LETTER: Trump supporter upset with getting soaked during 4th of July parade

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

The parade this year could have been great. Could have but because of the actions of some old “kids”. Old because they were all over 21, kids because they were acting like a bunch of brats that needed their bottoms spanked.

Here are some pictures of what happened as our 34th District GOP Trump truck drove by Elmers childrens room (aka Bar). IT’s funny?? right??




Ha ha, try dodging water balloons when you are carrying a $2000 camera.

This was disgusting bunch of drunk old men who were allowed by the management and supported by management to stand outside and get drunk, fill water balloons and throw them at whomever they did not like. In this case a truck with Trump signs. More than just water balloons were thrown as well making the truck owner very irate.

The fact that we had a women on the truck over 70 get hit in the face by something, makes this all the more disgusting.

What a bunch of…please post these pictures as it represents a sick side of humanity and a sick side of Burien.

– Chuck Rangel

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52 Responses to “LETTER: Trump supporter upset with getting soaked during 4th of July parade”
  1. Lura Ercolano says:

    Look, if Trump was just Republican, or Conservative, or even Tea Party, it would make sense that you should expect respect for your position as a Trump supporter. But honestly, the Trump campaign has chosen to align itself with positions that are practically Hitler-esque.I think there is some line where Trump-ism has gone beyond the right to be respected as an American way of looking at the world. You may not personally be identifying with those aspects of the Trump movement, but of course others will see your Trump sign and associate it with a call for Gestapo-like actions. Deport 11 million Americans? It cant be done without a Gestapo, and boxcars full of people herded into concentration camps.

    • Eric says:

      Lura, regardless of your feelings for Trump at least be accurate. He never said he wanted to deport 11 million Americans; he wants to deport 11 million illegal immigrants. Take a deep breathe, it’s pretty much an impossible task even if he did get elected….

    • Ken says:

      Nothing is worse than the intolerance and hatred from the hypocrites who claim to be against intolerance and hatred.

  2. Joshua davis says:

    I was marching directly behind the trump truck, and, while I am not a trump supporter, I was shocked to see people react in this way. People were throwing water balloons and trash at those people. Is this what we have come to? Lord knows I disagree with a lot of what Trump stands for, but assault is not the answer. My children had to witness grown men and women shouting obscenities and hurling objects at people with whom they disagreed. That’s un-American and certainly not nice.

    • Randy Johnson says:

      @Joshua Davis –
      I guess your children have never witnessed Trump supporters acting in an “…un-American and certainly not nice…” way ?

      • Leslie says:

        Nice try,but you cannot blame others for your actions! And you’re right, probably Never saw Trump Supporters act that way!
        Vote Trump!

        • Sorry Leslie, My experience with the Trump supporters at the end of the parade was uncounciable. Being physically assaulted and completely doused with water was not my idea of a mature person. I wasn’t aware of the Elmers incident at the time. This violent attack was completely unwarrented on my part. You voice your support for Trump supporters as if their infallible. ” I BEG TO DIFFER”

      • Joshua davis says:

        Do two wrongs make a right? And no. My children have never seen a trump supporter do anything except get things thrown at them. Honestly, I don’t care if they were racist jihadist industrial polluters, our response should be reasoned debate, not shouted obscenities and hurled waste.

  3. Trent says:

    Looks like a bunch of trashy Hillary supporters at their finest. Typical Washington democrats showing their true colors.

  4. Question Authority says:

    If they also threw water balloons at many of the parade participant’s, why do you think that only “Trumpeters” were singled out?

  5. Maenad says:

    If one looks back at the history of politics in the United States, this is a rather mild response to a very controversial candidate. There are multiple instances of violence at party conventions dating back to the 1800’s, and these are gatherings of supposedly like minded folks.
    I would have been far more surprised had there been no reaction at all by parade attendees, and I’m amused that anyone thought driving a truck anywhere in W. Washington with this candidates name on it would go unchallenged.
    The idea that politics anywhere, including in the US, is some sort of polite, well-reasoned exchange is an incredibly poorly informed opinion.

  6. Randy Johnson says:

    It seems disingenuous at best (and cry-babyish at worst) for people who support a candidate (who is arguably a bigot, a racist, a hate-mongering misogynist) to characterize this as ‘… a sick side of humanity…”

  7. John Gibson says:

    I saw the the Burien Elks truck that was a water based float (squirt guns and water baloons) trying to have some fun towards the end of the parade and get rid of their last baloons. They were throwing them at all other parade participants thinking it was just for fun.

    Some Trump supporters were still frustrated that it seemed they had been targeted earlier and things got very aggressive when some ballons went their way. Then a huge argument started between the groups and turned into a physical altercation (after the parade behind the scenes.)

    Luckily, the Bears baseball team steped in and broke up the fight. Seperated all parties and wouldn’t leave until both groups went their seperate ways. This was a sad end to the parade behind the scenes but I am so proud to see young men in our community stepping up and doing the right thing. This could have been much worse had those boys not stepped in. I’m not sure who the Bears are but I am glad they are part of our community and setting such good examples for our youth and in the case the adults as well.

    • Someone watching says:

      @ John Gibson and others

      The Elks had quite the epic water battle with Elmer’s as they passed by. Watching it unfold was funny as both sides equally attacked with the vigor and enthusiasm of kids plotting sneak attacks on their friends. Smiles and laughter filled the air as many innocent by-standers, including myself, got caught in the sudden unexpected cross-fire of bursting balloons and water cannon streams.

      Too bad there is not a way to compare game film of “Elmer’s vs. Trump” with “Elmer’s vs. Elks.” My guess is the battle with the Elks was more dramatic and something others should witness simply for the humor it created – a street full of intergenerational people chucking water at each other, often missing their mark in fear of being drenched themselves.

      You asked who Bears are…they are a local semi-pro baseball team in White Center full of outstanding young men. See: http://highlinebears.com/

      Like others, I was caught off guard by the physical altercation after the parade and thankful the Bears were willing to step in to diffuse it. For being only two years old as an organization and full of boys who do not live in this area, they do a tremendous amount of good in our community.

      I was disappointed the author of this letter expressed concern for how they were treated but left out their part in the altercation at the end of the parade. Thank you, Mr. Gibson, for sharing that detail and reminding us of the good people in the world, like the Bears.

      For the record, you hear no complaint from me regarding being pelted by water balloons while carrying equipment worth over $2,000 – I understand it was in the spirit of fun and games, which is a risk you run if you participate in a parade the right way.

    • Patti Knight says:

      The Burien Elks were not in the parade this year and we’re not in any way involved in this incident.

    • Patti Knight says:

      The Burien Elks were not in the parade this year and we’re not involved in this incident

  8. steve b says:

    This sort of behavior is childish and foolish-however…
    what the hell do you expect when you are out in public supporting racism, misogyny and demagoguery. That’s what trump represents. I didn’t see one person of color on that truck-does this represent america? What sort of reaction does the KKK get when they go out in public? Are people supposed to think it’s okay? I’d rather have neighbors that throw water balloons than those that spread hatred and fear. I have seen racism my whole life, I have had close personal friends treated badly in front of my eyes. People who are okay with this hatred spewing jerk are the ones making all of us Americans look bad.

    • Joshua davis says:

      I had a front row view of the trump truck as I marched with the Beverly Park VBS volunteers. They certainly did have people of color in the truck. However, even if they were wearing white hoods and chanting “Satan is cool” we should still have enough respect for freedom of speech that we respond with words rather than throwing trash at them. Burien set a bad example for my children who were there and saw and heard everything

    • John Beavers says:

      It’s clear as day that there were different race on this trailer and truck but your blinders were on there was a 6’9guam man in the end of the truck a native American girl and a black child so let’s get real .

    • Jeff Johnson says:

      I couldn’t have said it better!

  9. Kellie Bassen says:

    Bad behavior, Burien. One side might think the other is horrific, but acting on hate makes the other side no better.

    Who is spreading hate? Both.

  10. Cedric da Entertainer says:

    What do you expect would happen driving a TRUMP truck thru downtown Burien?

    These people don’t want Trump to cut their welfare checks lol.

    • Too True says:

      Don’t forget about the free housing, free medical, free taxi’s, and that they will literally have to work for once and make a true living.
      And before anyone tells me I’m a racist… I am of Hispanic descent.

  11. Alan says:

    Look at them all. They’re just afraid that their welfare payments might decrease.

  12. Randy Johnson says:

    As the Trump float was ‘targeted’ earlier in the parade as well, I don’t believe that this accusatory letter to the editor should be taken with any credence…


  13. Jimmy says:

    Well if the management of bar was allowing people to drink out on the side walk (public property) to over intoxicated levels then maybe the liquid board needs to look in to these actions. This seems like a case of public intoxication . Also did anyone call the police this could have put a stop to this rather quickly and put a few people in the drunk tank for the night.

    Why are politicians at the parade in the first place is driving a truck down a couple of roads really going to bring in more votes.

    Also when will people realize it does not matter what name you pick to vote for it’s the Congress you have to worry about they are one’s controlling the bs.

  14. Randy Johnson says:

    @ Jimmy….
    To a large degree, your comment that the “…Congress you have to worry about…” is correct, it is also HIGHLY likely that whomever is elected this fall will have the opportunity to nominate at least one and maybe as many as 4.

    Several justices are statistically likely to retire in the coming years. None of them have revealed plans to step down, and if all of them stick around through the end of Obama’s term, the 2016 presidential election could lead to a cataclysmic reshaping of the Supreme Court, and with it the country.

    As of Election Day in 2016, three of the nine justices will be more than 80 years old. A fourth will be 78.

    The average retirement age for a Supreme Court justice is 78.7, according to a 2006 study by the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy.

    • Jimmy says:

      See these type of issues are always brought up with a presidential elections. Now how many politicians actually follow through with what they say or what people think there going to do.

      Also no matter how many surveys there are it’s up to the individual person if they want to retire some chose to work till they pass away. Just because some Harvard study says oh they reach the magical number it’s time for them to leave. Means there actually going to leave.

      Or just because one media outlet or who ever says oh that side going to do this and that and the other side there going to do the exact opposite oh there so wrong don’t vote for them. Does not mean you have to drink the kool aid and believe them with out looking in to the facts.

      This what most politicians and PAC’s hope for is that you will believe their ads and not take the time to look in to the facts. Or you will believe the talking heads on the 24hrs news stations(that get paid to fill time) this why they allow for these talking heads to talk over each other and never get a full clear cut answer.

  15. Gregory Duff says:

    Throwing a water balloon at someone is assault. I don’t care if it is only a balloon it is still assault. The picture above shows the guy in the act of assaulting someone. Why is the Burien Police Department not arresting this guy. I am sure he could be identified by someone from this picture.
    I don’t care if you are a Trump supporter or not. You have the right to vote for whomever you choose. One of the problems in Burien has been that if people don’t agree with your politics they will do whatever they can to shut you down, put you down or bully you. Unfortunately Burien has become the laughing stock of most of the cities in the area because of how things are run.
    Now, lets see the negative comments start about what I just said and you can prove me right.

    • Randy Johnson says:

      @Gregory Duff –
      THROWING a water balloon at someone is NOT assault. Hitting someone with a water balloon might be considered assault.
      I don’t see any photos in the OP’s posting that shows anyone committing assault.

      Again, it seems disingenuous to say that people opposing Trump are “put(ting) you down, or bullying you…” when Trumps own actions appear to affirm this method of communication in EVERYTHING he says and does.

      • Gregory Duff says:

        Randy, it is not just Trump supporters that get put down. It is anybody who goes against the political machine in Burien. I have seen first hand how nasty people can get when you don’t go along with certain people. I have not said much on the blog or much in public since I unsuccessfully ran for office in Burien. What I did see was the horrible side of politics. I do not tell people I’m from Burien anymore because I am tired of the “I’m sorry” reaction I always got. Someday the people of Burien will wake up and see the state of their government and their leaders and regretfully it will probably be too late.
        And, by the way, Randy, you proved my point by trying to nit pic what I said. Any sensible person would know that I meant being hit by a water balloon and not just throwing it but since you can’t justify the persons actions, you would rather attack what I said….typical.

        • Randy Johnson says:

          @Gregory Duff – A “… sensible person…” would have stated FACTS instead of trying to elicit an emotional response by using terms such as ‘assault’. (sarcasm on)Happy to help you prove your own point Gregory, by stating actual FACT instead of spewing CRAP hoping it will be taken as truth. (sarcasm off)
          Facts do NOT equal ATTACKS.
          I don’t believe I was attempting to justify anyone’s actions, only pointing out the GROSS inaccuracy in your own statement.,

          Don’t attempt to grind your own axes about your experiences within Burien City politics, they are all well documented. I cannot make any judgement on such, as I never witnessed anything firsthand.

    • Kelly says:

      @Geoffrey Duff and anyone upset only at those that threw water balloons at the Trump truck. Other parade participants had water guns shot at them and water balloons thrown, most laughed about it and threw balloon that didn’t pop back. The person in the photo with a water gun is a kid (it’s close up so that shouldn’t be a problem for people to see)…. I would also like to note that not all those on the truck are innocent as the driver wants to state. One of the people (in the back of the truck) hurled a water balloon at the area we were sitting in and hit a child in the side of the head (we were in front of B & E meats not in front of the bar), not to mention the guy walking behind the truck that was shouting that if we didn’t like it them go home.

      I saw the truck before the parade began and made a comment that I hoped the guy had insurance on his truck because of all the stuff that has happened at rallies and events.

      All in all this whole thing is ridiculous, it is not about welfare, white trash, racism, or anything else. It was a parade: noun pa·rade \pə-ˈrād\

      Full Definition of parade
      : a pompous show : exhibition
      a : the ceremonial formation of a body of troops before a superior officer
      b : a place where troops assemble regularly for parade
      a : an informal procession
      b : a public procession
      c : a usually lengthy array or succession
      a : a place for strolling
      b : those who promenade

      I think definition number one is fitting. Lord forbid anyone that was upset with this parade go to the Torchlight Parade, people in the parade as well as on lookers get a little crazy. Good luck to those of you that insist on making this such a big deal.

      On a side note, both candidates are disliked in this state because both are criminals that don’t have to face justice like everyone else does AND freedom of speech is freedom of speech, period.

  16. Coleah says:

    This incidence was heard about in the Midwest and further East as well. On a day when we celebrate our independence people have a right to express their freedom of speech. People are free to participate in parades and observers are free to give a thumbs up or down at passing units. People do NOT have a right to throw objects at people (especially elderly women’s heads!!), nor to damage vehicles.

    Unbelievable reading anyone attempting to justify such low life, violent and lacking in self-control behavior. Your community’s reputation across the country is nothing to be proud of.

  17. Marianne says:

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  18. James L says:

    If this incident wasn’t an assault. Well let’s just move up the street where two girls got shot last night over fireworks and a driving complaint. ..What a town hu!!!..

  19. Chuck says:

    I sat in front of the library and nothing was thrown at the trump truck but the crowd just went silent until it had passed us. A few people gave thumbs down or a finger and a couple of trump supporters yelled out but, the silence was pretty pronounced.

  20. Chuck says:

    If this letter to the editor was written by the would be local politician Chuck Rangle, we will remember who you were supporting next time you run for an office and are looking for votes.

  21. JJ Greive says:

    If you are a supporter extreme candidate, you might get and extreme reaction, I am just saying…

  22. Randy Johnson says:

    Hmmm. It’s interesting that the B-town Blog’s self proclaimed “…youngest ever contributor..” states in her bylined piece at http://b-townblog.com/2016/07/05/photos-by-isabel-scenes-from-buriens-95th-independence-day-parade/ that

    The Trump Truck may have not had the biggest water fight at the parade – Float G2 had an epic two-sided water battle with the same group of spectators, which was so well executed by both sides you would think it was pre-arranged in the name of good clean fun.
    What the Trump Truck supporter did not mention in his letter was the heated exchange that occurred at the very end of the parade between it and the people on the G2 float. Without getting into who started what (not 100% sure on that), it escalated to punches thrown and many nearby adults standing around doing nothing.
    Because we walked the last bit of the parade with the Highline Bears, we listened to non-stop boos aimed at the Trump Truck ahead of us, and witnessed the epic water battle with Float G2 behind us. We also got to witness the Bears jump in and diffuse the end-of-route fight without taking sides.

  23. Daddy Warbucks says:

    This is great. Everyone should stand up against racism, misogyny, bigotry and overall hate. These people were marching in the name of a candidate who projects all these things therefore making them just as much to blame. My mother calls it “guilty by association”. As someone who follows politics very closely and is very much in the middle, I consider anyone who supports Trump to be a racist, bigot, homophobe or misogynist among other things. If they weren’t all filled with so much, hate, they wouldn’t vote for a candidate who has based an entire political platform on it.

    Good for them, the balloon thrower. Trump and his people need to know perpetuating hate is not ok. That kind of behavior is as un-American as it gets.

  24. PJ says:

    What an embarrassment for the city, because you don’t agree with another it’s OK to attack them whether it be verbally or physically – no not OK, on either side of the political fence.

  25. All Grown Up says:

    Funny, the silent crowd at the library got their point across much louder than the rabble rousers at the bar. I believe there are good people in both crowds but we have Freedom of Speech in this country, rather than Freedom of Bullying, for a reason.

  26. AD says:

    I am sorry, maybe the folks on the Trump truck were from another town or have never attended the Burien parade before? Almost twenty years of attending the parade- and been soaked by water balloons and super soakers every single year. Never heard anyone complain about it before. This year was no different than all those other parades. And there is a rule against throwing things ? Really? Tons of candy gets pelted out and is the highlight of the parade for the younger set from what I have seen… I agree that violence is not appropriate at any time, but not sure why the water balloons and soakers came as such a surprise ….

  27. AD says:

    I have attended the annual Burien 4th parade for almost 20 years, and this year was again soaked by water balloons and super soakers. Haven’t made it dry out of a single parade as a bystander or participant. Maybe the fellow complaining is from out of town or hasn’t attended before? An earlier poster said that nothing is allowed to be thrown from the participants- really? Toys, necklaces, and especially candy have been the main attraction for the kids for years too. I am sorry that there was violent confrontation after the parade, but the water and thrown items- this shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone who had attended before.

  28. AD says:

    Sorry for repetition- submission info didn’t come up and thought I needed to re-write.

  29. Ben Hennessy says:

    Aw, did the poor lil’ Trump babies get wet?

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