for on there own. Like the people around lake burien and 3 tree point always try to tell everyone oh my god vote for these people but don’t vote for these other people there going to destroy burien if they get voted in. There will be millions of criminals and homeless everywhere are taxes will triple. But if you vote for the people we tell you to the streets will be spotless there will no problems whatsoever taxes will be nothing. But then we find out oh these people you want us to vote for all live in the lake burien or 3 tree point area. For the most part they will only help out those parts of burien. The people that make under $100,000 a year in burien they could give a rat’s behind about other than getting a vote.

    • john says:

      what do u have against success Jimmy or whatever your real name is?

      • Jimmy says:

        ok “john” do you really want me to get in to questioning who you really are. Do you want to go through this again. Do we have play this game of o my who could “john” be this political season.

        Ok ladies and gentlemen of b-town blog step on up with your suggestion of who “john” is this time. Now is this stuff any one needs to be concern about No. So please Take the time to really look into all the candidates and don’t just pick one because of a few comments from someone on a blog.

    • Lisa Parks says:

      Dear Jimmy- I am your average, middle income, hard working, tax paying, volunteering, penny pinching, compassionate PTA Mom. I do not live near Lake Burien, Three Tree Point, or Shorewood. I care very much about our city and the wonderful and kind people who live here. Therefore, I will be voting for Darla Green, Lucy Krakowiak, and Bob Edgar.

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