LETTER: ‘Is an outside Political Action Committee trying to buy council seats?’

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Letter to the Editor;

Is an Outside Political Action Committee (PAC) trying to buy the Burien City Council seats much as what happened in SeaTac in 2011?

A Trojan Horse has been shoved into the Burien City Council elections and all Burien citizens need to be aware of its existence, should wonder what is really inside of it and what that can mean for Burien’s future. Currently there is a large Outside Money PAC (political action committee) building up a war chest of money to be used in the last days of this Burien election to buy and control seats on the Burien City Council.

You are getting flyers from this Outside Money PAC endorsing Austin Bell, Jon Scherer and Holli Giffin. The money to sponsor these flyers is coming from outside of the City of Burien and some of it is coming from outside of the State of Washington. Be skeptical of who it is encouraging you to vote for. By these three candidates own admissions, they have not been involved, actively volunteered or served the City of Burien prior to running in this election. While they claim to have had a keen interest in improving Burien, their service record suggests not.

Just in the last 21 days, the South King County Working Families PAC has received $73,000 (from other PACS) to use to influence the election for the Burien City Council positions. The South King County Working Families PAC is literally a pyramid of other PACS trying to control the Burien Council positions. They are putting this money in as Last Minute Donations and Independent Expenditures to get Bell, Giffin and Scherer elected to the Council. This is a repeat of what happened to SeaTac in 2011. Close to the end of the 2011 SeaTac elections (in a one month window of time 9/16/11 to 10/17/11), an Outside Money PAC flooded the SeaTac elections with $155, 674 to get three candidates elected to their Council. This was reported as Independent Expenditures to these candidates. The intent of this money was to control these SeaTac Council seats for their own agenda and not what SeaTac citizens wanted for their city. And they won the seats much to the surprise and shock of most SeaTac residents. SeaTac’s City Council seats had been bought and paid for by this Outside Money PAC. According to a number of SeaTac residents and elected officials, this hasn’t served SeaTac or its citizens well.

And yes, this same strategy is now being put to work to buy the Burien City Council elections. And any person who writes letters to this Blog suggesting this is not happening is not being above board. Check out the Washington State PDC site, South King County Washington Working Families PAC, Last Minute Expenditures. It shows what is happening with that money. The question every Burien citizen should be asking is, ”Why is this OUTSIDE PAC endorsing these previously uninvolved, uninterested citizens to be elected to the Burien Council?” What is the OUTSIDE PAC’S real agenda for Burien? A number of the groups that make up this current Outside Money PAC are the same groups that funded and endorsed Lauren Berkowitz in the last election and were involved in the 2011 SeaTac take over elections. Again check the Washington State PDC site for 2013, Lauren Berkowitz candidate report.

Burien has three long time, committed servant citizens who are running for Council (Bob Edgar, Darla Green, Lucy Krakowiak). They all have successful business and civic experiences and have given many hours of their time to Burien even before running for Council. They have the business and budget-balancing experience to be on the Council. But most importantly, their campaigns are being funded and endorsed by the citizens of Burien. For that reason, I will be voting for Bob Edgar, Darla Green and Lucy Krakowiak.

– L. Plein

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76 Responses to “LETTER: ‘Is an outside Political Action Committee trying to buy council seats?’”
  1. Craig says:

    Burien residents need to elect council members that will stop the crazy issuance of Safeway gift cards to the homeless and other such nonsense that attracts these folks. Elect council members that will spend tax money wisely and look out for the citizens of Burien.

  2. Jimmy Jr. says:

    Psychology 101
    Behavior that is rewarded will be repeated….

  3. ShellyC says:

    This is fear mongering in the form of a “letter to the editor”. Same thing that the same people did in White Center during the annexation vote.

    • Shelly, what do you know about fear mongering and annexation? Did you have a pro-annexation representative come to your door and tell you that you where going to loose your fire department, your libraries, and a whole bunch of other services if you didn’t vote yes on annexation. I did!

      • ShellyC says:

        No Pat, I was at a clients house when your buddies showed up and told the resident, a 76 year old lady on a fixed income with state services, that she would lose all of her benefits and her property taxes would sky rocket if she voted to annex to Burien.

  4. Gregory Duff says:

    I find it humorous that you are so concerned with outside money coming into Burien and yet you ignore the obvious turn that the city council has taken in the last few years. The council is run by Lake Burien people who only have the their own interests at heart. They have overruled the planning commission when it came to their own agenda and will continue to do so as long as the people of Burien continue to let it happen. Darla Green is another of their hand picked people to run for office. The problem is that the rich vote and the poor do not so the Lake people will continue to dominate elections. Until the people of Burien wake up and see how little they are represented on our council things will not change. North Highline never gets represented as it is a middle income area. As soon as the idea is brought up that the council should be by districts it is quickly shot down because the lake would lose its power.
    I am embarrassed to say I am from Burien because the councils from the surrounding areas laugh at us. At some point the citizens of Burien will wake up and see what they have done and by then it will be too late.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      Greg, You are right on. Lucy is and Darla will probably be their rubber stamps.

      • Greg Duff says:

        When you see Lucy, Darla and Edgar on the same yard sign you know they are just puppets to the Queen of the Lake.

        • Joel A Manning says:

          That makes no sense, the Queen of the Lake, Cyndi Upthegrove is supporting the three candidates for which her son manages and consults.

          • Nice Guy Eddie says:

            She might live on Lake Burien but the Upthegroves are selflessly working to improve Burien for all Burienites, not just the well-to-do ownership class living in Olde Burien. The non-incumbent candidates have a longterm plan for addressing our homelessness problem by giving them the case management and social services they need to turn their lives around, instead of Dollar Green’s hairbrained scheme to arrest them for vagrancy, lock them up until it goes to trial and kick them back onto the streets ad infinitum. How’s that for a waste of our tax money?

            • Fran says:

              Nice Guy Eddie; you are some silly troll/shill who has either just happened onto this blog or is one of the usual trolls under a new name. You don’t even know the City of Burien and are making up inane, insane comments to get attention. There in no wealthy class living in Old Burien. And the Upthegroves don’t live in Old Burien and Jeff Upthegrove is not known for his civic good works. The Old Burien area is currently and historically small businesses, small apts. and modest value older homes.
              The non incumbent candidates in this election have no long term plans for Burien other than to be mindless, rubber stamps for the OUTSIDE PAC paying to put them into office and Lauren Berlowitz. Go watch the B-Town Blog forums. Holli Giffin could barely say her own name. Her real long term plan should be to get a job, pay off her bills and buy licenses to make her home businesses legal in Burien.
              Get your facts straight Eddie before you start your trolling on this blog.

              • Nice Guy Eddie says:

                I’m not trolling. Trolls don’t express their sincere opinions, they just say anything that will upset both sides of an issue just to be contrarian. This is truly how I feel.

                • Wendy P. says:

                  Nice Guy Eddie, you obviously have not talked with all of the candidates! You are ill informed and misguided! Please do more research on ALL of the candidates and their goals for Burien.

            • Gandalf Von Rand Kahn says:

              Eddie, who are you trying to sell on that story? What plan do these three candidates have for the homeless, or anything else for that matter? Why is PAC money pouring in to support their campaigns from the hard-left of Seattle? Why does every local, and very vocal, supporter of these three have strong connections to Sawant? Eddie, your comment is nothing more than platitudinous sophistry to smokescreen what is an attempt to purchase the Burien city council.

              If Bell, Giffin and Scherer win, ready yourself for homeless camps, a juvenile detention center, drug rehab centers and Mayor Berkowitz. When you are making a socialist utopian omelette in Seattle you need a rug under which to sweep the broken shells. The hard-left Seattle groups funding the campaigns of Bell, Giffin and Scherer plan Burien to be that rug, specifically the NERA.

              • Question Authority says:

                There will be no Juvenile Detention Center’s as those candidates will be for hugs and handouts instead.

              • Nice Guy Eddie says:

                It was actually the Socialists who started the protests against the Juvenile Detention Center. If Bob and Lucy want to stop crime and homeless encampments why haven’t they done so already?

            • nicer guy eddie says:

              Eddie you are obviously a supporter of LB her nuttiness. Are you related to the Upthegroves or just one of their political operatives?

    • I Love Burien says:

      I’m so very sorry – North Burien does have representation on the council. Lauren Berkowitz! Sorry

    • Chaz Domingoson says:

      If you are so embarrassed to say you are from Burien, move Greg. If you want Burien to be like Federal Way or somewhere else,don’t change Burien, change your address.

    • John says:

      Your were one of the prime supporters of annexation Greg.. Interesting that you still hold a grudge against the Burienites that rose up to support it… ( think your failed run for council still sticks in your craw.) I think you expected to be rubber stamped by the at that time pro-annexation council but the people rose up and defeated you. Thats Democracy in action Greg!

  5. Dave says:

    Darla Green got into this election because her business, property and good name were maligned by bullies who had been brought into the city by the invitation of Lauren Berkowitz and Jeff Upthegrove because Lauren could not get her way with the Council. No one hand picked Darla to run. It was criminal trespass of her business that motivated her to run.

    Secondly, I recall that you belong to one of these large outside PACS that are trying to take over these council seats. So much for your credibility and it is an interesting way that you have tried to deflect the conversation away from a discussion on who this PAC really is and what they want with Burien.

    And Darla and Lucy don’t live around Lake Burien so they would seem to be great additions to the Council to dilute your concerns about control. Lucy live in the central area of the city and Darla lives in Seahurst. Go mix your cement some other place. My vote goes to Darla, Lucy and Bob because they haven’t been bought by your PAC’s money.

    • Nice Guy Eddie says:

      Maybe they wouldn’t need help from an outside PAC if the incumbents didn’t use their private wealth to shut out the needs and concerns of working and middle class Burienites! As it stands our local government is more of an oligarchy than a democracy.

      • Fran says:

        Nice Guy Eddie; Still another inane, insane comment. The majority of the current members on the council are not wealthy people. They are those working and maybe middle class people that you claim are shutting out working and middle class people? The OUTSIDE PAC is here to elect enough new clone head members to put Lauren Berkowitz and her PAC members in charge of Burien. That PAC may even have hired you to troll this blog and muddy the waters to confuse voters. BUT you obviously do not know Burien and its neighborhoods or the people who serve on the council. Collect your payment points from your OUTSIDE PAC boss and go find another blog to troll on.

    • Nice Guy Eddie says:

      You really think Berkowitz and Upthegrove literally went up to a homeless man and told him “Come to Burien and drop a deuce on Darla Green’s doorstep”? What world are you living in?

  6. Greg Duff says:

    What PAC would that be, Dave?

    • Dave says:

      Thank you Greg Duff, you have demonstrated the point I would like to make. Most people who belong to large State, National or International PACS have no idea who or what they are supporting. Someone at the top makes the decision and you are sent a list of things or people to vote for, maybe. I’ve been a Union member for years and no one has ever asked me who or what I think the International Brotherhood should endorse and give money to. I’m willing to let the Union make some decisions about working conditions but I don’t want the Union taking over my private life or my city. I am well aware the Union is full of corrupt people at the top. We always have someone that is caught skimming or embezzling Union money at some level. Look at the terrible entwinement Jimmy Hoffa had with the mob. That is how he disappeared to who knows where. These top Union people get corrupted by the massive amount of money they get to control with very little oversight by the membership.

      But if you really read L.Plein’s letter, paragraph 4, lines 1-5, you would have seen the name of the PAC being discussed, South King County Working Families PAC; a single year PAC filled with a cr*p load of money. And Bell, Scherer and Giffin are going to get a cr*pload of it.
      Frankly, I don’t want those uninvolved and basically uninterested putzs getting my hard earned money to be rubber stamps to a PAC. Look up who makes up this PAC on the PDC site. And these member PACS are some of the same ones that made up the 2011 PAC that took over Sea Tac and financed Berkie. I’m not voting to have my city taken over. I don’t want more Berkowitzs on the council. I’m voting for Green, Edgar and Krackowiak. Thanks for the informative letter, L. PLein.

      And of course you are sour grapes about Krackowiak anyway because she beat your pants off in 2011. Right?

  7. Lisa Parks says:

    Thank you for presenting us all with the facts. I would like to interject some personal information. My husband and I have been union members for 45+ years, combined. We are both shaking our heads wondering why they have invested so much money in our Burien election. They sure haven’t asked US about what is best for Burien. We would have told them: Darla Green, Lucy Krakowiak, and Bob Edgar!

    • Greg Duff says:

      I have been a teamster for 30 years and I would never vote for those three.

      • Lisa Parks says:

        We are Teamsters, also, and that is exactly who we’re voting for!

        • Joey Martinez says:

          Union endorsements are like City Council races. You have to vote if you want your voice heard. You have to partake in the endorsement process if you want your voice heard. Not unlike the ballot box. Sorry that you haven’t been involved with your unions to have your voices heard. By not partaking in that endorsement process you allowed those who do to pick your endorsements. Not unlike the 55% of Burienites who DIDN’T vote in 2013 allowed the 45% to pick their government.

        • Gregory Duff says:

          The why didn’t the teamsters support any of their campaigns?

        • Nice Guy Eddie says:

          So you have proven that a candidate or a voter can belong to a PAC ir Union and still vote their conscious instead of towing the party line.

  8. L. Plein Who? says:

    The only L. Plein I find on 2 Google searches (Laura or Lynn Plien) live in the Tacoma area. What is YOUR agenda L. Plein?

    • Kevin says:

      Because those are the only two names you can think of that start with an “L”? And of course Google knows all no matter how you frame the search query. If you do it right there are plenty of references to her, including at various City Council meetings over the years.

      For what it’s worth I googled your name (L. Plein Who?) and you don’t even appear to live in this State. [Because of course Google Knows All.]

  9. Bill says:

    Check your spelling. L. Plein lives in Burien according to multiple search engines. Learn to use your computer correctly.

    Martinez-City Council elections are not like union endorsements. Union endorsements are controlled by a small number of people who run a closed private organization and who set their own rules.. City Council elections are open to the citizenry of a public governmental agency and they must comply with state and federal requirements. Your comment is an attempt to try to compare apples to oranges. It doesn’t work.

    This next item is from a commenter on the Sea Tac blog and discusses two of the members of the Outside PAC feeding money to Bell, Scherer and Giffin to get them elected. These PACS also donated to Lauren Berkowitz in 2013

    jellybean says:
    October 15, 2015 at 5:19 pm

    Here is something to think about:

    SEIU 925, like its big sister, SEIU 775, got another taste of Freedom Foundation justice this week.

    In response to a Public Disclosure Commission complaint we filed this past summer, the Washington State Attorney General on Monday agreed there was overwhelming evidence to show that SEIU 925 neglected to report hundreds of thousands of dollars

    Consequently, the AG’s Office announced it would file a lawsuit against the union.

    SEIU 775 was the subject of a similar lawsuit just two weeks earlier.

    Both unions were quick to discount the charges as little more than a clerical error. They’re anything but.

    The unions employ an army of lawyers and accountants to help them comply with – or avoid – campaign finance laws. If they failed to do so, it was by design.

    SEIU has engaged in a pattern of illegal behavior dating back over five years designed to camouflage the full extent of its political activity. Government employee unions are by far the largest and most politically active special interests in Washington.

    In 2012 alone, SEIU was the singlemost prolific donor to Jay Inslee’s gubernatorial campaign donating $1.8 million that, arguably, ensured his election, and yet they try to pass off what they do as nothing more than collective bargaining on behalf of their members.

    SEIU is just one example of a clear outside special-interest group with a history of manipulating SeaTac elections, negatively impacting citizens.

    Let’s see who got money from SEIU 775 so far: In Burien, Austin Bell, Jon Scherer and Holli Giffin.

  10. RBD says:

    The intent of this OUTSIDE PAC is to put Lauren Berkowitz and Bell, Scherer and Giffin in control of the Burien Council. If you vote for Bell, Berkowitz and Giffin, Berkie will end up being your mayor. Homeless encampments as well as car camping will fill your parks and public spaces. You will not be able to use your public libraries. Expect to have your police service cut because Berkowitz doesn’t like the police or feel they are necessary. Expect serious shifts in budget priorites for the city. The city will be using its money to build lots more low income housing. Because I have serious concerns about having Berkowitz and her clone heads in control of the city, I am voting for Edgar, Krakowiak and Green.

    • Peter says:

      RBD, what you describe is the most persuasive and serious argument for voting for Darla Green, Krakowiak and Edgar. Make no mistake, Bell, Giffin, and Scherer would be rubber stamps for the agenda of Berkowitz and this would adversely affect Burien. Like all cities, Burien is a work in progress with many challenges. But we need to move forward with a positive agenda that serves the tax payers and citizens of Burien.

      Much has been said here about the the city council only representing “lake Burien” etc. Just a guess, but I’m pretty sure that all the citizens and tax payers in Burien want a safe, clean city with economic opportunity, quality schools etc.

      I strongly believe that Darla Green, Lucy Krakowiak, and Bob Edgar are best for everyone living in Burien – whether they live in north Burien, Seahurst or Lake Burien. Or Gregory Heights. Austin Bell, giffin, and Scherer have a different agenda that would not serve Burien well at all.

      • Sandy S says:

        Interesting choice of neighborhoods. This is exactly why people who live in areas like Boulevard Park, 5 Corners, Sunnydale, Beverly Park, Top Hat and so many more neighborhoods don’t feel part of Burien. Why should they even bother to vote, it’s not about them.

        • Charles Schaefer says:

          Sandy, I live in Sunnydale and I do feel like part of Burien! I am supporting Lucy, Bob and Darla because I like my community how it is (other than the fact we could use a reduction in crime) and I want to see my city be successful.

          • Sandy S says:

            Good to hear of your happiness Charles. Enjoy!

          • Nice Guy Eddie says:

            One fact you GOPhers seem to miss is that Bob and Lucy are already in office. If they really want to lower crime and homelessness so bad why haven’t they done so already?

            • Peter says:

              Nice Guy Eddie – that is why we need Darla Green on the city council in addition to Lucy and Bob. The surest way to increase crime and homelessness is to follow the policies proposed by Laura Berkowitz such as homeless tent city in Burien, opposition to Ordinance 606, etc. Of course Berkowitz enthusiastically supports Austin Bell and Giffin.

              The crime and homeless issues are complex and it will take more than just two good people on the city council. But by all means, we don’t want to make things worse by electing Bell or Giffin and Scherer – giving a majority to Berkowitz, who would then make Burien safe for more homeless, drug dealing and prostitution.

              You didn’t respond to my earlier substantive post in this thread so obviously I don’t expect a response to this either.

        • Paul says:

          SS, you have got to get your facts straight. Do a little research and careful reading before you spout of on this blog. Top Hat and Beverly Park are not even in the City of Burien. That may be the reason they don’t feel a part of Burien because they aren’t Burien.

    • Nice Guy Eddie says:

      So you don’t want the lower class to have affordable housing, but you also want less homeless people camping in the streets? Make up your mind.

      • Peter says:

        Hey Nice Guy Eddie – rather than give the poor “affordable housing” I would prefer that those in the lower class be able to afford better housing themselves – by them having more economic opportunity and success. That is much better for them in the long run than trickle down charity from the government. The issue of the homeless is a different challenge. One thing keeping them from getting into a more stable life situation and affording some kind of housing is their behavior (such as drug use) and / or mental illness, or both. This prevents them from holding down jobs, etc. Clearly they need treatment. Tent cities would enable the kind of behavior that causes the homeless to be homeless, and that is not compassion.

        • Sandy S says:

          Peter, what about affordable housing for seniors on fixed incomes? They are a large part of our population, and this group is predicted to continue to grow with longer life expectancy. Cost of living raises are few and far between, and very small when they happen. The elderly are also predicted to be the ‘new homeless’ in droves, as they find no way to get out of debt.

          • Peter says:

            Sandy S – I was responding to Nice Guy Eddie’s / John Wyble’s conflation of the homeless issue in Burien with the issue of how the lower classes can better afford housing (which itself is a different take on the issue than “how do we provide affordable housing for lower classes?” ). So yes, how the elderly can avoid becoming homeless is a challenge: I would say that its imperative to save, save, save for your retirement and avoid debt.

            Its probably better to save for your own retirement and take responsibility for yourself than assume a government/ daddy which is now 18 Trillion in debt will come to your rescue when you find yourself 70 years old and haven’t saved for retirement. Just sayin.

            Who is predicting the elderly will be the new homeless in droves?

            • Sandy S says:

              Peter, thank you for your thoughtful reply. Here are some links that can explain much better than I am able to do, the precarious state that many fine seniors, who have worked and saved their whole lives, find themselves in at retirement.




              • Who said what? says:

                SS, remember your comments on Austin Bell? How can we trust this posting? Please give it a rest!

                • Sandy S says:

                  WSW – Perhaps you have forgotten that I spent many posts over the summer and early fall asking why L Berkowitz was allowed to make such a sham of the council again and again and again. I posted links to examples of how other towns have been able to remove a council member when they became impossible to work with. I have also questioned the issue of the missing letters from the council records on many posts, as well as the council’s lack of addressing that situation, publicly. The world is not a black and white place. There is a lot of gray in it. I don’t march in lock step, because I remember how terribly wrong ‘group think’ can go. At the same time, I do not take a contrary view, for it’s own sake. I try to retain an unbiased view which admittedly is hard to do in today’s world of political theatre.
                  There is often a good bit of humor in my posts, but I gather that is often lost by those who are sure that I have an agenda or am part of a group or not who I say I am, all because I see Darla and Austin differently than they do. There are those who say I am snarky, I prefer to think I look at things from a disinterested stance. If you need to continue to be mean spirited, so be it. You are free to think what you may, and so am I. As they say, that is what is good about living in our country.

              • Peter says:

                Hello Sandy – thank you for the links. Regarding the first one from Bellevue – it reports that there are elderly living on the eastside finding it difficult to keep up with living expenses. Well, that pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? I work on the eastside, but I do not live there. Why? Because it is too expensive and I cannot afford too. (Also, I prefer Burien – 🙂 Maybe some of those struggling to make ends in Bellevue ought to move to a city with a cheaper cost of living.

                According to the 2nd link, rising healthcare costs as well as the housing crash (wiping out equity) are part of the reason why some of the elderly cannot pay their bills. All I can say is this is another reason why its so important to have a diverse plan for retirement. SS is not enough. That said, social security benefits are available to the elderly now but probably won’t be there for me when I get to retirement age. I cannot count on SS being there for me – so I have to come up with a different plan. I think the idea that everyone ought to be able to retire at 65 is way out of date – most people in their 60’s could probably handle a part time job to augment their retirement.

                Getting back to Burien and the election – perhaps more economic vitality and opportunity would help give the elderly a chance to work if they are able bodied.

                Thanks for your comments.

        • Nice Guy Eddie says:

          People in Hell want ice water. Realistically though, some people have to be plumbers or we’ll all be drowning in filth. The higher the pay the more of a seller’s market it becomes, and some people simply can never qualify to be a CEO, a doctor, or a lawyer. We all would love it if all it took to become a millionaire was great effort and a positive outlook, but many people are born with the deck stacked too heavily against them. I think you’re blinded by your privilege.

      • Fran says:

        The blog troll/shill Nice Guy Eddie is back again. He clearly knows nothing about Burien. Burien has the largest stock of affordable housing in all South King County. It doesn’t need one more unit of it. It also has 3 treatment center in this small city which is much more that its neighboring cities have. Burien provides its share of services to the needy in South King County. It doesn’t need vagrants and trespassers living in its parks, public spaces or along its Right of Ways. And it could use less trolls/shills (like you Eddie) on its local blog.

      • nicer guy eddie says:

        I just want to go to the library without getting accosted and if I need to use the bathroom not have to wear a hazmat suit.
        These people are guests in our city. However the attitude of LB and her misguided minions is that the civil rights of vagrants trump the civil rights of the residents. I find that unacceptable.

      • john says:

        Do you have a sense of entitlement eddie? Why should I spend my hard earned money and by default the taxes I contribute buy affordable housing for people that can’t pay their own way.. Don’t you think that is rewarding bad behavior? >>> I do!

  11. Millie O'Hara says:

    Thank you Bill, RBD, Peter and Eddie for this vital information. Bill the report you provided about the SEIUs boggles my mind. I am very afraid for Burien if Austin Bell, Holli Griffin and Jon Scherer are elected. The are not really interested in the needs of the citizens of Burien but are very eager to work for all of the goals for SEIU, the Teamsters and other outside entities. The South King County Working Families PAC is a big bully terrorizing the cities of South King County.

  12. Joe says:

    This OUTSIDE MONEY PAC and its members like UFCW 21 are arrogant and openly disrespectful to Burien voters. Their flyers have all had clip art and photos of things that aren’t even in Burien or aren’t even real business people in Burien. They have endorsed 3 candidates that they didn’t even bother to vet thoroughly and they didn’t even check to see whether these people were leaders in Burien. WHICH THEY CLEARLY ARE NOT but their ridiculous flyers claim they are. Shame, Shame, Shame on you UFCW 21 and the South King County Working Families of Washington PAC, your shady political side is showing.

    Their latest UFCW 21 flyer has a woman (Shukri Hashi) on it who appears not to live in Burien and who knows where she really works for but she wants Burien to be like Seattle and Sea Tac. The flyer would be funny if it wasn’t such a waste of hard working members money. And this flyer wants you to vote for these non involved Burien candidates (Holli Giffin, Jon Scherer, Austin Bell) so that Burien can be just like Seattle? Bell, Scherer, and Giffin have no honor to be even be allowing this OUTSIDE PAC to use their names. But what this OUTSIDE MONEY PAC really wants is to just put enough Berkowitz clone head, rubber stamp supporters on to the Council to put Berkowitz in control of the Burien City Council.
    Wake up Burien voters and vote for the candidates funded by real Burien citizens, Bob Edgar, Darla Green and Lucy K.

    • Charles Schaefer says:

      Joe, be careful using the all caps for OUTSIDE MONEY PAC. You might be accused of misleading voters into thinking that is an actual PAC 😉

  13. jellybean says:

    If Austin Bell, Holli Griffin or Scherer have any association with John Wyble who has a company Winpower Strategies, then that is a huge red flag. John Wyble is bad news in Seatac.

    Here is a KVI interview about what is happening in Seatac. Please vote wisely. Don’t have your city end up like Seatac has.

    Start listening at 18.17


  14. jellybean says:

    I would bet money Nice Guy Eddie is John Wyble. He is a troll. We ran he off Nextdoor and Seatacblog. He likes to stir the pot and cause problems.

    • Nice Guy Eddie says:

      That’s awfully paranoid of you to assume anyone who expresses views different than yours must be John Wyble in disguise.

      “I do not know if Hitler actually uttered the shocking statement attributed to him: ‘We have to kill the Jew within us.’ This devastating portrayal of the Jew as a kind of amorphous entity that can invade the identity of a non-Jew without his being able to detect or control it stems from the feeling that Jewish identity is extremely flexible, precisely because it is structured like a sort of atom whose core is surrounded by virtual electrons in a changing orbit.”

  15. Burien Tax Payer says:

    L. Plien, any idea where I can get some of that money? I intend on voting for Jon, Holli, and Austin, and no one offered me any money for my vote. But if you know where the sign up sheet is, let me know!

    • I Love Burien says:

      I’m sure your good friend Holli has promised you plenty. Darla, Lucy, and Bob have made small business a priority (including 153rd) . Added bonus – safety is their #1 priority.

    • Paul says:

      Hey BTP, all you have to do to find out how to get that money is to contact Lauren Berkowitz, Phillip Lloyd for the South King County Working Families PAC, Joe Fitzgibbon for the Sustainable Future PAC, David Meinart from Seattle or Shelly Park at Forest Ledge(she is the one who gave the party to endorse these 3 candidates). Plan to sell a part of your soul for it. All of these people will want more that just one vote from you.

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