Burien Police seeking public’s help locating missing semi-automatic rifle

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The missing semi-automatic rifle is similar to this AR-15 (NOTE: this is not the actual missing rifle).

The Burien Police Department is asking for the public’s help locating a semi-automatic rifle that went missing from a patrol car on Tuesday, Nov. 24 around 9:18 p.m. after a vehicle pursuit near SW 136th Street and Ambaum Blvd SW (map below).

Police say that the rifle fell out of the back of a patrol SUV that had stopped to deploy spike strips during a pursuit.

A deputy stopped his patrol vehicle and lifted up the rear hatch to pull out the spike strips. The pursuit changed directions and the deputy put the spike strips back in the vehicle and closed the rear hatch. As the deputy was driving off he heard a noise and stopped and saw that the hatch had not closed all the way and his patrol bag had fallen out.

The deputy loaded up the bag, closed the hatch and drove to the pursuit location. Shortly after, a citizen called police and said she saw a large black case fall out of a patrol car near the scene.

Deputies returned to the area within a few minutes and the rifle and case were gone, it apparently had fallen out at the same time as the patrol bag. The Sheriff’s Office policy manual requires deputies to carry their rifle “…in a vehicle trunk….or in an approved rack mounted in the passenger compartment”. The deputy in this case was driving a Ford Interceptor SUV which has a rear hatch rather than a trunk.

The rifle is described as a Bushmaster XM15-E2S, serial # BFI650769. If you have found this case/rifle or have information about who may have it, please call the King County Sheriff’s Office at 206-296-3311.

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20 Responses to “Burien Police seeking public’s help locating missing semi-automatic rifle”
  1. Josh says:

    Looks like someone got a sweet gun.

  2. someyoungguy says:

    I would loan them mine, but I-594 forbids me to do so with background checking the officer.

  3. BetterBurien says:

    Yikes…that gun would bring in a hefty sum on the black market! Hopefully whoever ended up with it will do the right thing and turn it in. I think there is a lesson to be learned here, and I doubt this will be happening again anytime soon. This is giant lawsuit material if someone ended up using the rifle to hurt others.

  4. Ctac says:

    A homeless person is a possibility. There are many.

  5. Question Authority says:

    Why did it take a week to hear about this kinda sorta important news ? Any “word up” on the street going around has long died down, and so has the chance of finding it, or having it turned in. Just today in So-Cal a weapon much like this did it’s share of unnecessary carnage and this one’s now on the loose, just maybe it’s the one they used?

  6. Common sense says:

    Police incompetence needs to be severely dealt with. This is incomprehensible? An example needs to be made that this will not be tolerated…you simply never loose control of your police weapons…no matter what…was alcohol and drug testing done?

  7. Sumyungguys Dad says:

    Someyoungguy –

    Hahaha! You made a funny! How mirthful!

    It’s morons with attitudes like yours that give responsible gun owners like me a bad name. Trying to create more responsibility around the ownership of lethal weapons isn’t a problem for more than 99% of us, but the paranoid rants and tantrums of the .02% like yourself continue to block any sensible efforts to curb an obvious problem.

    I’m sure you will also complain when we eventually succeed in overturning the laws that allow suspected terrorists and others on the “no fly” list to purchase weapons. Hope you won’t want to loan them your Bushmaster as well.

    There should also be both IQ and common-sense testing required for weapons and ammunition purchases. Sheesh.

    • Living in reality says:

      I get what you are saying. Gun control and “responsible” people only being ones to own weapons is WRONG. Debts to society, that have been paid by convicted felons, but not allowing them to the right to own weapons and protect themselves and families is also WRONG. Before you show your “IQ” and jump down my throat with name calling, please hear me out.
      So everyone seems to think, that once law is passed, all other weapons will be off the streets and unavailable to everyone who wants a weapon? Really? Weapons will be only owned by people who pass background checks? What a wonderful dream for a solution, but, this is not how it works. Weapons will always be available, no matter what the law says. Anyone with illegal weapons or owning illegally, will never turn them over. Can’t you see that for yourself? I do not like that fact, but I have accepted it. I also worry about the individuals who loses their temper (name calling for instant) what they can or would do in a heated moment. That scares me.
      It doesn’t matter how intelligent, how much of a level head thinking one feels they have, a high position in society one has, a clean as snow background, how responsible a weapon owner may feel they are, by using all safety measures storing their weapons, etc.. fact is,it is NOT the WEAPON, it IS the person holding it. I feel no one is above the law as well as no one is below the law either. With all said and NOT said, your post scares the heck out of me. Please refrain from name calling, in todays world, it is called “bullying”. That scares me also. In short…I am just scared but not an angry person. Just living in the STRESS of REALITY, each of us have a part in. “If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem”

      • Lee Moyer says:

        You ask to be listened to but do not listen yourself. No one says reasonable restrictions on gun ownership will stop all shootings and no one says owners of illegal guns will all turn their guns in. However, to have background checks on only part of the sales is ludicrous.
        The assault rifle is the weapon of choice for today’s mass killers for good reason. It is very effective even for an untrained nutcase. They were once banned in this country and were not so common. Now they are prolific. It is hard to believe that these shootings would be so frequent and so bad if assault rifles were still banned. Obviously banning their sale now won’t make the problem much better but it would help keep it from getting worse.
        Even where restrictions don’t prevent a shooting, they give the prosecutor additional violations to charge a bad guy with and a chance to keep the guy off the street longer.
        Today there are a number of “intelligent gun” safety features that let the gun be fired only by the owner. The National Rifle Association has effectively blocked the promotion and sale of these guns and when one manufacturer tried to sell these guns, the NRA organized a boycott that almost put the company out of business.
        When I was a lot younger I was a member of the NRA for a number of years I finally dropped my membership after reading their magazine and other literature and finding out what NRA really means: No Rational Arguments.

      • Radically Pacifist & Fed Up says:

        This clause isn’t from our 2nd Amendment, but from a portion of the English Bill of Rights of 1689 on which our 2nd Amendment was based: “…Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defence suitable to their Conditions and as allowed by Law…” I wish we had worded the 2nd Amendment as clearly, but, oh well, we didn’t.

        The KEY part in that clause is “SUITABLE TO THEIR CONDITIONS”… there is absolutely NO condition in which an assault rifle is SUITABLE (if you aren’t in a combat-zone… although, I guess the entire USA is just one great big combat zone, now). I’m usually very vocal about my stance on guns, but, I’m in despair, too numb and sad. I’ll never allow a gun in my house. If I’m shot at, so be it. You win, warmongers. 🙁

        • Lee Moyer says:

          You are less likely to be shot if you don’t have a gun in your house.

        • Sandy S says:

          Thanks for your post Sensibility. I hope it makes you feel better to know, that it made me feel better. Just knowing that there is at least one other person who is willing to go ‘gun free’ makes me feel better. And, for you to question the need for any private citizen to own/use a rifle such as this weapon, means that there are at least two of us trying to stay sane in this crazy world. This really does lift my spirits.
          In my book it is certainly okay to take breaks from the sad news and do whatever you enjoy. Not only is this okay, I honestly think it is a positive thing to do, by showing that there are alternative ways of living life. Keep posting! When the time is right, I’d love to hear what some of your favorite ‘alternatives’ are.

  8. Home Owner says:

    Who will be responsible when this weapon is used to Rob or Kill ? The Dad up in Tulalip was sent to court for the weapon his son used. Bad Day for Burien Police reputation! Great location ….next to Navos Mental Health Center ALSO the Methadone walk in Clinic. HMMM…Mental person or Heroin user…..Keep your doors locked and keep it loaded…

    • Jimmy says:

      Since this weapon is lost or stolen the person in possession of it at the time of the crime is at fault and also will get more charges for possession of a stolen firearm. The farther in Tulalip was the owner of the firearm his son used but the father did not have the firearm locked in a safe or have a trigger lock as far as I read on the situation.The good news in this case is that gun most likely being a police officer firearm it was a federal issued firearm so it should have a good paper trail so any bullets fire should be a little easier to be traceable back to the fire arm. Giving the police more of likelihood of finding it if it gets used in a crime.

      Now for my opinion on firearms laws and restriction in some instances they can do good. But for most of these mass shootings these laws do nothing since in most case the person involved commits suicide ether by cop or on their own. Now if the police do catch the person alive then yes can they press more charges and the person will spend more time behind bars. Now most legal firearm owners are good reasonable people that understand that a firearm is a last resort in the case any type of crime situation if you get robed,home invasion or what ever. Now its usually the people that illegally own guns or people that think that they can just shoot any one that they disagree with because they watch so many movies or listen to some gangster rap or something stupid and don’t have the mental capacity to own or even use a firearm correctly. Then there the media that should not even give these mass shooting a 10 second clip of time or repeat the crap 20 times a hour. The media in the surrounding area should alert people to be on the look out and be safe but other than that let the police deal with situation then the media can get all the CORRECT information afterwards and then report on it.

      p.s. This is just my opinion if don’t like it well sorry.

  9. Sensibility says:

    The Police Officer knew what he was doing…more to come, just like the X type posting that got…..OUT? More to come..we are not being served well and Burien Police Management and King County are going Rogue…maybe the Union? The Burien Police Chief always likes to reference 12 year tenure…me thinks 11 and one half years too long…remember the last City Manager… 2 dui’s , OY VEY! The past..scary!

  10. Question Authority says:

    So how come it’s referred to as just a “rifle” in this case, yet when it comes to regular old Johnny Doe, it’s referred to as an “assault rifle”? Hmmm…

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