Highline Mathematicians face off at Seahurst Elementary Math Bonanza

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Every Highline elementary school has excited and talented mathematicians, and two-thirds of them demonstrated this fact at the 2017 Seahurst Elementary Math Bonanza on May 5.

204 students in 4th-, 5th-, and 6th-grades spilled out of the cafeteria into two overflow classrooms, making it the largest elementary math contest in Highline’s history! Of course, they hope to be even bigger next year, and the dream is to convince all 19 Highline elementary schools to participate.

In the weeks before the contest, many students met with teachers and parent coaches outside of class time to learn topics they hadn’t been exposed to and to familiarize themselves with the test formats. At the event, students competed in a variety of tests in different formats: an individual test in which students attempted to solve thirty problems in thirty minutes, a mental math test in which individuals tried to solve twenty questions in their head in fifteen minutes, and two team tests (Algebra & Probability and Geometry & Potpourri) in which teams of four students attempted to solve twenty topic-specific problems in fifteen minutes.

After the four events, students and their families enjoyed a dinner break while the scoring room wrapped up its work. Soon, the awards ceremony began with the All-That-and-a-Bag-of-Chips award for the highest-scoring student on each team of four, each of which received a bag of chips! Those winners were:

School NameStudent NameGrade
Beverly ParkDaniel Ly5
Beverly ParkElizabeth Barret5
Beverly ParkEyanna Bannister5
Bow LakeJose Bocanegra6
Bow LakeMundir Ali5
Bow LakeSoliana Alazar5
Bow LakeSulekha Mahamud6
Bow LakeZariatou Doucuore5
CedarhurstKierra Covey6
MarvistaAidan Phan5
MarvistaJosh Abellon5
MarvistaJustin Bell4
MarvistaLauren Jaffe6
MarvistaMadelyn Novick5
McMickenAndrew Wiebe6
McMickenArmaan Singh6
McMickenDavid Bello Luna6
McMickenHayden Burnett6
McMickenKaythen Towne6
North HillAbenzer Deresse4
North HillAria Hawkins5
North HillCallie Bradshaw5
North HillForest Oliverson4
North HillJimmy Taylor4
North HillJocelyn Rose5
North HillLily Monahan4
North HillMason Becker4
North HillPhillip Soran5
North HillReanna Lee6
North HillSelam Bobenga4
ParksideAustin Corwin6
ParksideBen Bowers5
ParksideIoana Muresan4
ParksideMegumi Whisman5
ParksideNina Door4
ParksideQuan Phan4
ParksideSelena Bolden6
Rainier PrepCristian Herrera5
Rainier PrepHeba Al-Sheblawy5
Rainier PrepJenny Nguyen6
Rainier PrepJosslyne Fregoso6
Rainier PrepLeslie Diaz De Leon6
Rainier PrepSiniya Jones5
Rainier PrepTony Nguyen6
SeahurstAlexander Avecilla4
SeahurstBriarRose Ables4
SeahurstCatherine Lemus6
SeahurstCody Reed4
SeahurstDaisy Guerrero4
SeahurstHarlen Mitchell6
SeahurstJadalyn Estaban5
SeahurstJasmine Delgado-Guerrero5
SeahurstJennifer Bou5
ShorewoodEric Nguyen5
ShorewoodKatie Clymer6
ShorewoodNicky Warfield4
ShorewoodRae Williams5
ShorewoodWily Wennerlind6
Southern HeightsLoobna Shego6

The next award level was the “Sweet Solvers”, the highest-scoring student in each grade at each school, each of which received a candy bar! Those winners were:

School NameStudent NameGrade
Beverly ParkEyanna Bannister5
Beverly ParkFaith Antioquia6
Bow LakeMundir Ali5
Bow LakeSulekha Mahamud6
CedarhurstKierra Covey6
MarvistaJustin Bell4
MarvistaMadelyn Novick5
MarvistaLauren Jaffe6
McMickenHayden Burnett6
North HillForest Oliverson4
North HillAria Hawkins5
North HillReanna Lee6
ParksideQuan Phan4
ParksideMegumi Whisman5
ParksideAustin Corwin6
Rainier PrepHeba Al-Sheblawy5
Rainier PrepTony Nguyen6
SeahurstBriarRose Ables4
SeahurstJennifer Bou5
SeahurstCatherine Lemus6
ShorewoodChris Talty4
ShorewoodRae Williams5
ShorewoodWily Wennerlind6
Southern HeightsLoobna Shego6

The third award level is the ten top-scoring individuals in each grade across the district. They were:

DivisionGradePlaceStudent NameSchool Name
JV49Alexander AvecillaSeahurst
JV49Ryan HarringtonNorth Hill
JV46BriarRose AblesSeahurst
JV46Selam BobengaNorth Hill
JV46Mason BeckerNorth Hill
JV45Jimmy TaylorNorth Hill
JV44Abenzer DeresseNorth Hill
JV43Michelle RuizNorth Hill
JV42Lily MonahanNorth Hill
JV41Forest OliversonNorth Hill
JV510Harveer SinghNorth Hill
JV58Jasmine Delgado-GuerreroSeahurst
JV57Jocelyn RoseNorth Hill
JV56Tazmin HansonSeahurst
JV55Phillip SoranNorth Hill
JV54Jennifer BouSeahurst
JV53Kai PravenNorth Hill
JV52Aria HawkinsNorth Hill
JV51Eyanna BannisterBeverly Park
JV610Brooke ThomasNorth Hill
JV69Naricris CruzSouthern Heights
JV68Sydney GoitiaRainier Prep
JV67Hayden BurnettMcMicken
JV65Loobna ShegoSouthern Heights
JV64Manjot SinghNorth Hill
JV63Josslyne FregosoRainier Prep
JV62Reanna LeeRainier Prep
JV61Tony NguyenNorth Hill
Varsity410Thu NgyuenParkside
Varsity49Nina DoorParkside
Varsity48Ioana MuresanParkside
Varsity47William FikeMarvista
Varsity46Anas DiriehParkside
Varsity45Amelia KwungParkside
Varsity44Nicky WarfieldShorewood
Varsity43Quan PhanParkside
Varsity42Justin BellMarvista
Varsity41Chris TaltyShorewood
Varsity510Colin ChirkoShorewood
Varsity59Aidan PhanMarvista
Varsity58Josh AbellonMarvista
Varsity57Samuel DagmawiShorewood
Varsity56Tran DinhMarvista
Varsity55Madelyn NovickMarvista
Varsity54Sarah BerhanShorewood
Varsity53Eric NguyenShorewood
Varsity52Maddy HandshewShorewood
Varsity51Rae WilliamsShorewood
Varsity610Luke VlasesParkside
Varsity69Alena KangParkside
Varsity68Elliott KurtzMarvista
Varsity67Selena BoldenParkside
Varsity66Lauren JaffeMarvista
Varsity65Katie ClymerShorewood
Varsity64Evelyn WatsonParkside
Varsity63Emily CainShorewood
Varsity62Wily WennerlindShorewood
Varsity61Austin CorwinParkside

The final award level was the highest-scoring teams in each grade across the district. They were:

Div.Gr.PlaceSchool NameNameGr.NameGr.NameGr.NameGr.
JV45North HillNora Hansen4Ethan Driscoll4Mason Becker4Selam Bobenga4
JV44North HillForest Oliverson4Camden Anderson4Abby Hills4Natalie Nutting4
JV43North HillLily Monahan4Michelle Ruiz4Braxton Loria4Marcelo Gonzalez4
JV42North HillJimmy Taylor4Ryan Harrington4Grace Smith4Ifrah Abdi4
JV41SeahurstBesa Hruska4Daisy Guerrero4Daniel Jensen4Tatum Swift4
JV55North HillParker Crawford5Aria Hawkins5Kyra Smith5Kai Praven5
JV53SeahurstJennifer Bou5Hiei Garrett5Son Chang5Tazmin Hanson5
JV52Rainier PrepCristian Herrera5Abel Atinafu5Justin Castro De Jesus5Isai Fregoso5
JV51SeahurstJasmine Delgado-Guerrero5Esmeralda Castro Cordero5Macintosh Brown5Pablo Palma-Orantes5
JV65Southern HeightsIvan Garcia6Loobna Shego6Naricris Cruz6Jenna Grant6
JV63North HillReanna Lee6Brooke Thomas6Jessica Chaves6Manjot Singh6
JV62Rainier PrepJenny Nguyen6Isabella Le6Leslie Diaz De Leon6Ulysses Jasso-Roman6
JV61Rainier PrepTony Nguyen6Jose Lopez Bernal6Sydney Goitia6Cassandra Nguyen6
Vars.44ParksideNina Door4Ioana Muresan4Thu Ngyuen4Ellza Singh4
Vars.43MarvistaWilliam Fike4Justin Bell4
Vars.42ShorewoodJavaris Matthews4Nicky Warfield4
Vars.41ParksideAmelia Kwung4Quan Phan4Anas Dirieh4Eden Solomon4
Vars.55ParksideBen Bowers5Samuel Sanchez5Mia Cohn5Anni Simmons5
Vars.54ParksideVictor Perete-McIntyre5Megumi Whisman5Melat Kassahun5Zaki Mitchell5
Vars.53MarvistaTran Dinh5Madelyn Novick5Addison Wisen5Giulia Gudor5
Vars.52ShorewoodColin Chirko5Eric Nguyen5Lindo Tran5Samuel Dagmawi5
Vars.51ShorewoodMaddy Handshew5Sarah Berhan5Rae Williams5Megan Talty5
Vars.65ShorewoodKatie Clymer6
Vars.64MarvistaLauren Jaffe6Elliott Kurtz6Ayaan Osman6Martin Dinh5
Vars.63ParksideLuke Vlases6Selena Bolden6Alena Kang6
Vars.62ParksideEvelyn Watson6Austin Corwin6Malakai Silvestre6
Vars.61ShorewoodWily Wennerlind6Emily Cain6Lillian Burris5Chris Talty4

All of the tests for the 2017 Middlementary Math Bonanza were provided by National Assessment & Testing (http://www.natassessment.com), which in addition to this local competition administers four national contests by mail each year in different formats.

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2 Responses to “Highline Mathematicians face off at Seahurst Elementary Math Bonanza”
  1. Maenad says:

    This is a great event. I coached a few of my kids teams in the past. Math competitions were the best thing I ever got my kids into, they really learned some great problem solving skills.

  2. Clean it up! says:

    WOW! Great Stuff! Here’s to everyone involved with this program! Especially the kids! You ROCK!!!
    Would love to see all the Highline elementary schools involved in this program and a few local sponsors getting the word out and providing prizes.

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