CRIME: Robber steals generator from Three Tree Point home Wed. morning

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A brazen robber stole a generator from Three Tree Point resident Fred Feiertag’s home in broad daylight on Wednesday morning (May 11).

The stolen generator was a Honda EU 3000is model valued around $2,000, similar to this:


“It is in nearly new condition with about one pound of diamonds hidden in the gas tank,” Fred quipped. “I’m pretty sure that’s where I left them this time…”

Fred told us that he initially heard some noise outside his house around 9:30 a.m., then looked out the window and saw a man loading his generator – from his basement garage – into the back of a green SUV. He went outside to confront/stop the man, who quickly drove off as Fred grabbed at the vehicle.

As the thief sped off, Fred was knocked down in the street and injured. He was treated at his home by medics, then later checked at an ER for some minor abrasions and bruises.

“I will be hurting for a few days,” Fred added.

He also filed a report with Burien Police.

“Folks need to understand that this is daytime stuff – not dark of night,” Fred told The B-Town Blog. “This idiot didn’t even bother to check if anyone was home. His car was full of loot and my generator was about the last straw. I’m very surprised the thief could lift it through the back window of his SUV. It is pretty heavy.”

Fred lives in the 16900 block of Maplewild Ave SW.

If you have any leads on this theft, please email [email protected] and we’ll forward it to Fred.

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7 Responses to “CRIME: Robber steals generator from Three Tree Point home Wed. morning”
  1. Ghost of Maplewild says:

    Gahh! Sorry Fred. Hope you get well soon. Fred is a kind and just all around great guy. Hope the idiot gets caught soon.

  2. MEZA says:

    There was a eu 2000 generator just added on offer up in the burien area about an hour ago…

  3. Dear Mr Feiertag,
    I hope you aren’t too sore. I am glad it wasn’t worse. Please be careful andconsider escalating your degree of personal protection.
    We are just North of Roxbury, and the whole region is occupied by tweakers stealing everything not nailed and cemented down. I would love to get those diamonds. I will be watching for your generator.

  4. jenny says:

    Description of thief? There are video cameras posted all over that area. Ask the neighbors for a copy.

  5. Wondering says:

    So Sorry to hear about that, Fred. I’m glad there were no broken bones or worse. I hope you get it back with every thing intact.

  6. Jimmy says:

    This sounds like the so called scrap metal guys. If you confront them on your property they won’t steal anything as long as you watch them like a hawk. But if they don’t see anyone they will grab whatever they can find and take off as quickly as possible.

    Also if the police stop them they can say oh that sitting on side of the road when I found it. These people need to be stopped. The scrap yards need to be watch by the police a little more. I think police need to set up a check point at the scrap yards check for stolen items. I have seen these people driving vans trucks suv’s just packed with stuff.

    Most looks like garbage most of people look like meth addict’s pod marks on there face twitchy people. More people need to call the police when see these people driving around get them checked out I bet they caught with something ether drugs or stolen items.

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