City seeking ideas for new Downtown Wayfinding System at March 16 event

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The City of Burien announced that it is preparing a ‘Downtown Wayfinding System’ design, and they’re seeking public input at an event set for Thursday, March 16 at Merrill Gardens.

The event is open to the public, and runs from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

What is wayfinding and what does it provide?
Wayfinding signage guides people through a physical environment and enhances their understanding and experience of the place, guiding the user to specific destinations. It can be a network of signs that guides the user (vehicle, bicyclist, and/or pedestrian) to destinations such as municipal services, medical services, parking, parks and trails and other desired destinations. Wayfinding signage is intended as a visual communication system directing first-time visitors, but can also help provide a sense of place, adding an aesthetic look and feel to the district with the use of color, symbols, fonts and other visual cues.

“A downtown wayfinding system for Downtown Burien will not only help navigate visitors from place to place, but will support the identity of Downtown as a great place,” the city said. “The sign design will incorporate the City’s new brand.”

Here’s more info from the city:


  • Creates a sense of place
  • Enhances the visitor experience
  • Helps visitors find their way
  • Builds brand equity
  • Tells stories
  • Promotes various modes of transportation
  • Has positive economic impact

“We want to hear from you! Drop in to learn about the project, share your ideas and provide input directly to the project consultant. Drop in and share ideas!”

Event details:

WHEN: Thursday March 16, 2017, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Merrill Gardens at Burien, 15020 5th Ave SW, Burien (map below).

Call Chris Craig at 206-436-5579, or email [email protected].

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5 Responses to “City seeking ideas for new Downtown Wayfinding System at March 16 event”
  1. Joel M says:

    New logo and now wayfinding? Did our city enter a throw-money-away contest? Are we winning?

  2. Maureen says:

    Please note: This phase of the Wayfinding Project is being funded through grant monies from the Port of Seattle.

    • TooTaxed says:

      So the port levies a property tax on us, gives it to the City and we are supposed to think this is not costing us money? Come on! Read it here:

      On Page 1 it says:
      Burien – $48,810
      Design signage that creates a walkable multi-modal downtown environment to attract visitors, new businesses and commercial development, as recommended in the city’s Downtown Mobility Study.

      If the design is going to cost $48,000 how much can we expect the signage and the rest of the folderol?

      • Speak the truth says:

        Too taxed: While I agree you are correct that we are all paying for this through property tax collected for Port of Seattle (PoS), that is not tax money that the City of Burien excercises control over for disbursement. Rather than objecting to the city trying recoup taxes paid to another entity (PoS), I applaud our city for trying to bring those funds back to the community that paid the taxes. Ideally, we would force our state representatives to change the legal framework so that we 1) quit subsidizing PoS with our direct property taxes AND 2) repeal the PoS exemption from paying property taxes (removing that exemption alone would greatly increase the funding available for Highline School District, amongst other local needs). PoS has a strong revenue stream through its existing facilities that should be sufficient to provide their operating funds. PoS should have a strong enough balance sheet to float bonds to pay for large capital improvement projects, or else seek other funding sources for large projects. The time for taxpayers to subsidize PoS is long past. The residents of Burien and South King County need to have the PoS pay for remediation of the costs they externalize onto our community. You and I both pay higher property tax rates due to PoS refusing to pay property tax on SeaTac Airport alone.

  3. Time to move on ... says:

    Who comes up with this crap? We ask for lighting and surveillance cameras and we get signs for gangs to tag. To be paid for by The Port, no less. The Port, that fills our sky with noise at all hours, cut’s down our trees to discourage our eagles, and lowers our property value in any number of ways.

    While the rest of King County is in the middle of a terrific increase in value, here little Burien sits handicapped by a town council that barely finds time to attend meetings. There is so little business savvy by this group of do nothings, that they are completely missing every opportunity to truly better our community. They are continually side tracked with one red herring or another, for months at a time.

    It really is very sad to watch, with no end in sight. Good bye Burien, I’m glad I knew you when.

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