Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal speaks to standing-room only crowd Thursday

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Deputy Mayor Nancy Tosta introduced Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal at Thursday night’s Town Hall at the Burien Community Center.

Story & Photos by Maureen Hoffmann

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal was introduced by Deputy Mayor Nancy Tosta to a standing-room-only gathering at a Town Hall held in the Burien Community Center on Thursday evening, April 20.

It was a largely supportive and enthusiastic crowd, with a few hecklers on the sidelines.

The first question came from two young girls from the “Bully Busters,” a group of Seattle 6th graders who started an anti-bullying campaign. Ms. Jayapal knew them and welcomed them, then addressed their question about efforts to change the bullying stance we witness across the country.

The Congresswoman also took questions which covered the expected range of topics including education, healthcare, medication costs, the federal budget, immigration, and specific bills.

Councilmember Debi Wagner and former Burien Mayor Arun Jhaveri were among those that posed questions.

One Highline High School Freshman asked her about not only college-level education and tuition costs, but education in the broader sense. She applauded him for being so engaged as a freshman, thoughtful and present at the meeting.

There were those who had been to her other Town Halls, who appeared to want to grandstand, but Ms. Jayapal recognized them and courteously indicated that she would take questions from people that had not previously had the opportunity to ask questions.

As the Town Hall wrapped up, the Congresswoman moved around the room to meet and chat with community members.

Here’s raw video from a live Facebook feed of the event:

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11 Responses to “Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal speaks to standing-room only crowd Thursday”
  1. Clean it up! says:

    So heartened by Pramila’s interaction with our community! Thanks everyone for turning out and voicing your questions and concerns!

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  2. Awakened Liberal says:

    Wish I could have been there. I understand the video may be on her Facebook page.

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  3. Peter says:

    What exactly is meant by “bullying stance we witness across the country” ? Could it mean the bully protesters in Berkeley and across the country who riot to prevent people from speaking on college campuses? People who disagree with Jayapal’s agenda? Did anyone ask Jayapal a challenging question?

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    • Maureen says:

      Re: “the bullying stance”… that was just the question posed by the young girls. In their view, it’s not just in the schools, but in society at large as evidenced by the intolerance they see.

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    • Captain obvious says:

      I think she talking the bullying going on in schools. Trying to teach kids not to trash talk each other.

      But yes the morons at burkley or what ever where experiencing what’s call mob mentality that happens when so many people get conflicting news.Then think if they don’t react the same way as people around them then there the problem.

      Unfortunately we have a bunch of news media stations but all are owned buy a handful of people. That if they like the president then report he is great and everything he does is right. But if they don’t like the president then everything is wrong the world is ending. Chem trails are making frogs homosexual. Lobbyists are laughing and going yeah yeah tell the people that.

      Then you have to consider these 24hr news also have to fill 24hrs of time slots with news that can get a little difficult at times and please there advertisers. It’s a dying form of media that’s iv line has got a hole and it life support machine is slowly coming unplugged.

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    • Clean it up! says:

      You might watch the link provided above to see the wonderful meeting for yourself Peter and find that yes ‘tough questions’ were asked and two of the 6th graders who created the Bully Busters were present and asking to make people aware of this issue.
      Some of the tough questions I appreciated were these:
      1. Are the Democrats preparing their suggestions for improvement of Affordable Health Care? And is there still a possibility that it could become a single payer system, especially in the light that President Trump has been somewhat impressed by the Scottish single payer system.
      2. How will small towns find funding to help with the growing homeless situation many are facing?
      3. What can be done to assure seniors that they will be able to afford housing and care in their retirement years.
      There were many more of course but these were some that I was interested in.

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      • Peter says:

        Clean it up – tough questions?

        “are Democrats preparing their suggestions for improvement of affordable healthcare? Is there a possibility for single payer?”

        “What can be done to assure seniors will be able to afford housing?” etc. etc.

        I don’t think you don’t get it because those are easy softball questions with premises in line with Pramila’s left wing ideology.

        I would have preferred questions like this:

        “Pramila, how do you propose to fund the College for All Act without adding to the debt and without increasing taxes on middle class Americans?” (hint: its not possible).

        “Pramila, how will you ensure that the $15 minimum wage will not cause small businesses to stop or decrease hiring – denying young people the entry level jobs they need to start out?”

        Just a couple of questions I’d have asked if I’d been there. But I probably would have been considered a heckler.

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        • Clean it up! says:

          Watch the meeting on the link provided Peter maybe you will find that she did respond to your questions. Too bad you don’t think questions about affordable senior care and housing are important, but I’m not surprised.

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        • Tom Taaffe says:

          Peter: enough with the “left wing ideology” nonsense. You sound like a broken record.
          We can only hope for single payer health care. Now that I am on medicare I have the best health insurance I have ever had and I paid a ton for private insurance before.
          Affordable housing? All decent people hope so.
          And how about increasing taxes on the one percent who get so much and give so little – say the Trumps of our country.
          Every time he issue of raising minimum wage arises the nay sayers cry ” hurt small business”. Hasn’t happened. Won’t happen.
          Try to think kind thoughts for a change Peter. Tom

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  4. Jack says:

    Sounds like she wanted control over the meeting’s agenda. “Hecklers” and ” Grandstanding” are labels for people who don’t go along with the agenda. Hmmm.

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    • Clean it up! says:

      Jack, Pramila focused on questions from Burien residents. She did ask people who had already asked her questions at other community meets to give way to people from Burien.

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