B-TOWN BIZ: Opening of new Bakery Nouveau in Burien hits a few delays

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By Devin Otto
Intern, Big Picture High School

Bakery Nouveau, a well established bakery with locations in West Seattle and Capitol Hill, has been working on building a new location at 424 SW 153rd Street in downtown Burien.

The building – which has been delayed for another two months at the most – has to be converted from a series of office buildings to a fully functioning bakery.

The business was started by William and Heather Leaman, who opened their original store in the West Seattle Junction on California Avenue. They opened their second location in 2013 on Capitol Hill.

Construction of the Burien location began in early 2017, and the expected opening is expected to be around late July-early August.

Baker Nouveau will be located at 424 SW 153rd Street:

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14 Responses to “B-TOWN BIZ: Opening of new Bakery Nouveau in Burien hits a few delays”
  1. brendan says:

    Well established bakery? Come on BTB that’s quite an understatement, Bakery Nouveau is of the best bakeries in the city, if not the best. Who cares how long it takes, Burien is mighty lucky the Leaman’s decided to settle here. With Bakery Nouveau and PCC opening close by, Burien is in the pink.

  2. Question Authority says:

    Can’t wait, also what’s the possibility the City’s overzealous lengthy inspection process is the culprit therefore delaying economic growth and commerce?

    • Mark litzner says:

      I know some business owners have regretted moving to burien because of the over zealous inspectors and beaurcratic hoops They had to endure

    • Captain obvious says:

      Now come on QofA we all know who you want blame for this. Come you know you would love to eat at place that was rushed to built skipping possible safety issue’s. Hey then you claim it’s a certain person on the city council fault .

      • Question Authority says:

        Jump to conclusions much? How could “she” even be involved in onsite code inspection if she never leaves her house to perform any city business.

        • Captain obvious says:

          Well when 99% of your comments in the past few months. Have been blaming the city council member in question. To the point where I didn’t even have to mention her and you knew who I talking about.

          Now your claiming the city regulations have something​to do with construction delays do you have personal knowledge of this. Or are just pulling this complaint on the city out of your dairy air. Like you usually do.

  3. Betsy says:

    We’ve got the what, where, when but not the WHY of this story.

  4. Peter says:

    What is the reason for the delays?

  5. 153rd is really coming on as a restaurant row. Cheaper rents, I bet.

  6. Laurie says:

    Yes this story just says there is a delay, what is the delay?

  7. C-Sea says:

    Can’t wait! Love their breads and special occasion cakes. I hope the trend follows to bring in more interesting restaurants and new shops into downtown Burien!

    • Peter says:

      Yes! More shops and restaurants (but maybe not another Italian – we have enough of those I think). But we also need more urbanization of the downtown core. .More condos, etc.

      • Lisa White says:

        No we do not Need anymore Condo’s Why there are enough and No parking and it is just going to be a Mess Like West Seattle!! Is that what you want.

        We need a good American Steak Restaurant Like Black Angus like we used to have.

        No more Condo’s!!

  8. Laura Toepel says:

    Oh, you lucky people!! I might have to move back to Burien if Bakery Nouveau opens there. I will at least be making a lot of visits!

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