FOLLOWUP: Burien Police confiscates more drugs, vehicles from recent bust

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The Burien Police Department announced that they confiscated an additional 11 pounds of drugs – including 16,000 pills – seized in Friday’s big drug bust.

Police said in a statement on Sunday, May 1:

“Detectives continued their investigation throughout yesterday and today, serving additional search warrants and recovered an additional 7 lbs of heroin, 4 lbs of meth, 16,000 illegal pills, and seized 3 more vehicles. Our total amount of seized drugs so far is over 20 lbs!”

Check out the haul:

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10 Responses to “FOLLOWUP: Burien Police confiscates more drugs, vehicles from recent bust”
  1. Wondering says:

    Burien detectives: awesome job, keep up the good work!
    How about giving us the addresses and names of the persons arrested. Did you find out who has been buying the stuff? They are just as guilty, too bad they cannot be prosecuted as well.

  2. Question Authority says:

    The junkies looking to score at the City Hall/Library, Dottie Harper Park and Transit Center might be getting a little nervous about now. Feel free to seek your fix far, far away from here and take your dope funded thievery with you because the Lawman is onto you all and I’m thankful for that effort.

  3. Wondering says:

    Those junkies are probably twitching and sweating like mad, right about now, unless their suppliers have a secret stash of cash with which they have already bonded out.

  4. Tom Lane says:

    One of the problems with the new Burien library and its “smart growth” design its that it’s right on a busy street, and right on a sidewalk. “Smart Growth” tend to encourage drug distribution since it’s easy for folks to get in and out of the premises, either on foot or on a car.

    The old library was better and each “guest” could be monitored on camera, if cameras were installed.

    It’s harder to monitor everyone for the “new” library when it’s in a higher density area.

    The other way that drugs are sold is in places where you wouldn’t expect it, like hospital parking lots. Down here in Murrieta, California, I watched this take place within 75 feet of the Murrieta Campus of Loma Linda University’s Medical Center. Now, of course, Riverside County has always had a huge drug problem, but their economy has recovered so the new budget calls for hiring more officers.

    • Jimmy says:

      Hey Tom here is a link about burien installing security cameras around the library.

      Also when the library was at it’s old location it had problems with teenagers hanging out in the park next door causing problems. It also has todo with how many people see someone dealing or using drugs/ breaking into a car and actually report it to a officer.

      Then there people that expect a lot more out the police with out following any of there advice or tips on preventing crime. Then these same people blame the police for the problems.

      Then there’s people like yourself that think oh if you just vote this certain way everything will be perfect. That’s right don’t look into the person your voting for no just pick a side. This is the problem with politics and politicians it all a popularity contest where in the end the majority of them don’t really care about the area or people there representing. It’s all about there pay check.

      • Wondering says:

        Do try to stay on topic, Jimmy.

        By the way:
        There–Your hat is on the hat stand. There (place)
        Their–Mike and Ike put their hats on the hat stand.They’re going to put them back on when they go home.–They’re (verb with who is doing what–They are)Their( possessive- tells whose paycheck)

        • Jimmy says:

          Hey this is not a school room here you obviously understood what I was trying to say . So I could care less about spelling or what word is the right there to use OK. oh my god I used the wrong word on a post on no it’s the end world.

          You want talk about off topic comments get a life already let’s see the discussion is on crime my post was about crime around the library. This Tom Lane thinks has to do with how you vote I disagree with that so I reply to his post.

          Now is this discussion about spelling or choosing the right word to use. Is it about complaints of off topic behavior no it’s about crime in burien so wondering who is the one going off topic now.

          Like I have said to other people you don’t have to read my comments if you don’t like them o well I not here to make friends or spelling champion buddy’s here OK I am just a person with something to say just like rest of world.

  5. Rob d Gain says:

    Just move to Redmond Kirkland Bothell Duvall Some parts Federal Way or even N Park and some of DesMoines and avoid 90 % of the riff raff…

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