Not-so-bright thief parks stolen car behind Burien cop, gets busted

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The Burien Police Department is reporting that on Tuesday, March 22, a man parked a stolen car behind one of their detectives:

Detective McDonald is on our Special Emphasis Team. Cops use lots of abbreviations so we call them our SET Unit. Detective McDonald is also our lead advisor for our Police Explorer Scout program and does a great job mentoring youth interested in law enforcement.

Yesterday, he was sitting in his unmarked vehicle in the area of S. 157th and 4th Ave South (map below) waiting for a tow truck to impound an old abandoned vehicle. While sitting there in full uniform, a man pulled up in a Honda and parked behind him. He exited the Honda and entered a parked van and began rifling through the van. Detective McDonald thought the man was acting suspicious so he called for another nearby officer to come assist him. When they contacted the man in the van, he said the van was his and he had just been taking a nap inside of it. When asked about the Honda, the man denied any knowledge of the Honda and repeated he had just been napping.

It turns out the Honda had switched license plates and was stolen and the man had 60 keys in his possession. Car thieves often carry lots of keys and shave the edges, making them work on just about any car of the same model. Even though the man claimed he had never been in the Honda, he did ask the detective to retrieve his cell phone from inside the Honda before taking him from jail. And it turns out the man had an outstanding warrant for wait for it……felony theft!

“Thank you Detective McDonald for doing a great job keeping our city safe.”

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8 Responses to “Not-so-bright thief parks stolen car behind Burien cop, gets busted”
  1. Ctac says:

    Good Job sir!

  2. Chaz Domingoson says:

    Does it matter? Some judge will have him on the street tonight. Good business is return business. If the Judge caught a rat in their house would they release it into the street? Why do they release rats in our streets?

    • Joey Martinez says:

      Again, seriously? Because the United States CONSTITUTION and the 6th amendment protect these “rats”. Unless you support canceling the constitution for “undesirables” in which case who is that “decider”? Can I volunteer? I’ve got someone in mind…..

      • Don T. says:

        Since Joey likes to talk about the constitution & the laws of the United States…

        how does he feel about citizens from other countries coming to the United States illegally and never leaving???

        • Joey Martinez says:

          Like my mom and most of my aunts and uncles?

          The law being broken is equivalent to a parking ticket. There are higher penalties for fudging your tax return like inflating a donation for a slightly higher tax return.

      • Eric says:

        I don’t see anywhere in the Constitution where it says that the government is required to release individuals who commit felonies over and over and over again……

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