LETTER: Highline School District Teacher endorses Nov. 8 School Bond

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

As a Highline School District teacher, I see firsthand how our district’s rapid growth is impacting our kids’ educational opportunities.

Our classrooms are overcrowded, and unless we come up with a solution, this problem is only going to get worse. The Highline School District has grown by 1,500 students in the past five years alone, and projections show that our enrollment will continue to increase.

In fact, at Parkside Elementary School, where I teach, we are over the allowed enrollment numbers in nearly every grade level.  Rather than have to uproot children and families to make class size appropriate, we’d much prefer to keep our kids and actually have a place for them. But our school isn’t even the most in need of support from our community.

That’s why I’m enthusiastically supporting the Highline School District’s Nov. 8 Proposition 1 bond measure. It improves our students’ educational opportunities while prioritizing our most urgent needs to keep costs down for taxpayers. It will save money in the long run by dealing with problems now when they are cheaper to fix.

It also ensures student and teacher safety by updating our schools to meet modern fire and earthquake codes, and adds technology to monitor who is coming and going.

You can learn more at www.yesforhighline.org.

Please join me in supporting our schools, our students and our teachers. Vote “yes” on Highline School District Proposition 1.

Thara Cooper
Parkside Elementary School
Highline School District

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9 Responses to “LETTER: Highline School District Teacher endorses Nov. 8 School Bond”
  1. Jimmy says:

    Oh come on pay more for education is this what we want. Don’t people like having kids that run at all hours of day and night playing a video game on there phones.

    More students that think it’s fine not to wear a safety belt when riding in a car with a driver with limited driving experience. Come on we need to hear more bass rattling are windows durning the day.

    Don’t we just need more morons climbing in are windows stealling are stuff.

    Oh wait no we don’t need anymore of this bull**** so Vote for highline already.

    Before these little whipper snapper’s climb in your windows trying to steal your fart monsters.

  2. Scotti says:

    Thank you for your letter. I am 100% in favor of voting for this!

  3. Question Authority says:

    What about the cost of all the “ESL” and the lack of taxes generated by those families who work under the table or out of the Home Depot parking lot. Truthful reality.

    • Bridgewatch says:

      ESL, is that an “ethnic food”?…who are you kidding…give it a rest! OMG! Constantly attacking “ethnicity”….just calling it the way it comes across…your not fooling anyone! We are all immigrants who pay taxes in one way or another.

      • Jimmy says:

        ESL is a common abbreviation used in schools and it stands for “English as a Second Language.” Schools will often use the term ESL when describing the programs that educate students who are not native English speakers and for describing the ‘ESL students’ themselves

        What is racist about this it’s the term used for speaking about students that are non native English-speaking.

        So calling it a ethnic food is rather rude and ironically racist.

    • HSD Teacher says:

      As this problem is unsolvable at the local level, this issue should not affect your decision to fund our schools and support all the students with their education.

  4. Concerned Voter says:

    What about a District that has the lowest per capita income in the County? This bond is part one of a Half a Billion Dollar money grab. Why not find out what the District can afford instead of putting people out of their homes because they can’t afford the taxes. This bond is on top of other bonds that we are still paying on. And there are more to come.
    Sure everyone has a wish list but affording it is the question of the day. Why hasn’t it been asked?

    • Carol Sheppard says:

      Oh here we go again… claims of folks who will be put out of their homes because they can’t afford the taxes. Your rhetoric is a hyperbolic attack, with very little basis in fact. In this particular housing market, and current low interest rates, homeowners have a lot of options. I honestly don’t think anyone is going to lose their home if this bond passes.
      Your claims are just more of the same ‘no bond’ B.S. we heard last year, insinuating a nefarious “money grab” as if there is some conspiracy afoot instead of years of aging and neglect that clearly started long before this current administration.
      Our kids (well I’m guessing you don’t have any actual kids currently attending school in the district) …my kids and those of my neighbors, and all of our grandchildren to come need safe, functioning buildings and equipment.
      The plain fact is that we cannot wait until the other bonds are retired and we need to start now before housing values (not to mention construction costs) go up more. The new taxes will be assessed at these current assessed values, and these precise taxes will not rise as the market values rise in the next few years. That is not how it works. Just more scare tactics from the “no” side.

      Our kids have waited long enough. What we can’t afford, is to wait any longer.

      • Scotti says:

        This is the most intelligent, thoughtful comment I see on this page. Thank you Carol! As a community we must provide a basic education to all of our kids. My children are too old to benefit from this bond, they will have graduated before any new schools are built, but I know that I, and the entire community, are responsible for all the children coming into our public schools. I’m happy to vote yes! If I have to pay taxes for anything, education is at the top of the list.

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