Major police activity in downtown Burien Monday night was due to robbery call

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If you’re wondering what all the police activity was in downtown Burien on Monday night (March 13), police tell us that just before 8 p.m. they received a call of a robbery in the area of SW 152nd Street and 4th Ave SW (map below).

When deputies arrived, they saw three suspects running from the area.

Deputies gave chase and apprehended one of the men running, who also had narcotics on him.

“The victim of the robbery disappeared and was never located, but the suspect was booked for the narcotics,” Sgt. Cindi West told The B-Town Blog.

We also received reports that people in nearby restaurants and businesses were told to stay inside during the pursuit.

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4 Responses to “Major police activity in downtown Burien Monday night was due to robbery call”
  1. beyond comprehension says:

    Let me understand this…the huge downtown mayhem last night was over a robbery? But the victim left and the perp was captured on the plaza of Merrill Gardens with drugs? Who are we really kidding? and we shut the city down for this silliness…do you really think restaurant patrons will return after they were told to stay in place? The shock for the new $40 million dollar property Merrill Gardens…unbelievable! This goes on all the time where a Burien drug dealer is rolled or held up and then calls the police. Burien, can’t you see the foolishness of this whole charade and waste of time and resources? We look like fools…the drug dealers are winning when they call the police because they were robbed and we shut the economic engine of Burien down to handle these fools. Who would ever want to have a viable business here? I am sure the perp was out of jail by noon today.

  2. Sam Smith says:

    Sounds like a drug deal gone bad

  3. Dogboy says:

    SW 152nd and 4th SW? Fast becoming the highest crime intersection in the state!

  4. Catwomen says:

    Most scary place is there.
    Burien downtown around city hall
    burien elliott bay brewery.backside road
    Too much homeless peoples and gangsters

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