Burien City Council votes to hire Brian Wilson as new City Manager

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At Monday night’s special meeting, the Burien City Council selected Brian Wilson as the new City Manager.

Wilson was one of the five final candidates that the council had been interviewing and considering since early April.

The vote came around 8:45 p.m., and was after an executive session that delayed the meeting’s start time to almost 8 p.m. There were two abstentions (Nancy Tosta and Austin Bell), and Wilson was selected by a 4-1 vote (voting ‘Yes’: Lucy Krakowiak, Bob Edgar, Debi Wagner, Stephen Armstrong; voting ‘No’ was Lauren Berkowitz).

Wilson has been serving most recently as the Commission Chair for the Corral Springs Water District in Douglas County, WA.

Previously he served in Federal Way as the Chief of Staff for two years, the City Manager and Police Chief for one year, the Police Chief for eight years, and the Deputy Police Chief for ten years.

In a statement, Wilson said his most significant achievement was addressing a revenue shortfall in 2010 and submitting a balanced 2011-12 biennial budget. Budget reductions of $11.4 million (approximately 15 percent) were needed. After more than 18 months of work, the 2011-12 biennial budget was passed without any changes or amendments.

Wilson added that he is “proud of successfully managing the change from a council-manager to mayor-council form of government.”

He has a Bachelor in Criminal Justice & Sociology from Washington State University and a Master in Public Administration from Seattle University.

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12 Responses to “Burien City Council votes to hire Brian Wilson as new City Manager”
  1. Burien Human says:

    Awesome!!! The best news I have heard out of Burien government in years!! We need more Beach Boys in Burien government!!

  2. Question Authority says:

    Given his background in law enforcement, I’m sure he is hard on crime which this city needs.

  3. Question Authority says:

    Strange how the Liberal/Socialist members of the council abstained or voted no. Oh I forgot, they dislike cops especially Bezerkoitz.

    • Michael says:

      You would like to see LEO’s in every city position, I’m guessing…
      But that is not his job now.

      • Question Authority says:

        I would consider a short episode of martial law to get a grip on crime actually, but I’ll settle for the new guy and his input.

  4. Michael says:

    I thought Matthew Fulton would be a better fit. But Brian Wilson was my 2nd choice. It’s clear the evaluation bias was in favor of a local in comparison. Hope that does not mean the status quo for everything.

  5. Seahurst resident says:

    His background could indicate that he wants to make Burien a law and order city again. I would rather have seen someone with a clear vision on how to a thriving city, but give the guy a chance to prove himself.

    The liberal section of the council does not prefer a law and order city, so either abstains or votes against him. I hope he can convince the council to repeal the sanctuary city ordinance, so police can assist in deporting the MS-13 gang member out of town and restore the peacefulness.

    • Jennifer says:

      Seahurst Resident,
      You are making the assumption that all gang menbers are one Latino and two undocumented which is not correct in most cases.
      Matthew Fulton was also my top pick…Brian Wilson on the other hand was way at the bottom!

      • michael says:

        Why was Wilson at the bottom? I don’t hold it against him he spent some time as a Chief (one year temporary) and Assistant Chief. I noted he had zero actual street experience, he was an adminstrative manager behind a desk more than a cop. He was a pencil pusher and budget guy. His education in Criminology and Sociology can be more valuable, provided he still keeps up with it.

        But the bottom line is, Law Enforcement of the kind that some want, is not his job.

    • Captain obvious says:

      So I have to ask do you know it’s​ MS-13 and are they illegal aliens. Also what’s the gang there fighting with are they MS-13 too.

      Or have you been watching to much 24 News and pick up the first Latino gang name you herd.

      Kinda like term sanctuary City when King county and burien use the same standers years before that term was even a thing.

      • Captain obvious says:

        What we don’t no is if these are actually MS-13 or wannabe gangsters​ like most gangs in the area. Usually just a group of teenagers to older adults that one or two know about that gangs culture. Then they start wanting to claim it as there gang recruiting tagging or spray painting that gangs tag. Now some news reports from 2008 say two top MS-13 gang members were released from prison. Now it’s 2017 do we know if these two still are a live or live in burien.

        Then some times it’s just a group of friends that watched​ to many gangsters movie’s and listening to a little to much gangsters rap. Start thinking there gangsters and need to live that life style.

        I remember when I was in middle school and high school I noticed this trend. They watch movies like​ colors and Friday then listen to 2pac or Dr Dre,brother Lynch,black mark records. Then next thing you know they have there own tag or gangster name. They start sagging there pants and all that nonsense. Then comes the summer months they start car prowling to make money to buy drugs and dumb stuff for there stolen car they think they will have for ever. Until the red and blue flashing lights come on behind them.Now are they real gangster no and they would get murder by any real gangster in flash of a hart beat. There kids that parents didn’t pay enough attention to. There parents had to work or had other activities or just can’t find common ground with there child. Basically give up on them over arguments and other issues.

        Some happen to learn how stupid that life style is and grow out of it and some don’t then become career crimanls. End up in and out of jail and prison. For stupid things

  6. rlc says:

    Congrats Brian, You are stepping into a fire pit so I must say we our hoping for the best for you.

    Crime and Homeless issues should be your biggest concerns out of the gate. We must make our city safe for residents and businesses’. We are growing lets make people feel safe working living and visiting Burien. Businesses’ want to see a safe city before they come here and we want to feel safe doing business in Burien.

    Residents vote in people who care about safety in the coming election. The time is now to send a statement.

    Brian best of luck look forward to seeing a change.

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