POLL: Should City extend Burien CARES’ contract or return to King County?

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At Monday night’s Burien City Council meeting, councilmembers voted 4 to 3 to not extend the Burien CARES Animal Control contract past August, so that the city has time to figure out whether King County Animal Control has the desire or the potential to take over from CARES.

What do YOU think of this?

Please take our Poll below:

Should the City of Burien extend the contract for CARES, or return to King Co. Animal Services?

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44 Responses to “POLL: Should City extend Burien CARES’ contract or return to King County?”
  1. Burien CARES operated a no-kill shelter and strives to ensure that every animal they receive is treated the highest quality of loving care.

  2. Joanne Schaut says:

    Keep CARES – refund it. Great local service. As owner of lost pet, King County is a nightmare. I appreciate everthing that CARES has done for the benefit of animals and the communuty, and done so despite the efforts of Council and others to make them fail.

  3. Brett says:

    I hope CARES would stay local and keep the adoption rates at a reasonable amount. Last weekend an adoption organization was charging $650 for their adoption fee vs. the $150 I paid for my puppy at CARES in Burien.

    • Joey Hopps says:

      Brett, the reason that other place charges $650 is because they don’t receive funding from the city. Those are rescue groups that are unpaid volunteers, and are funded 100% by donations.

  4. Carolyn Newman says:

    YES! Please respond to this poll and tell the Burien City Council to extend the C.A.R.E.S. contract. This organization does an incredible job of reuniting animals w/their owners, caring for and finding homes for those animals whose owners have had a change in living circumstances, getting medical care for those animals injured when either allowed to run loose or have made an escape from their yard. AND, they are a no kill shelter. CARES is a very valuable and important advocate for our beloved four legged family members.

  5. Karin says:

    Please keep Burien CARES open!!! The folks there care so much and are wonderful to the animals! They help lost pets get home, and help orphans find their forever families!! Dogs get to come next door to the daycare and often find their homes there…. A county run facility would never be able to do what CARES does. It’s a jewel.

  6. KitKat says:

    CARES reunited us with our 8 year old cat, who decided to explore an area away from his usual haunts. They took good care of him. They also lend kennels… I didn’t have a cat kennel to take my other cat in to be neutered. This was at no charge. After a rocky start they have done a good job.

  7. Curiousbutcautious says:

    I would like some more information about the animals that come into CARES. Are they all adopted by individuals/families or sent to other rescue groups. Are the dogs and cats adopted from CARES all spayed/neutered before adoption and microchipped?

    • Question Authority says:

      My cat was one of a litter born at Cares from a stray mother to be. As part of the process she was vaccinated, fixed and micro chipped as part of the readying for adoption. I was always dealt with politely and professionally by the staff at Cares.

      • Curiousbutcautious says:

        I know that they are working hard for the animals, but what I would like to see is information on how they compare to king county and other benchmark organizations like the humane society.

  8. Carrie says:

    Every poll I have seen over the last few months overwhelmingly shows that the people of Burien think Burien CARES is doing a fantastic job and want them to stay. Burien CARES costs less than having King County take over and the majority of people here want them to stay. So who are the 4 city council members who voted no representing?? Not the people, obviously.

    • Joey Hopps says:

      Probably the same 4 that voted for the removal of other peoples cars off their private property.

      • john says:

        Getting junker eyesores off the street is just common sense. Anyone that thinks otherwise imo either has a junker or does not take personal responsibility for keeping their property up.
        As far as CARES.. CARES is night and day from what it was in the beginning when it got a bad rep. I spoke against them.. However now I am about face on them and think CARES is a big plus for BURIEN and the animal services it provides. EXTEND THEIR CONTRACT!

  9. Marianne says:

    Just looking at the Regional Animal Services of King County’s website, I noticed:

    *”RASKC provides a 24-hour public safety response to dangerous animals, loose livestock on public roadways, as well as animal injury, and abuse. We are dedicated to promoting and protecting the health, safety and welfare of people and pets in our contract cities and unincorporated King County. We respond to non-emergency calls seven days a week between the hours of 7:30 am to 6:30 pm. If you are experiencing a life-threatening animal-related emergency, call 9-1-1.

    Animal Control Officers (ACOs) conduct investigations, enforce state and local laws related to animals, as well as educate the public about animal welfare, restraint, and licensing.

    The ACO’s respond to over 5,000 calls each year in both unincorporated King County and our twenty five contract cities, covering nearly 1,100 square-miles and a population of just over 1 million.”

    *they renovated their shelter to provide a clean and healthy environment for their animals
    *RASKC partners with PIMA Medical institute to host a vet tech program on the shelter’s site
    *RASKC has two licensed veterinarians and three licensed vet techs on staff whose job it is to provide initial exams for animals, treat wounds and illnesses, and sterilize all animals adopted out of the shelter
    *They partner with Barn Cats R Us to find homes for feral cats that can’t return to their homes–all free of charge to the screened people offering these homes
    *They partner with two low cost spay/neuter clinics to alter pets of the public (Pasado’s Safe Haven Spay Station and Northwest Spay and Neuter Clinic Animal Shelter)
    *Those same two clinics offer free spays and neuters for feral cats
    *RASKC has a robust volunteer program
    *They have a 13% euthanasia rate which is one of the lowest in the country–pretty impressive as they have to take every animal that comes through their doors from their areas of service

    Contrast that level of service to what CARES provides:

    *”CARES is responsible for

    Enforcing Burien Municipal Code Title 6 Animals
    Responding to dog bites and dangerous dog reports
    Impounding of stray dogs
    Providing educational information about pets and pet ownership
    Rescuing sick or injured animals
    Providing referrals to other animal service agencies

    Lost pets will receive a free ride home the first time they stray from home if they are wearing a Burien license. An impound fee, a violation fee, and kennel fees will be charged to owners of stray dogs found without a license.

    In addition, CARES operates an animal shelter. ”

    In the end it will come down to just money for many. Sure CARES tries to operate on what is probably a substantially smaller budget that RASKC, but I believe the animals of Burien deserve much more care than CARES provides. My vote is to go back to RASKC.

    • Karin says:

      Yes, that is their publicity, but I’m here to tell you that all these services do not, absolutely DO NOT happen. This description is pie in the sky. I’d be all for the county taking over if it actually looks like this…… It doesn’t and won’t. CARES is a much better option.

  10. Ctac says:

    My Family & I Vote YES!

  11. jenny says:

    From a business standpoint, glad the council is considering alternatives instead of just rubber stamping the contract. I hope all of the council members visit all of the shelters they are considering before they make the decision.

  12. Francis says:

    CARES should never have been given this city contract. They had no skills, no training and no place to keep the dogs. They didn’t and still don’t seriously service cats. This was gift contract to them by the ex-city manager because he was trying to save face for his big goof up with King County.

    CARES has improved some over the last five years but is still not a comprehensive animal control. It still operates in a marginal manner in finances, staffing and real trained care for the animals. It is not a quality service.

    There are still shadowy things at CARES that the citizens and the Council can’t get answers and comparative data on such as;

    1. Who is really on staff and are they animal control trained?
    2. Why aren’t any Burien citizens on the CARES Board?
    3. Why do staff and Board members keep disappearing from CARES and when they leave they are warned not to talk about the CARES finances and operations?
    4. Is CARES really a sustainable operation financially and is there a succession plan for this service at the rate CARES is quoting to the City?
    5. Why weren’t shelter improvements, education programs and free and spay services brought online sooner and as promised?
    6. Why are other organizations and businesses listed on the non profit CARES site and appear as part of CARES?
    7. Why hasn’t the city assigned a impartial employee to monitor this control while investigating the possible KG contract?
    8. Why is CARES reporting and counting its number of calls like KC? What method is CARES really doing?
    9. Why is there a certain select group of citizens constantly resisting a competitive bid for animal control?
    10. Why doesn’t CARES post its annual non profit report to the government on its website?
    11. As an animal control, CARES is not a true non-kill shelter. Why the constant claim that it is non kill?
    12. Why aren’t the fines for violations equally pay by all offenders to CARES?
    13. Where is the 5 comprehensive data on this organization? The citizens and Council never are shown it?
    14. Why do many vets in the Highline area avoid doing business with CARES?

    It would be nice to hear responses from CARES on these questions. The Council has the obligation to do due diligence and research before selecting a city provider for animal control. City contracts should not be awarded on nepotism or behind the restaurant friendships.

    • EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to technical issues, the following Comment was posted on behalf of Debra George by Scott Schaefer:


      Thank you for your input, and to address your specific concerns:

      1. Our head AC Officer is in fact well-trained, and has attended the same intensive training that other AC Officers in Washington attend, and is certified by the Washington Animal Control Association (WACA), and has 3 years of direct experience on the job. He, as well as our other, part-time officer, will also be receiving further training from the National Animal Control Association (NACA) later this year. We also employ other individuals on a part-time basis, dedicated solely to care of the animals at our shelter.

      2. It is not a requirement that we have Burien residents on our board, just that they are passionate about animal welfare.

      3. I do not know what you are referring to as “Staff and Board members disappearing.” The only board member changes was in 2011, at the same time we also brought on a new AC Officer. We have had a few part-time employees at the shelter not work out over the years, but the main employees at CARES have been here for a while—our head ACO has been with us for 3 years, and our backup ACO/Office Administrator has been with us even longer. As for “warned not to talk about our finances,” that is a totally untrue statement, our finances are entirely transparent, former and current employees are free to discuss anything, and I would be happy to address any direct/specific questions on that.

      4. CARES is very financially stable and has no outstanding debt.

      5. When the City wanted shelter improvements we did them within the requested timeline. We started educational programing in the beginning before it was even requested. We developed relationships as soon as possible with local veterinary organizations to offer residents access to low-cost spay and neutering resources.

      6. CARES is the umbrella company to “Paws & Relax Doggie Day Care” and to “B-Town Dog.” Paws & Relax revenue goes to help fund the shelter and care of the animals. B-Town Dog revenue is used to support Burien’s new off-leash dog park. All operate under the non-profit umbrella of CARES.

      7. I feel the city is very impartial.

      8. We report our numbers based on the requests from the City Staff. In 2011, when we took over this contract, the city gave us a specific listing of how they want us to report ALL calls, and Officer calls, and that is the format we use.

      9. I don’t think anyone is against the city considering other options; we are just invested in ensuring the high level of Animal Control service offered to the Burien community does not diminish.

      10. It is not a requirement for non-profits to post their 990s to their website.

      11. The common definition for a “No Kill Animal Shelter” is “an animal shelter that does not kill healthy or treatable animals even when the shelter is full, reserving euthanasia for terminally ill animals or those considered dangerous to public safety. A no-kill shelter uses many strategies to promote shelter animals; to expand its resources using volunteers, excellent housing and medical protocols; and to work actively to lower the number of homeless animals entering the shelter system.” We DO operate as a no kill shelter, and only ever euthanize for cases of extreme medical necessity or serious threat to the public welfare.

      12. Fines are assessed based on factors including the severity/nature of the violation(s), history of the animal, cooperativeness of the animal owner, etc. We at times will waive or reduce fines if the violation is corrected (e.g., a dog running at large without a pet license—the Unlicensed Animal fine may be waived if the owner immediately purchases a license). We also may issue verbal/written warnings to first-time, non-serious offenders, as opposed to monetary fines, depending upon the circumstances. Others may find it difficult to pay their fines, and we will place them on a payment plan to pay over time, so it is not such a hardship.

      13. We give city staff any and all documents they request. If they are wanting something else, they would need to communicate that to us directly.

      14. We have great working relationships with many local vets, so I’m not sure where your information is coming from.

      If you have further questions please do not hesitate to call me, either at the Shelter (206) 812-2737 or on my cell phone (206) 941-7199.

      Debra George,
      C.A.R.E.S. Director

      • Question Authority says:

        Thank you for your extensive portrayal of how Cares operates, some worry wart naysayers will never be satisfied with any organization and will always be ignorant.

  13. Jacky says:

    Carolyn Newman (one of the previous comments on this this article) is one of the 3 Board members for CARES. While she, Denise Ferguson and Debra George all list Burien addresses on the State filings for CARES, none of them live in Burien. Carloyn’s address is incorrect on the State filing it appears she really lives on Harbor Ave. up in Seattle. Denise hasn’t run the storefront business Fireweed Beads in Burien for at least 3 years. She actually lives and runs her business from Greenwood Ave. in Seattle but is listed as being still on 152nd in Burien. And Debra George, the owner and director of CARES lives on Marine View Dr. in Normandy Park. Debra George is also listing the Mark Restaurant address (Mark iii Corp) on State files as being at the CARES. So why all the smoke and mirrors activity with these addresses? Is it to create the illusion that CARES and its Board members are really Burien residents and owned by Burien Residents?. Check out these State business file nos. for these businesses #603104540 and #603322501
    And is CARES really a Burien Society? It appears to have 3 Board members and perhaps only one owner, Debra George? This appears to be a non profit charity business owned by one person? And why is the Mark Restaurant operating out of the CARES address? And is the Paws and Relax Doggie Day Care a business or part of the CARES Society? How can they be listing incorrect addresses on the State licensing site? I’m baffled.

    And how did a doggie day care and an animal control shelter get permits to be in an area of the city that was not zoned for those kinds of businesses? Then there is that contaminated doggie poop and pee lot at CARES that on any rainy day can be seen to be trickling discharge down the street from the lot and draining into the storm water drains and Miller Creek and the lake. How was that allowed? Was this an agreement to be allowed that Mike Martin made before he left?

    Ray Helms was one of the trained animal control officers that Burien put extra money into the CARES budget to have trained. Is he still at CARES? If not who are the 2 trained officers there now? It isn’t clear who is on staff.

    Just because some nice lady at the grocery store gives you a kitten or puppy out of a box in a grocery store parking lot, it does not make her a person who should be running animal control for a city. That seems to be the level that most of you are recommending staying with CARES on. Like Francis and a couple of other bloggers to this article, I’d like to have some real facts about CARES. What kind of legal entanglements can the City, we citizens, be on the hook for with this CARES contract? If a stray dog rips another woman’s face open again? Is the City obligated to check State business licenses for accuracy? I support open bidding on the animal control contract.

    At least with King County, there is an animal control shelter that is group owned and managed by multiple cities who share the cost, share the liabilities, has vets on staff and has a long term plan for services into the future. I vote for going back to King County. Thanks Council members for voting to do more research on this issue.

    • EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to technical issues, the following Comment was posted on behalf of Debra George by Scott Schaefer:


      If you look at Washington State Corporate Look Up
      http://www.sos.wa.gov/corps/search_results.aspx?search_type=simple&criteria=all&name_type=contains&name=Community+Animal&ubi= It states the home addresses and my office address which is on SW 151st. My office was located on SW 152nd Street some 5 years ago, so you might be looking at old information. I do not “Own” any part of C.A.R.E.S. it is a Non Profit 501c3 Corporation. No illusion is being created, as I mentioned above it is not a requirement that board members live in Burien. Just to be clear C.A.R.E.S. address is 909 SW 151st Street. Mark Restaurant address is 918 SW 152nd Street and my old office was at 916 SW 152nd Street in 2011. 916 & 918 used to be one address as 914 SW 152nd Street but the city made us change it into 2 addresses.

      There are numerous Doggie Day Cares, and Pet Stores in our Downtown Commercial area, we all have the same permits. Our outside area of Day Care has been inspected and approved annually by the King County Health Department.

      I answered the staff questions above in my previous response.

      As a small local non-profit iIt is always our intentions to be very clear, accessible, and open to public inquiry. If you would like any other specific information, please feel free to call me to discuss.

      C.A.R.E.S. has a staff very dedicated to serving the Burien community on animal welfare and control issues, and I am very proud of the work we do for the City and its residents.

      Debra George
      Director, C.A.R.E.S.

  14. tmaenad says:

    I have lived in King County most of my life. Do you have any idea how long it takes King County to respond to an animal call? And when they do pick up an animal, it drives around in the truck all day until they go back to the shelter.
    Any organization within the city that the citizens are paying for needs oversight. Both of my kids, who are older teenagers have volunteered at CARES. They have been raised to be incredibly fussy about how animals are treated and cared for including cleanliness of the environment. They have come home from volunteer shifts with nothing but praise for the work done there.
    I suspect that the attacks on CARES on this thread are by those who have had negative interactions with the organization because they were unable to properly care for their animal. Sorry animal ownership is not a right, it’s a responsibility. If you don’t have the time or the resources, get a stuffed animal. I have been without a dog for two years plus because of a cross country move and a delay in getting a fence built at our current home (our prior dog passed away from cancer), but I’m not getting a dog until I have a safe place to keep it.

  15. Really Pat says:

    Really why all the negative stuff. If you want so much information go to C.A.R.E.S.,, Bet you have never set foot in their location, nor even volunteered to help. You should see and feel before you comment. Ask Questions is great , City manager does not make final decision but full council. Someone has a chip on their shoulder. All my contact with this outfit has been very POSITIVE. Give them the contract back again.

  16. F..B. says:

    Check out-www.nonprofitfact.com>Washington CARES , Debra George Burien Washington Bizapedia, Washington State Business Licensing
    File Number:603104540, File Number: 603322501 Washington Secretary of State non profits File Number: 603104540. Humm, a community non profit with no community residents on the Board.

    Michael Snyder, Sherry Meyers, Guy Knapp, Ray Helms and several desk and area assistants are no longer with CARES. A fairly big staff turn over for a small organization. Ray Helms, the main animal control officer left this year. On TV at the Council meeting, CARES committed to the City to have two trained animal control officers on staff all of the time.. Who are the two animal control officers.

    CARES regularly advertises its animals and asks for funds on Go Fund Me and Craigslist.

    • Jimmy says:

      Fb if you read the posts above your questions have already been answered. As for the funds I believe these are called donations to take care of fees associated with the animal in question. Not funds collected to make a profit from.

  17. Kate Giannaros says:

    Haters are gonna hate! CARES is, and always has done a wonderful job for the people and animals of Burien. I wish this organization the best!

  18. Marianne says:

    I had a little free time today so decided to stop by CARES as some on the Blog have suggested. It has been about a year since I had been in.

    The first thing I noticed is that nothing much has changed physically, with the exception of a walled off area with about eight kittens, 6-7 weeks old. I heard an employee say that the woman working at the desk could let people in to visit the kittens. I asked if the kittens were vaccinated. No, they weren’t, but would be soon. In addition, they were all spoken for. I am wondering what on earth unvaccinated kittens are doing in an environment where anyone can go in and interact with them. Has CARES any knowledge about distemper and how vulnerable those kittens are? If they are spoken for, they should be in a foster home. They also had thick bandages around their necks for collars–dangerous and uncomfortable.

    While looking at the adult cats, I smelled a strong cigarette smoke smell. It could have been from CARES or the dog daycare next door. Either way, no one should be smoking around animals, especially those that are not their own.

    I heard employees use inappropriate language regarding a dog and a kitten. The dog was called a name and the kitten has a medical issue with its back end, which the male employee referred to with a non-medical term. If you have to talk like that, at least have the common sense do it away from the ears of the public.

    I asked the young woman some questions about cats. She admitted she didn’t have much information and that I could call. Yes, CARES takes strays from Burien with no surrender fee, and no, they still have no plan for feral cats other than referring people to the Feral Cat Spay Neuter Project. They do have traps to loan. She was cordial and did her best to answer my questions.

    A woman with a small child came in to inquire about adopting a dog. She mentioned having two cats. She was steered toward a pitbull whom CARES had no idea how it was with other animals, although it was very sweet with people. The woman didn’t seem to mind because her cats were indoor/outdoor and would “probably run off.” That statement didn’t seem to bother the male employee at CARES either.

    The cats looked reasonably well cared for. They had food, water, and clean litter boxes. Their cages leave something to be desired and two cats had an unfortunate cage position of directly on the floor and difficult to see. There was no information on personalities of any of the cats, only general information such as age and names. There was one poor old cat, Skinny Minnie who is 15 years old, and has been at CARES for over a month. Someone, please go adopt her!

    I walked away feeling like nothing has changed. While the staff and volunteers might be well meaning, it is a ragtag operation. Regional Animal Services of King County is what the animals of Burien need and deserve.

    • Jimmy says:

      Well that a interesting review now I wonder what was the assumed age of employee using the foul language (guessing 15-20 years old) and have you contacted there boss or supervisor to complain about there language and interactions you had with there employee.

      As for the kitten’s proper hand washing before and after handling them should calm any nerves over spread of illness. It nice that you took the time to go in and ask questions and look around but it seems as if you were looking for anything to complain about.

      You found a couple of small situations. Now the cigarette smell were the employees in a designated smoking area because from your review you make sound as if the employees are blowing smoke directly in the animal’s faces.

      • Steve Garby says:

        I agree Marianne, When I went in there to do the same a year or so ago plus recently to inquire what their criteria was for adopting a dog, (I was doing some investigating) I found the place to smell of pee and dirty, the floors need to be mopped and the place needed a good dusting, if they take care of the front like this, HOW do you think the animals are taken care of?? I really saw no difference from the first time I stopped by to check the place out! The person I spoke to at the front desk, (they stated they were an employee) couldn’t give me intelligent answers about the process for adoptions or how they care for the animals. SO Dr. if you really are one??? You must be the only one in Burien who supports CARES and like the money they spend at your office??? MMMM I figured as much…..

    • Monique says:

      Hello Marianne,

      Thank you for taking the time to come in and visit CARES.

      To clarify a few things, the cat play area was recently expanded by a dedicated group of cat loving volunteers and being improved upon everyday which also serves as a tremendous help getting our cats out for some play time with other felines/people and helping the staff and volunteers get a better idea of each cats personalities, likes/dislikes, and their ability to mingle with other cats therefore ensuring the best possible placement for each cat.

      ALL of our cats including kittens in the barn or play area have been examined by a vet, vaccinated, dewormed, treated for fleas, and given a clean bill of health. Yesterday we had our office administrator out with a family emergency leaving her position filled by the volunteer coordinator. We have discussed with this individual the importance of giving factual information rather than assumption and assure this will not be an issue moving forward.

      The kittens have all been spoken for and we always give future adopters the option to take them home for foster while they are waiting for their spay/neuter appointments with many of the families opting to keep the littermates together until they are ready to go home permanently. The collars they have on are for identification purposes and are not causing any harm or danger to them.

      There is a designated smoking area off the property that the employees/volunteers are free to use during their breaks.

      The cats on the lower level are generally cats who have a hard time climbing up and down in the upper condos due to medical reasons/age so they are kept in the single level condos which give them plenty of room to get to their litter boxes and food without difficulty. These cats are brought out regularly to socialize in the play area and are also brought to the play area for potential adopters to interact with. The cats kennel tags provide basic information such as name, age, and length of stay. We have plenty of information on all of our cats to share with anyone who inquires. Skinny Minny just recently came back to the shelter 4/9 after being treated by our vet for 3 weeks due to her poor condition upon arriving here. She is now available for adoption, so YES someone please come and adopt her!

      We strive everyday to provide the best possible service to not only the animals but the community as well. We appreciate your feedback.

      • Marianne says:

        Thank you Monique.

      • Marianne says:

        Monique, I just sent an email to CARES requesting a few immediate changes in protocol for the safety and well being of the animals in the facility.

        • jimmy says:

          Marianne would like to explain what is your expertise in taking care of pets or animals are you a train professional. If so what is your training and current profession.

          • jimmy says:

            Now looking back at previous conversations on this blog you run your own feral cat catching business. You stated that you had a contract with king county to catch feral cats in burien until C.A.R.E.S took over now you cant get the same deal with C.A.R.E.S. So now it seems just about every time their is a article about C.A.R.E.S good or bad you post some type of negative view towards them. Now their this reply from a Steve garby with more negative views towards C.A.R.E.S but in searching it seems their is no Steve garby living in Washington. But of course I betting this steve person probably never had a phone number or mailing address or form of id right. Their just a magical hidden person that posts on blogs when you need them to.

            • Marianne says:

              jimmy, I do not, nor ever have, had a contract to catch feral cats in Burien. I do run a small non-profit cat rescue group and part of the work is trapping feral cats for spay/neuter. In my “professional life” I am a teacher. My negative responses about CARES are because their work is in no way comparable to the level of service that the animals of Burien would receive (and have received) from Regional Animal Services of King County.

              • Jimmy says:


                Surprise trapping is also known as catching as to catch a animal. Also if someone is being unprofessional then talk with there supervisor or someone on the board. Instead of making comments on a blog about it.

                Also wow a place that has cats and dogs smelling a little urine or feces is not that surprising have you been to zoo or even a parade with horses or live stock you smell feces and some urine.

                I know from my own personal experience if I walk in my basement a minute or two sometimes even a few minutes later after one of my 3 cats has use there box guess what it smells like urine and feces. Even with a clean box same as if you walk in your bathroom after someone gone and done there business it stinks even if you spay air freshener it just smells like poop sprayed with air freshener.

                • Marianne says:

                  Are Jimmy and jimmy the same person? Is your response to me, Jimmy? Yes, it smelled like animals in CARES. My comment was about CIGARETTE smoke, not the smell of animals (of which you go on and on about). You should never smell cigarette smoke in a facility where animals are housed. It was disgusting and made me concerned for the animals at CARES and the dog daycare next door. And yes, I have let CARES know about my concern.

                  You don’t need to explain to me that trapping is the same a catching a cat. I have been trapping/catching cats for many years now. What is your point anyway?

                  • jimmy says:

                    For one yes jimmy and Jimmy are the same person when I use my tablet its under Jimmy and when I use my computer its under jimmy don’t know why l need to explain I did not hit the shift once oops.

                    Two in a past post about CARES you said something about a urine and feces smell and in this review you said not much has changed.

                    Now a cigarette smell as Monique has explained there is a designated smoking area.
                    So most likely what happen is the wind blew you smell a little smoke o well get over it also smoke rises pets are on the ground in most cases.

                    My point is your making a lot of nonsense post’s that seems like you have a real big bad vendetta towards CARES and what ever they do you find a problem with it. I went back and looked up a few of your posts about CARES and ever time it’s just oh there so unprofessional and untrained and they did this and that and oh my god they will never be as good as king county!!! This from day one even when they have good reports like you you want them to do everything your way or it’s totally incorrect. When unfortunately your not there boss. You have no control over how there trained or do there job.

  19. Dr says:

    King county did not work, they were spread too thin and cost too much and we did not get the service we needed and deserved…….we asked for better and we got it with CARES now for some reason it is not good enough….lets not go back lets move forward and continue with what is working now. CARES is only getting better and better. Our council seems to never be happy and wants to fight our own people who live and work in our community and do good for our people and community – come on guys! Get with it!!! CARES works for BURIEN!

  20. Steve Garby says:


    Its about time the Burien City Council saw the forest for the trees on the CARES issue! I know the supporters of CARES will not like what I am about to write, but its time for the truth to be known!! Its time to find out the real truth about Debra George and CARES, For those of you who had a good experience, There are many more who didn’t! my neighbor is one of them! ask him about his chow? Ray knows but will he tell the truth?

    It’s time to go with a real professional Animal Control Org, King County !! They are fully trained! have years of experience, have proper equipment, have a proper facility, and are not a fly by night organization like Debra George and her circus of misfits… THE ANIMALS OF BURIEN DESERVE BETTER !!!

    Okay I am ready for the negative comments! bring it on!!

    Thank you for reading my post


    • Jimmy says:

      Well this is interesting who is your neighbor Mr.garby since looking for your address online can’t come up for anything in burien or even Washington. I mean I can understand there are people that have had issues with cares. But seems odd you bring up your neighbor but with no name or address in burien. I can understand not wanting to post personal information. I can’t even find a mention of your name other than these 2 post you made.

  21. Dianne says:

    I adopted my cat from Cares, and although it’s not perfect, it beats the heck out the County facility!! Nothing will make everyone happy, but from what I have seen before and after adopting my cat, they are doing a good job. Rather then going on and on about who lives where, it would be nice if the posters stuck to the topic IMHO.

  22. Hera says:

    Our family was treated horribly when I was concerned for a puppy in our care that they sent back to an owner that had surrendered her. I asked for them to check that the person was in fact able to provide a good home since her story had changed. Instead of a conversation we were threatened and told by Debra George we had stolen “property” . I have since been told of several dogs being euthanized when other solutions could have been made. It seems to me the animals in this area would be in better hands under king co regulations than the whims of this awful person.

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