Burien Police Department busts drug house near skate park Friday

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The Burien Police Department announced that officers busted a drug house on Friday (June 10), which was located near the skatepark at SW 144th Street and 4th Ave SW (map below).

Police say that after obtaining a search warrant, they called the occupants outside and detained them.

One man had an outstanding felony warrant for violating his probation and was taken to jail.

One woman admitted to her drug addiction and was introduced to councilors that police invited to assist them.

“We had contacted NAVOS and asked them to come along with us and they were eager to partner with us and help,” Sgt. Bryan Howard said. “After they spoke with her, she agreed to enter an intensive treatment program. They took her to their office and signed her up. We wish her a lifetime of sobriety and healthy living. A second man was taken to the Crisis Solutions Center which is operated by DESC. They will help him connect with the proper social services.”

The city’s code enforcement officer also responded to the residence, due to the unsafe and deplorable condition of the home including no electricity. A decision was made to “red tag” the home, which prohibits anyone from remaining there until the home can be made safe. With the homeowner’s permission, police also boarded up the doors and windows to prevent anyone from entering the home.

“Neighborhood problems like this are rare but take a great deal of effort to resolve,” Howard added. “We are fortunate to have some great social service providers to help with an effective and humane solution.”

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26 Responses to “Burien Police Department busts drug house near skate park Friday”
  1. Lisa Parks says:

    Thank you to our faithful Burien Police Department! You have made an astounding amount of progress ridding our beautiful city of crime. I appreciate your continual commitment in keeping our city safe. You are our heroes ❤

    • Loal says:

      Sorry, but the truth is the cops drove by this drug house every day. As the story says they had the city inspector, Navos with them. A real drug bust is when the dealer and the buyer is Busted. With some drugs. remember our same police lost a AR Rifle on Ambaum….I would say this was not really news worthy. Looks good thats about it.

  2. Peter says:

    I know the answer to this: bring in more marijuana stores.

    • Jimmy says:

      Well peter I doubt this had anything to do with cannabis.Part of the I-502 laws where meant to help clear up the court system of possession charges for cannabis. In this article they explain the lady was introduced to counselors for her addiction most people that consume cannabis don’t need the help of a counselor or drug addiction specialist . Most just use simply moderation and live their lives like anyone else. Just a little happier then some people.

      • Peter says:

        I think ultimately they are all part of the same ball of wax. How many of these drug addicts also smoke dope? I’m guessing most. Its the drug culture. Is the kid willing to
        smoke dope more or less open to trying new drugs? I’m going to argue more open. and this, contrary to what Jimmy says, does not make people happier, it merely leads to despair and personal destruction – as we can see from this news report.

        • Jimmy says:

          Actually peter most people that consume cannabis stick to cannabis since it is more of a natural plant and not something you can not overdose from. Also in most people that do consume or use hardcore drugs like cocaine,speed,meth or heroin tend to use only those drugs and might occasionally smoke cannabis. Now there have been some people that try to get off heroin by smoking hash or other cannabis concentrates. That now with I-502 laws make it a lot easier to get cannabis concentrates in different forms that maybe more pure than in the medical cannabis community has been in the past.

          Also most people that consume cannabis are not people that steal or break other laws to get there cannabis. Also most people that consume cannabis are non violent and non aggressive people.

          Part of I -502 is about getting rid of the underground or street sells of cannabis. Now the people who sell underground or on the street are ones that tend not check I’d and may try sell other drugs and may also be connected to different gang’s in the area.

          • Peter says:

            Jimmy I am not saying that those who take the hard drugs also regularly smoke marijuana. I am saying that those who dabble in Marijuana probably have a greater likelihood of trying other drugs. I doubt that people go from doing absolutely no drugs, to suddenly smoking meth or snorting cocaine. Of course there are many factors which lead to hard drug abuse, but I think the greater prevalence and availability of marijuana (to say nothing of the implicit societal acceptance) will have an overall adverse effect on the drug situation in Burien and elsewhere.

            Your question: “does consuming coffee make you want to shoot heroin” is a straw man that is unworthy of response. Perhaps one of the ill effects of marijuana use is the inability to make coherent arguments.

            • Jimmy says:

              Peter actually my issue with coherent statements is from my learning disability’s that I have had since I was born.

              Also you said that using cannabis and hard drugs are same ball of wax.

              So if that was true then using coffee (caffeine is a drug that comes naturally from a plant similar to how THC is drug that naturally comes from a plant). Now you could make the claim that heroine also comes from a plant but there is a chemical process before the product becomes heroine. Unlike cannabis and coffee.

              So using your logic if some one drinks a cup of coffee they might as well use heroine or are going to end up using heroine. They dabble in one drug there going use another drug right peter.

              Now see I have consume cannabis since I was about 15 or so and I only meant one heroine addict that was a x friend of mine brother. That thought cannabis was dumb rather spare change downtown to get heroin. I watch this person ruin their life. I seen the side effects of the meds to get off the stuff. It’s not good. But in seeing this I realized hard drugs are just not worth it. My other friends agreed most cannabis consumer are the same way. So for you think that just because some consume cannabis their more likely to consume other drugs is a little off. Most people that consume cannabis would rather smoke joint than take a over the counter med for pain.

              Also here is a fact the cannabis sold in the I-502 locations is actually safer than most produce sold in grocery stores do to the amount of pesticides used on fruits and vegetable’s.

              • Jimmy says:

                Also I am in my mid 30’s now and have never really felt addicted to cannabis in over 20 years of consuming cannabis. I have had times in the past were I did feel as I may have over consumed and realized I had to slow down and consume in moderation. But I was also never taught about moderation in school (dare) or by any parents it was more of a self taught when it comes to cannabis.

                This why I feel that young adults need to be taught about moderation when it comes to things like cannabis or alcohol. To help teach them that if they choose to consume these products at a legal age. That there is a safe and right way to do so.

            • Mike says:

              I side with you on this all the way. My juvenile marijuana use made me wreckless and it opened the door to my downward progression which put me on a path that led me to 1st snort cocaine and then smoke it.which went on for 5 years until crystal meth arrived which put me in a 9 year cycle of serious out of control addiction. Along the way from 14-28 yrs of ageI did every drug I could and I was networked to get it all. I truly would not be alive if Jesus Christ did not come to my rescue! I was without any power to pick or clean myself up.
              But now having 4 beautiful teenage children of my own I am pissed that the states that will legalize marijuana are sending all the wrong messages to the generations that follow.
              All for state taxes???and the state is still broke. Just like the nation. By the time it’s done the American flag will be a rainbow flag with 51 pot leafs instead of stars in the corner. It is true of my life it started with weed and ended with Meth. People aren’t killing each other over Coffee

        • Jimmy says:

          Actually most people that use harder drugs like cocaine/meth or heroin. Don’t usually consume cannabis except occasionally. Also most people that consume cannabis tend to stay away from harder drugs. Now there are some instances where when teenagers or young adults are in there experimental stages of life. They might try other drugs if offered but that is up to that person and that person alone . That has nothing to do with if they consume cannabis or not.

          if you drink a cup of coffee does that make you want shoot heroin. If so then you some need help. If you smoke a joint then want to do meth (then you might be redneck) you need seek professional help.

          cannabis consume with moderation is not addictive. But in some cases people that over consume or have a history of a additive personally or behavior can become addicted to cannabis but these same people can become addicted to anything. Like people that get addicted to exercise or eating.

  3. Question Authority says:

    How does the “homeowner” become that absolutely clueless and ignorant to what has become of their property ? Wow !
    Who’s going to pay for that addiction treatment she “signed” up for ? Oh that’s right, our taxes because of her life style that she effectively choose to live by that first decision to partake in that substance.

    • Peter says:

      Understand your frustration. But in the long run, its probably cheaper for society to foot the bill for rehab rather than have these people continue to use drugs and have the lifestyle that goes with that. Society benefits from the increased productivity of those who have recovered, to say nothing of the personal benefit to the user who has reformed. Also fewer addicts means less resources and $ spent on policing, etc.

      That is why I’m for giving them a choice: rehab or jail. Of course this only works to the extent that they actually recover and don’t fall back into addiction.

    • Btown Viking says:


  4. Walter pino says:

    Hey do you know who the girl is? Could be my sister… I hope it is she needs the help. To help any of these people is worth the tax dollars.

  5. Ira Hartman says:

    We do not know enough about this. Where did they get the drugs that they were dealing?
    What about past criminal activity? Why turn these people over to soical services without finding out about the source of the drugs? There are more people involved here that were handled in this event.

    Social service activity is fine, if it is appropriate.

    What are the police going to do about the unanswered questions????

    • Eric says:

      Do you want the Police to spill the beans right here on a public forum simply to appease you? Do you think snitches would continue to provide information if the Police then went to the internet and posted everything they were just told? Calm down. There is more going on then what you read in the news….

  6. RYAN F says:


  7. Not all says:

    Please take out the drug house across the street from me!!! Took thousands of pics of drug deals, wrote down many license plate numbers even the city workers that come to buy, called many times, over 700 emails, all to the Burien police dept. And our friendly neighborhood drug dealer is still flourishing! What else can I do? Go to the local news? Get Jesse?

    • Jimmy says:

      With over 700 emails have you gotten at least one reply. How many of these license plate number’s are repeat customers. What part of burien do you live in and do you have a neighborhood watch program in your neighborhood. Also have you tried to take your information you have collected to city hall or the police station in person. Sounds like you might want to sit down and talk to a detective.

      • Not all says:

        Jimmy, no repetitive license, not one response, we did speak to a police officer in person and all he said was the drug dealer in question is known to the police dept… But as he said “he’s crazy, he’s just a crazy person, no big deal”…

        • Jimmy says:

          That sounds like there building a case against the person. If it’s a drug dealer and there no repeats license plates that seems a little odd if you had enough numbers to send 700 e-mails. This might be a case of where your e-mail’s might not give enough detail information for the police to get a warrant. Like seen car pull up neighbors drive way 7:30 pm hand to hand transaction license plat number …. ….. . That could be anything unless if you have proof it was drugs like video or a picture. It is great that your trying help but you might need supply a little more information if possible.

          Say you sale base ball cards from your home over the internet and you have people that come to your house to pick up there purchase’s (not the safest thing to do but it happens). So a buyer show’s up you run the card out to them they give you the cash or pay online. You say ok thank you have a nice day. But your neighbor happens to see this and is not aware of what is really going on. So they e-mail the police thinking they just seen a drug deal. Then they see this happen a few more times and so on. Now would want the swat team to come bust down your door over a few e-mails. I think you would you want them to collect a little more detail information on the situation.

          Now it seems as your right it may be a drug dealer in your situation but the police cant take risk of kicking down the wrong door.

    • ERIN S says:


  8. Ctac says:

    Nothing new here(^_~) ..l.

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