Election of Deputy Mayor, Quiet Skies, human services & more on council agenda

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The Burien City Council will be holding a Study Session on Monday, Jan. 23, 2017, starting at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

On the agenda is the election of a new Deputy Mayor, funding of and a possible partnership with the Quiet Skies Coalition, creating a Human Services Funding Allocation Ad Hoc Committee., an Immigration Diversity Committee, and more.

Download a PDF of the agenda here.

Here’s what’s on the docket:

7:00 p.m.

a. Election of Deputy Mayor.

a. Continued Discussion Regarding Potential Partnership with the Quiet Skies Coalition for Purposes of Possible Litigation.

b. Discussion and Potential Action on Resolution No. 385, Establishing a Human Services Funding Allocation Ad Hoc Committee.

c. Discussion Regarding Establishing an Immigration Diversity Committee in Burien.

d. ILA between the City of Burien and the City of Des Moines for Tony Piasecki’s Witness Testimony in PERC Case No. 128243-P-16.

e. Review of Council Proposed Agenda Schedule.

a. Meetings Report: January 2017, from Councilmember Tosta

Burien City Hall is located at 400 SW 152nd Street.

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4 Responses to “Election of Deputy Mayor, Quiet Skies, human services & more on council agenda”
  1. Out here on the edge says:

    I encourage everyone to open the PDF link above the grey insert above. Among many other interesting and important topics, you will find info about up coming meetings including closing dates for applications for City Manager, Parks and Recreation Manager and how Chairman of the various new Committees are to be selected. Yes, Lauren B could become Chair for one of these committees. UGH!

    • Question Authority says:

      Make it a requirement that you must be present at the meeting in order to participate and or lead it, by doing that she will never qualify.

  2. chuck rangel says:

    Right now, this second, I am watching the swearing in of the new President and the new President. It was accomplished by those men taking “an oath of office” which including swearing to upholding and defending the constitution of the United States.

    Any one think that oath is meaningless? Please do not be ignorant.

    An oath is not something to simply ignore or put aside when it is convenient to ones current circumstances. The city council members take an oath of office. If they do not live up to it they should be, no must be, removed.

  3. Lilly says:

    Burien doesnot need to spend any more money on human services, we need to tighten our belts,and spend the money in house!!!!

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