JACK MAYNE EDITORIAL: Local cities need to add more cops

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Commentary by Senior Writer Jack Mayne

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With the biennial budgets of the cities of South King County about to be finalized, we hope the city councils will seriously consider adding more police officers. Day after day we see audacious criminals on the streets stealing from yards, mailboxes and from inside our homes.

Our police departments are doing their very best, but criminal problems are increasing.

We are not talking about homeless people, the majority of whom are solid, law-abiding citizens, but it is a criminal element that grows right along with the growth of population.

During the recent recession, budget constraints fairly well kept cities from the expensive addition of police, but now the economy is alive and well.

Burien is considering the addition of two officers, partly paid for by a recent grant the city received. The Councils of SeaTac and Des Moines have proposal before them for two additional officers each. A citizen’s suggestion of 18 more officers in Burien was clearly impossible and beyond serious consideration.

But two more are an important and affordable way to increase the enforcement of laws intended to protect our citizens. People are worried about crime and especially as the pressures of housing costs are forcing more and more people out of the cities of the Seattle metropolitan area and into the nearby suburbs we call home.

We hope the Councils will do the right and responsible thing and add two more police officers in each of our cities.

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10 Responses to “JACK MAYNE EDITORIAL: Local cities need to add more cops”
  1. Lee Moyer says:

    “criminal problems are increasing”. What are the actual statistical facts? I doubt that they will support that statement. Even our own police chief basically said two more officers will not matter much but it will make the citizens feel better.
    There is always anecdotal evidence by some one who was victimized and it had never happened to him before, but that is not an increase in crime, just awareness.

  2. Lonnie Lopez says:

    Actually, we DON’T need to hire more racist pigs who have no oversight and no discipline. We need more community-based neighborhood watches and greater accountability for current pigs.

    • Out here on the edge says:

      Just wait until your vacant home is vandalized and ransacked while you are in the hospital. Perhaps when you have actually talked with one or two of the officers who help you after such an incident, you won’t be so inclined to call them names. For every officer who is a bad egg, there are hundreds/thousands just trying to take care of the messes we humans make every day for one another… at the risk of their own lives. Your comments show little thought of the consequence of what you suggest.

    • Lee Moyer says:

      Neighborhood watches and greater accountability require better communication. Spiteful name calling destroys communication.

    • Question Authority says:

      Lauren, is that you hiding behind that name?

      • Lee Moyer says:

        Q A disparaging someone he suspects could be using an alias.
        It seems that is almost the definition of hypocrisy.

        • Question Authority says:

          I was replying to Lonnie Lopez who seems to hold the same hatred and disgust as someone named Lauren, hope you don’t harbor like positions as well?

  3. johnny says:

    we need at least two more. one of my homes has been broken in to four times in two years the police have all been nice. the druged out bums need too be delt with this city is going too hell fast.

  4. Out here on the edge says:

    I wonder if ‘Neighborhood Watch’ has gone the way of trusting a stranger to watch your luggage while you run to the loo. Think about all the members of a neighbor’s home knowing your comings and goings. What if one or more of them has a drug problem? Is a pedophile? Or, has a gambling problem? All of these are examples of things that are going on in most of our neighborhoods. This is not to say that you don’t also have neighbors you know and trust. It may be best to rely on those whom you have come to know over time, as well as the police security suggestions when developing plans
    for your family’s safety.
    When I hear of the mean spirited and violent attitudes in our schools and on our roads, let alone the various other crimes committed by people with
    no respect for anyone, I feel we need more police presence.

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