Man wanted for White Center bank robbery arrested at Burien Library Wed.

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The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a man who attempted to rob a US Bank in White Center around 1 p.m. Wednesday (March 29) has been found and arrested in Burien.

The suspect – who attempted to rob the bank in the 9800 block of 15th Ave SW (map below) – was found in the Burien Library by a Detective.

He is a 24-year old transient man.

“When he entered the bank today he displayed a note and did not get any cash before fleeing on foot,” Sgt. Cindi West said.

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18 Responses to “Man wanted for White Center bank robbery arrested at Burien Library Wed.”
  1. JJ Greive says:

    Nice job! Like to hear stories of our local cops protecting the community.

  2. unhappy says:

    Of course he was found at the Burien library.

  3. Spot The Borg Cat says:

    Thank you for a speedy capture and no one hurt. Thank You, BPD!

  4. Wondering says:

    They’re on duty around the clock protecting us. Maybe that is why you don’t hear more stories. Reminds me of something about “an ounce of prevention”.

  5. Question Authority says:

    One more all day camper seat has become available at the Library/Daycare. Birds of a feather •••

  6. QA1 says:

    Why am I not surprised?

  7. QA1 says:

    ….and one wonders why families and folks in general don’t use the library anymore? I have a recollection that either the Burien Library or King Co. Library System as a whole had record numbers of useage per capita 5-10 years ago. I’m willing to bet those numbers have changed for the worse in the last 5 years. Very disheartening.

  8. Mark Ufkes says:

    Would a Burien Homeless Day Center have kept this guy in Burien instead of robbing our bank in White Center? When found by the police, was he sitting by himself in the Burien library, or sitting with the other apparent homeless folks, wrapped in sleeping bags, sitting in the same chairs every day, on the first and second floor of the Burien library?

    Those in social, psychological or economic distress need a place where they can be taken, that monitors their TB and other health risks, and gets them to a safe place, with hot coffee, out of the rain during the day . But also out of the library. That is not why libraries are built; day housing for the homeless. Remember, as I have been told many times by mental health professionals, people must want help, which usually requires them to reach rock bottom before they commit to getting on a better path. If life is too easy on the streets, some folks will stay on the streets. No taxpayer will accept that without strict management protocols that push people to seek help. If they won’t seek help and go clean, make their street lives less comfortable until they do. When they seek improvement, society needs to be there with them.

    A gray haired Eagle Scout’s perspective . . .

    Mark Ufkes Eagle Scout -1973
    White Center Seattle

    • tom taaffe says:

      Thank you, Mark for an intelligent assessment of a problem that is not just a library problem or even an area wide problem but a nationwide problem. In fact, there is a huge homeless encampment on East Hastings street in Vancouver, B.C. and many places elsewhere
      I do not have an answer either other than treating these wretches with a little kindness and compassion for a starter as you suggest.
      The blogs that drip with sarcasm and blame, and there are so many, may entertain some and inflame some but they don’t help to alleviate the problem one bit. Tom

      • Peter says:

        Well, just to clarify, Mark points out that if life on the streets is too easy, then some will stay on the streets, and “to make their lives more uncomfortable” until they seek help. When they seek help we need to be there with them and provide them the tools to recover.

        Many people in Burien (and on this blog) are naturally frustrated and angered over a city leadership which is at best indifferent to the concerns of Burien’s citizens and the crime problem in general. And at worst, considers policies which enable the behavior that perpetuates the problem.

        I once encountered a young homeless person in the BC area you referred to – she was panhandling in front of a convenience store. Feeling pity for her (who doesn’t?) but not wanting to give money, I instead bought a sandwich for her. She promptly walked up to the cashier and returned it for cash – right in front of me. No doubt to buy drugs. Its too easy. We need to give them opportunities to clean up – but not enable the ones who refuse help.

  9. Diane says:


  10. Cindy says:

    Thank you KC Sheriffs Dept./Burien PD! I have to wonder if the Burien library is one of the first places they now look for criminals!?!

  11. rlc says:

    Bank robbers in the library, sex offenders, stolen shopping carts everywhere, shootings cars broken into, drive by shootings, murders. It goes on and on. Stores getting shoplifted to death, Yep off duty officers having to work the library because its so unsafe. Our city council makes sure they pay for the officer to work the library so they are safe upstairs. What about the rest of us? Most businesses are turning in trespass no loitering forms with Burien Police because the problem is getting so bad. I drove past the library last week and saw stolen shopping carts and 2 bikes hanging from the tree out front. I had to do a double take on the bikes. People we have got to elect people who care about Burien and make cleaning it up solving the crime problem number 1. They just built a retirement center behind city hall and I fear for the safety of the elderly people who will be out and about. We should feel safe in our city and attract businesses but the crime problem makes new businesses look elsewhere. It’s time to stand up and be heard. Thanks and be safe out there watch your surrounding’s.

    • capt obvious says:

      So it’s the city council fault that two people in a bar got in to a argument to the point where one pulled a firearm and shot the other person. It’s the city council fault that we have people that live in burien that choose to rip each off talk trash act as gangsters then shoot at each other. It’s the city council fault that some choose to treat every homeless person or unshaven person as a criminal.

      I never knew the city council was so involved in things

      • tom taaffe says:

        But of course Captain Obvious. We must realize that there is an easy answer to these problems. Just look at the string. The writers know who to blame and what the solutions are. It is obvious Captain Obvious.
        Or is it? Tom

  12. Question Authority says:

    I have to wonder if the recent trouble currently in the news about the head of the KC Library system boss has anything to do with the Burien branch he has obviously failed to manage?

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