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PHOTOS: Local Photographer rallies with Bernie Sanders at Safeco Field

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders held a rally at Seattle’s Safeco Field on Friday, March 25, and local Photographer Daniel Poiree was there, along with around 15,000 other supporters.

“The event warmed up with several speakers, including an eloquent high school senior, several bands, and Seattle City Council member Khama Sawant, attended by a lively, energetic crowd,” Poiree said.

Sanders won the Democratic Caucus over Hillary Clinton on Saturday with a 72.7% to 27.1% margin.

Click images to see larger versions/slideshow:

DSC_0004 (2) [1]

DSC_9031 [2]

DSC_9597 [3]

DSC_9820 [4]

DSC_9916 [5]

DSC_9933 [6]

DSC_9154 [7]

At one point before the main event, a young man seemingly did an odd, humorous mating dance for a woman – yet some of the people seated nearby were not impressed:

DSC_9791 [8]

DSC_9790 [9]

DSC_9805 [10]

DSC_9814 [11]

DSC_9311 [12]

DSC_0610 [13]

DSC_0250 [14]

DSC_0182 [15]

DSC_9966 [16]

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