ELECTION RESULTS 3: Austin Bell extends lead over Darla Green to 72 votes

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was updated with new returns at 7:40 p.m.

In one of the closest local races in recent history, the third round of results from King County Elections shows that newcomer Austin Bell is now leading Darla Green by 72 votes, and is definitely trending upward.

Bell led by just 2 votes in Tuesday night’s first returns.

Here are the latest totals, as of 6:38 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 4:

City of Burien Council Position No. 6:

  • Austin Bell: 2750 • 50.50%
  • Darla Green: 2678 • 49.17%
  • Write-in: 18 • 0.33%

From the Nov. 4, 4:30 p.m. returns:

City of Burien Council Position No. 6:

  • Austin Bell: 2521 • 50.10%
  • Darla Green: 2493 • 49.54%
  • Write-in: 18 • 0.36%

This race may warrant a recount.

“A mandatory recount will occur if the results between the 1st and 2nd place candidates meet the necessary threshold,” King County Elections says on their website.

Also, according to a Facebook post, Bell will be holding a “Ballot Chasing for Bell in Burien” this Saturday, Nov. 7:

Progressive candidate Austin Bell leads conservative Darla Green in the Burien City Council race by 2 votes on election night.

We need Austin in office – and to make sure he has the best opportunity to win we’re getting people together to talk to the voters who (sic) ballots have been disallowed. We’ll make sure voters have their votes counted.

Meet at 11am at the Black Zia Cantina in Burien to discuss strategy and divy up our packets – see you there!

In other races, incumbents Bob Edgar and Lucy Krakowiak will both likely win reelection:

City of Burien Council Position No. 2:

  • Bob Edgar: 3137 • 57.48%
  • Holli Giffin: 2304 • 42.21%
  • Write-in: 17 • 0.31%

City of Burien Council Position No. 4:

  • Lucy Krakowiak: 3315 • 60.84%
  • Jon Scherer: 2117 • 38.85%
  • Write-in: 17 • 0.31%

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41 Responses to “ELECTION RESULTS 3: Austin Bell extends lead over Darla Green to 72 votes”
  1. Question Authority says:

    Such unfortunate news, hopefully votes in Darla’s favor come forward. If in fact A.B. wins “due to absolutely overwhelming outside interest’s funding” I can see him asking to sit next to his idol L.B. so he can be coached how to forward his puppet masters marching orders to earn his falsely earned seat.

  2. Question Authority says:

    First business on the Councils agenda, budgeting the warm milk and cookies to go with nap time for the youngster. I can’t wait for his upcoming famous quote
    “from my experience on the matter” What would that consist of, going to school?

    • Peter says:

      And just to be sure, Austin is organizing a “ballot chase” event to try and discover more votes to seal his victory. That said, I recall seeing him pounding the pavement, making the rounds on more than one occasion – I suppose as a student with lots of time on his hands he was more able to do that than Darla, who, after all, is both a mother and business owner.

      If, as expected, Austin ends up winning, the other city council members, when they are stuck on some difficult issue will be able to say ” let’s ask the city planning student”

      2 out of 3 isn’t bad though. We need to focus on unseating Berkowitz when she comes up for her re-election.

      • Nice Guy Eddie says:

        Sounds to me like Austin wants it just a little more than Darla. If Darla got elected where would her priorities be? In her office addressing the needs of the city or in her salon pushing Botox and frosted tips on middle aged women?

        • Lissa says:

          Nasty, nasty. What, are your trying to outdo THE DONALD?

          • Nice Guy Eddie says:

            There’s nothing respectable about what she does. Owning a business doesn’t make her a hero, nor does it make her qualified for office, and frankly I’m sick of you people suggesting that the two are in any way related.

            • Charles Schaefer says:

              Creating jobs in Burien doesn’t make her a hero? Improving the local economy and bringing in tax revenue to the city? What about doing that while raising two children on her own? (And a good job of it too, they are both very well mannered young gentlemen, unlike you Eddie) Or volunteering her time to serve those less fortunate than her? And yet she still finds time to conduct her campaign. I don’t know what qualifies someone to be a hero in your book, but her record is good enough for me.

              How dare you lecture anyone on what is respectable! Is your sole contribution to Burien your efforts at trolling this blog? Do you have any constructive solutions to offer? Your pseudonym may be “Nice Guy” Eddie, but given your comments I think that is a dubious claim at best.

    • Charles Schaefer says:

      QA, that’s a great question and I’m sure he looks forward to figuring it out if elected.

  3. Chelsea Girl says:

    What a snotty, arrogant and demeaning bunch of comments. If they are demonstrative of the supporters of the reelected incumbents, it makes me want to support any and all newcomers.

    • Question Authority says:

      Gee I’m sorry, I was having my man cycle and my emotions were a little touchy. Having approximately 40K +/-? put towards your election by outside non resident groups isn’t what I call winning on your own worthy merits. A sham of a win if you are paying attention.

      • Ernestine says:

        Austin worked hard and earned votes. Whether you want to admit it or not, Darla just rubs some people the wrong way. If Austin ends up winning the seat, it is well deserved and I wish him the best.

        • Question Authority says:

          Ya, worked hard with unlimited outside funds, now what will be his legacy, goals and mantra be being beholden to those whose money paid his way to winning. Independent voice, no way.

        • Tom Taaffe says:

          Ernestine: “Darla rubs people the wrong way”. I just got that. You sly lady. Brilliant! Tom

      • Nice Guy Eddie says:

        Vhat a klown.

      • Shari says:

        I know you probably expect lots of howls of “what a pig!” (man cycle) or “what an idiot!” (you claim to forego all critical thinking in favor of emotions during your man cycle, yet you voted for and are passionately advocating for a candidate whose sex would seemingly place her squarely in the demographic whose capacity for calm, reasoned judgment you seem to be calling into question) but I’m actually more struck by how derivative your remark is… so much fresher the first 57 times The Donald said it. And for the record, I didn’t vote for Austin, I voted for Darla. Any mature candidate with an explicit goal of holding absentee landlords accountable in Burien, especially a candidate with economic skin in the game as a small business owner here, gets my support. Someone as young and inexperienced as her opponent does not So you and I were on the same side on this one, despite the fact that it makes my skin crawl a little bit.

        • Nice Guy Eddie says:

          Not a Nico fan, huh?

          I love how you people think every joke you don’t understand is at your expense. You’re a sorry bunch of conceited, benighted fools stuck in your ways in your backwater town, and I don’t feel sorry for you. Attacking me implying that I’m sexist because my joke went over YOUR head shows just how out of touch and privileged Darla Green and her supporters are.

          • Question Authority says:

            The truth finally spews from your mouth!
            “in YOUR backwater town” Right there with that quote you recklessly admit that your not even living here in Burien. How is it any of your business then to speak on, or promote anyone in this election you cannot even vote in!

          • John says:

            Pseudo nice guy eddie meets every definition of a TROLL and his comments should be set to IGNORE!

        • Joey Hopps says:

          I keep hearing over and over about holding absentee landlords accountable for their empty buildings. What are they doing wrong? Burien first needs to make our city presentable to businesses, before anything else can be done.

    • Charles Schaefer says:

      So you decide whom to vote for based on who is supporting them? Then I’m sure you chose the people who are supported by Burien residents over an outside group that happened to LOSE all their other races in Sea-Tac and Tukwila.

      • John says:

        ” Burien Voter”
        I think you are dreaming . The majority of the voters of Burien will not allow naysayers like an unknown burien voter (who knows if you really are ?) to split our city apart.
        We need to stay unified and stand firm against the whining of the special interests!

    • John says:

      That seems like an over reaction.. Vote for unknown new comers and get another LB on the council.. That’s not too smart, thank good the majority are not that short sighted!
      Chill take a pill. The incumbents that got re-elected are doing a great job.

  4. Tom Taaffe says:

    Both Darla and Austin must be congratulated for having the courage to run for office and to use their real names. I wish Austin the best . He is an intelligent young man and I am sure he will be a conscientious council person. Milk and cookies will fuel him up to keep abreast of city issues.
    A historical note – Austin’s grandfather , Malcolm.Bell was elected the first mayor of Burien many years ago.
    There was a slight hitch tho. The voters rejected the incorporation of Burien so Malcom became a mayor without a city.

    • Peter says:

      What Austin’s grandfather did has no bearing on Austin’s qualification for the office of city councilman. As I mentioned, he did seem to pound the pavement a bit more than Darla did (maybe) but then again, he probably had more time being a 25 year old student of city planning. Needless to say he sure isn’t busy with real estate at this point. Darla already has her hands full as a mother and business owner – that experience is one reason why I think she’d make a better city council person than Austin.

      But I also noticed lots of slick, glossy mailings depicting a thoughtful Austin Bell with concerned citizens. No doubt this was funded by lots of outside $$$. Maybe Austin did want it more – but not sure that is an argument in his favor.

      Again – those concerned about the future of Burien – particularly crime, safety and economic vitality – should work on unseating the leftist Kshama Savant clone, Lauren Berkowitz. Let the battle begin.

    • Maureen says:

      Tom Taaffe, thank you for using your real name. Those that are hiding behind screen names are gutless in their anonymity and their mud-slinging does nothing to add to or build up our City. I appreciate your courage to be visible.
      Maureen Hoffmann

  5. Nice Guy Eddie says:

    You know, I’m like most people in that when I step into the voting booth I think to myself, “Which candidate received the most money from outside PACs. THAT’S the candidate for me!”

    No independent thought going on in my head, no sirree.

  6. Chan Roeun Mak says:

    Does anyone know if a re-count is required?

    • Charles Schaefer says:

      RCW 29A.64.021(1) says that if the difference in votes is less than 2,000 AND less than .5% the county is required to conduct a recount at it’s expense. Otherwise, either candidate or a group of at least 5 voters must request and pay for a recount.

  7. Tom Taaffe says:

    Thank you Maureen. The two biggest builders of courage are anonymity and alcohol. But look my first letter has been ” hidden due to low ratings”. My shame knows no bounds.
    Ha Ha! Tom

  8. mark pitzner says:

    I truly believe that Darla would have been a better choice, has the best of intentions for our city. She worked really hard and did everything she could do to get elected basically fought the good fight. But alas the voters have spoken, but i can’t help but feel that we all missed and opportunity for us to have someone better.

  9. Francisco says:

    Just what I want–someone who has never owned a home himself to tell me about how to solve a significant homeless population problem. Hard to develop respect for someone else’s property when you do not own any yourself. Not everyone who is homeless has poor circumstances or mental illness; most of them are drug-addled cry babies that could never manage to take responsibility. Responsibility takes initiative, something I do not believe to be possessed by an 20-something year old boy still living with his parents. Come back when YOUR property has been destroyed by a homeless person looking for something to steal so they can pawn it for drug money.

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