VIDEO: Police chase, search for burglary suspect Friday; video released

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From our sister site The Waterland Blog:

At 11:30 a.m. Friday morning (Dec. 30, 2016), Des Moines Police Officers responded to a burglary in progress at a residence in the 25800 block of Marine View Drive South (map below).

The resident – who was not at home at the time – was watching video of a burglary suspect in her house on her cell phone. She called 911, and also dialed a neighbor who went next door and confronted the suspect. A fight took place and the suspect suffered minor injuries before fleeing in a dark colored Honda.

Sgt. Doug Jenkins told The Waterland Blog that police located the suspect vehicle not too far from where the incident occurred and attempted to stop the car, but the suspect fled. He went south on 16th Ave, west on S. 272nd Street and into Redondo. Speeds reached up to 100 MPH on Redondo Beach Drive, and the pursuit continued onto 1st Ave South into Federal Way.

Below is a video showing the suspect as he was in the house:

Read the full story here.

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5 Responses to “VIDEO: Police chase, search for burglary suspect Friday; video released”
  1. Out here on the edge says:

    Certainly looks like someone comfortably plying his trade as a burglar. So is that a female cohort who is warning him by phone that “The police are here right now”…?
    Hope the home owner caught him before he stashed anything else. Only problem if he did not lift anything, is that he can getaway with just ‘breaking and entering’ and of course fleeing the cops and perhaps assault of the neighbor. Still, hope they got the license plate of the get away car. Or, was that stolen, too?

    This reminds me, with all of our ability to track people via their phones, why not have
    license plates with similar technology? Yes I know, thieves could dismantle it, but perhaps some techie could figure a way to have the connection in multiple/optional places on the vehicle. Yes I know, some people would find this like ‘big brother’ taking over, so make the feature available for those who want it. I’m thinking for help with both car theft and when someone goes missing or is kidnapped. Just think if the police or anyone else could point their phone at a license and get the number on their phone! I also think it is high time for a device which sets off an alarm when a vehicle is hot wired.

  2. Question Authority says:

    Junkies! He needs a extra strong dose of bad dope.

  3. ursula says:

    at :44-45 you can hear his female cohort say “hi Andrew…….the police are here right now”

    • FYI it’s possible that the female voice heard is actually the homeowner talking as the DMPD recorded the video playback of her surveillance camera – not necessarily the audio from the recording itself…

  4. Concerned Readers says:

    Click “read the full story” link provided for details from Waterland Blog, KOMO news and the Police Department. Glad no one got hurt, scary for that neighbor. Please be careful.
    News reported that the high speed chase had ended in Dash Point Area, car was stolen, and I don’t see any reports after that, so this person may still be at large. That’s a residential neighborhood.

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