Help King County Library System ‘Shape Its Future’ at Saturday meeting

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The King County Library System is seeking the public’s input to help shape its future at a Strategic Planning: Community Conversation this Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016, from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at the Burien Library.

“Libraries are ever-changing. Should libraries be all about books? Should libraries help to solve community problems? Or, are libraries obsolete?

Come help the King County Library System (KCLS) explore these and other questions. Your participation will help shape the Library’s future as we work to adapt to the needs of the communities we serve.”

This is an open and free meeting.

The Burien Library is located at 400 SW 152nd Street.

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4 Responses to “Help King County Library System ‘Shape Its Future’ at Saturday meeting”
  1. dj says:

    it would be nice if the burien library wasn’t a homeless shelter.

    • Just thinking says:

      DJ, do you have a proposal for other options for folks to get out of the weather? Since there are basically no homeless shelter services in Burien, (Hospitality House serves only a few women over 18, not in domestic violence situation, without children) I agree that it would be great if Burien (and the region in general) had better homeless services. It is not the fault of any public agency that must open their doors to non-lawbreaking citizens that they might become a defacto day shelter when there are no organized options.

      • Out here on the edge says:

        I’m thinking much the same thing as you ‘just thinking’. We need to become a civilized society again. How can we call our selves civilized and expect our children to learn the way of a civilized society, if we can’t find a way to help those of ‘US’ who are not with the means to take care of themselves? We send money and goods all around the world to help those in need in other countries. We used to believe making bathrooms available to the public made sense. We used to know how to provide food and shelter to those who were down on their luck. But somehow we have become all too willing to throw everyone who is having a hard time into the same pot of ‘homelessness’ and ascribe such things as druggy, thief, and worse to one and all. It might be worthwhile to imagine what you would do if you suddenly found yourself without a roof over your head, a pot to p__ in or the money for food. No shower, clean clothes or way of getting them. We hear about the sky rocketing rents, the need for money for background checks and the like. Just think what that sounds like if you have nothing and can’t figure out how to earn some money. Add a child or two and it must be the type of things that scares one blind to any belief of hope.
        Those of us who are ‘getting by’ surely must know how close we all are to this type of tragedy. While we are still able we must rally for a more civilized society. A society that helps people through tough times and reminds us all that to be human is to sometimes fail and yet be able to try and try again until we succeed. As a society we must also try again and again until we succeed in helping our fellow humans when they are in need.

  2. Sally Mackey says:

    I’m not able to attend the meeting this morning, so I’m submitting this comment by email. I use the wonderful Burien Library for books. However, I also attended the recent panel and discussion Climate Outloud. It was fabulous. More such offerings on important issues would be beneficial for our community. I was informed about this via Rebecca and Bill, Sustainable Burien. I think there’s a problem of how to inform Burien citizens of such offerings. I subscribe to the Westside Weekly. I don’t blog. Only email on the computer.

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