LETTER: City Council Candidate Darla Green concedes, thanks supporters

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Dear Burien Voter, Friends and Neighbors,

It is with disappointment that I reach out to you to let you know that I am conceding Position 6, Burien City Council to Austin Bell.

I offer my sincerest congratulations to him and his supporters and team for a hard fought win and wish him the best – for Burien’s future. For our Future. This is a challenging time for Burien. My sincerest hope is that he rises to the challenge.

I have high hopes for this Council with the re-election of Mayor Lucy Krakowiak and Council Member Bob Edgar, but also with Council Member Debi Wagner and Council Member Steve Armstrong, these four people will remain strong and have a voice for you. I encourage you, the citizens, business owners and land owners in Burien to be the voice – Go to the meetings, write letters, be involved in our community, make sure our Council listens to you! Make sure you hold the Council accountable and protect our lovely city!

Thank you for your hours of work, you gave deeply from yourselves, in money, time and passion. You inspired and humbled me and we have a lot to be proud of!

Thank you all for your support, well wishes and encouragement. What an amazing experience!

All my best,

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29 Responses to “LETTER: City Council Candidate Darla Green concedes, thanks supporters”
  1. Rob says:

    You fought a good fight Darla.

  2. Wow says:

    “I offer my sincerest congratulations” and “My sincerest hope is that he rises to the challenge” — I didn’t vote for the man but that just comes off as condescending and lacking in the sincerity you just mentioned. “I wish him the best – for Buriens future.” sounds like the only reason you’re wishing him well is because it is expected that you will. Then you go on to talk about how, don’t worry, there are still good people on the council who will “remain strong”.

    I respected you for your forthrightness during the campaign Darla, but I’m disappointed in the tenor of this letter.

    • BetterBurien says:

      @Wow: I think you are reading into her letter a little too much. Your own perception going in is tainting your interpretation. To me, the letter comes across as heartfelt and genuine. Please remember that a candidate’s platform is based on them trying to convince voters that THEY are the best candidate for the position. Hoping that the other candidate (now an elected official) “rises to the challenge” is not condescending, but rather wishes Mr. Bell the best in spite of the fact that he was, inherently, not her first choice. No need to find drama where there isn’t any.

    • BTownRez says:

      It should sound condescending. Burien just elected a 25 year old student to have a major stake in the way the city is run. I seriously question the sanity of why people would elect someone with such little life and professional experience to facilitate business dealing in a city of almost 50,000 people.

  3. Question Authority says:

    God help us all.

  4. Charles Schaefer says:

    Austin and his campaign team did an excellent job. I personally want to congratulate him on winning election as a 25 year old even in the face of such comments as “the council will need to budget milk and cookies for the youngster” and other remarks which were clearly not relevant to his campaign. It is nice to see another younger person with the desire to be involved in local government. Someone who is studying urban planning will certainly have useful input to give on issues like low-impact development and transit that will soon be coming before the council.

    • Question Authority says:

      When backers “almost exclusively from outside Burien” throw massive amounts of money behind you influence an election, your age really has nothing to do with it. Time to pay back your owners Austin.

    • Peter says:

      I have no illusions about Austin. Being ever the optimist I have a sliver of hope that he might surprise and turn out not to be a clone of Berkowitz. And Charles, our town needs people on the city council who have real life experience – running businesses, etc. rather than a student of city planning. I have my doubts – which is why I and hopefully everyone else with an interest in the future of Burien will be watching Austin very closely to see what kind of decisions he makes. Hopefully he will make common sense decisions with the best interests of Burien in mind. We shall see.

      • Charles Schaefer says:

        One of the reasons I supported Darla was because she brought that life experience to the table. However, Austin does have something to offer. I just wish he would have started offering it before taking his council seat. (You may recall at the candidate forum I asked him if he had ever presented any of his ideas on urban planning to the planning commission, to which he answered that he hadn’t.) Fact is, he won by 189 votes and regardless of how anyone feels about that he is our CM-Elect and I intend to give him a chance and not just write him off.

        • Too much information says:

          Your better writing him off! He is devious…you will be disappointed with your naiveness and misplaced trust…at 25 years old he has nothing to offer to this severely challenged community. It has struggled for the past 15 years with losses year in and year out….its primary retail offerings are Grocery Outlet, Filthy Waynes, and the Dollar Store…Safeway has TWO reserved parking places for the Police. You get it?

  5. Common sense says:

    Darla, you have class and dignity and always have, unfortunately you live in a community as evidenced by the above comments that has little of either. So be it! Warmest wishes to you and your family for your efforts. You tried-and out of a community of 50,000 plus… A sad number of voters made an effort regarding our future and “it is what it is”. You will continue to do well…THANK YOU!

  6. John White says:

    Darla, you almost won. Thanks for giving it a try….that takes guts and determination. This was your first try. By anyone’s measure you did well.

    Best wishes for you and your family during the holiday season and into 2016. I look forward to a facial soon at Skin Perfect!

    Best Regards,

    John White

    • Seahurst resident says:

      I just like to let anyone know that removing candidates signs from public road is illegal. And yes, I saw someone doing this with Darla Green’s sign at the entrance of Eagle Landing Park.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Who needs trashy political signs at the entrance to a park?

        • Charles Schaefer says:

          Who needs them anywhere other than in a person’s private yard? It still does not excuse theft.

          • Elizabeth says:

            Yes, you are right Charles. I don’t care which candidate the signs are for – I can’t stand them and would be really surprised that they influence the election in anyway. Speaking of signs, are the Highline Caregivers signs going to stay up until the end of the decade?

      • Jimmy says:

        Seahurst resident it depends on when the signs were taken down. Did this happen during the election and if so why are you just now posting this information almost a month afterwards. Also do you have proof like pictures or video of the incident.

        Here is what city has to say on political signs look at section 4. Were it says signs shall be removed within 10 days after the voting day.

        Political sign
        No maximum
        See Special Regulations
        Private property or public right-of-way. See Special Regulations
        1. Size limited to 4 square feet per sign face on private property in residential zones and on public rights-of-way in any zone.

        2. Size limited to the greatest of 4 square feet per sign face or the maximum signage allowed in section 19.30.060, in non-residential zones.

        3. Signs shall not be affixed to public utility poles, lampposts, traffic signals, traffic signs, public buildings, public structures or public property other than public rights-of-way.

        4. Signs relating to a specific election or ballot measure shall be removed within ten (10) days after the voting day to which they pertain, except that signs promoting successful candidates or ballot measures in a primary election may remain until 10 days following the immediately subsequent general election.

      • Sandy S says:

        People do need to be reminded that it is illegal to remove election signs from any property other than their own. This said, if the signs you saw being removed were on park property, I believe that is not allowed. There are also some restrictions as to just how close to the roadway signs can be placed. I am all for political signs, as long as they are put up legally and taken down after the elections. They help remind people of prepare to vote.

        • Seahurst resident says:

          I know the person who removed it and the sign was located on public road next another set of candidate signs (Austin’s and the two that lost) and Darla’s was picked out as not wanted in that category.

          As a citizen you have the right to cast your ballot, donate to a campaign and even host a fundraiser for the candidates you like, which this person rightfully did. However, removing signs of a candidate you don’t like is not part of the actions you can do as a good citizen. Period.

  7. PJ says:

    Darla – I was more than happy to be a part of your journey, it is one that is just a first shot at making Burien a better community for all of us to live. You worked hard on your campaign and it shows the determination and passion you have for our city, you ran an honest campaign one that you can be proud of! Two years will go by and we will all be as determined as ever making another run.

    I’m looking forward to what your future and the city of Burien holds…

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