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Highline Superintendent Enfield receives Communication Technology Award

Susan-Enfield [1]Highline Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Susan Enfield recently won  the inaugural 2016 Communication Technology Award for Superintendents by the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA).

Judges were impressed with Enfield’s commitment to creating a sophisticated, innovative, and strategic communication program designed to ensure Highline meets its bold goals for students, the district announced. Judges noted the extensive improvements she has made by employing a variety of communication tools and rallying her team around leading-edge technology to address her district’s many needs.

One of Enfield’s first moves as a new superintendent was to improve communication with Highline’s culturally diverse community, capitalizing on opportunities to use new technology.

“Dr. Enfield is clearly setting a new standard for all Seattle and national district leaders,” said Rich Bagin, NSPRA executive director. “She models effective use of both traditional and social media, and leads with a vision that invests in and uses new technology to significantly improve communication programs that support student achievement.”

“Highline Public Schools has discovered the path to engaging their community through an effective multi-channel communication strategy,” said Chris Crawford, vice president of community engagement at Blackboard, Highline’s mobile app and notifications system provider. “Proactive communication is a key factor in creating student success at their district. On behalf of Blackboard, I would like to congratulate Dr. Susan Enfield, a valued partner, for her award-winning communication program.”

Recognizing that effective two-way communication with families and the community is critical, Enfield has invested additional dollars in the communication program.  Under her leadership, improvements include switching to newer platforms that better serve her diverse and multi-lingual community.

Enfield’s commitment to developing strategic communication programs and identifying digital tools that successfully address challenges, build trust, and foster genuine two-way communication between diverse families and schools distinguish her as an innovative national leader. Daily, this award-winning superintendent models how to effectively support district goals with new technology.

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