CLIFF’S EDGE: A new column premieres

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As I age there seems to be less interest in my opinion, starting at home with my wife and extending on to children, grandchildren, neighbors, clerks and so on.

I’m learning to deal with it, but it still hurts. That’s why it was so wonderful the other day when Scott Schaefer, who runs this B-town Blog offered me the opportunity to write a weekly column in this space.

He showed a lot of courage in extending that offer, and I displayed barely sustained excitement in accepting it.

I’ve had weekly columns published in newspapers before, most recently in the suburbs of Chicago prior to moving in 1969 with the family to the Burien area where we have lived since.

Now 48 years later, I find I have a few things left to say, and theres a guy who’s giving me the opportunity to say them. It’s a blessing, even if no one chooses to pay attention to it.

The column I set aside in returning to the Pacific Northwest was titled “Cliff’s Edge.” The title had no special significance. My writing seldom was what I would describe as “edgy.”

As I recall my editor at the time thought it was clever. Or maybe I’m the one who thought it was clever. Memories fade.

Anyway, with Mr. Schaefer’s blessing, I’ll unearth that title and transplant in this new medium (for me) of blogging.

I’ll be writing mostly about what I routinely encounter around here and my thoughts regarding. Perhaps you’ll find an interest in my musings. I’ll certainly have an interest in yours.

Cliff Rowe is a retired journalist and journalism professor. (He practiced both in a time before journalists and what they produced were considered “enemies of the people.”) He and his family have lived in the Shorewood area of White Center (then Burien) since 1969 when they returned to the Northwest after seven years in the Chicago area. There, following graduate school, he wrote and edited with the Chicago Sun-Times and with Paddock Publications in the Chicago suburbs. On moving here, he was with The Seattle Times for 11 years before turning to teaching journalism at Pacific Lutheran University for 35 years, retiring in 2015.

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7 Responses to “CLIFF’S EDGE: A new column premieres”
  1. Wondering says:

    Great to hear, I looked for more of your first column but was left wanting more. Can’t wait!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    We will welcome your column . I bet you wouldn’t want to write for the Seattle Times
    Anymore . Last week their headline was opposite of what happened Just fake news
    I used to like the Times when they hired good unbiased journalists .
    What happened ? It’s tragic for our people .
    I will look forward to reading your stories .

  3. Seahurst resident says:

    Look forward reading them and trust me the comments will come your way. The more comments the better you do :).

  4. Mark Neuman says:

    Good call, Scott. I’m looking forward to reading Cliff’s columns.

  5. Clean it up! says:

    Welcome aboard Cliff! Looking forward to your column. Here are some things I would like to hear about.
    1. What do you prefer about the Pacific NW over Chicago?
    2. Any tip sheet on writing! We all can use some pointers here at the blog on how to sling our lines of type with a little style. 🙂
    3. Love to see some interviews with our transit riders. Who are our they and why do they ride buses?
    4. How about an interview with a gang member or two, if possible? What are they thinking? What are their families thinking? What’s it all about?
    5. An interview with Lauren B. (I can hear the groans!) None the less, what are her views? How does she see Burien and it’s future?
    6. An interview with Elston. How did he get into photography? What trips are he and his wife planning next?
    We can use a bright new voice, Cliff. Give us your view soon!

  6. Rick Sleeman says:

    Looking forward to your posts. A new voice is perhaps food for thought no matter if one agrees with your political affiliation.

  7. Karen says:

    Came to your blog announcement by way of a FB friend …I know what you mean…
    “As I age there seems to be less interest in my opinion, starting at home with my wife and extending on to children, grandchildren, neighbors, clerks and so on.” In my case it’s my husband and the so on is our dog…the cat still appears to be loyal. Best wishes !

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