FOUND: Friendly, tame cat found near 8th Ave SW & SW 156th/158th Streets

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“This cat has shown up at our place 2 nights in a row,” Vickie Hollaway said:

This is near 8th Ave SW, between SW 156th and SW 158th Streets (map below).

Very friendly and tame. Obviously someone’s pet.

He doesn’t stick around during the day, but has shown up around 6pm both nights.

“If someone recognizes him (I think it’s a boy), you can contact me at 206-403-8216.”

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20 Responses to “FOUND: Friendly, tame cat found near 8th Ave SW & SW 156th/158th Streets”
  1. Su Cook says:

    I don’t recognize them but I would consider adopting him!

    • Vickie Hollaway says:

      Send me your info and if it’s decided he doesn’t belong to anyone, I’ll contact you. Need to see if he’s chipped.

      • Carla says:

        Her phone number is 206 242 2055. Patty Macias’s, cats name is Vinnie. They live in the Lake Burien Estates Townhouses, just down the street.

  2. Lakeview Too says:

    Such cute ears! That looks like its at least part forest cat.

  3. Jana Wheeler says:

    My guess is he or she is a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat. The M on the forehead tells me he is a Maine Coon. I have one.

  4. PONYGIRL says:

    He spends time at our condos (Lake Burien estates). He is very sweet, however, we don’t know who owns him. He looks well groomed.

    • ponygirl,

      How long has he been hanging out at your place? He showed up again last night, and now, this morning. I agree, he is well groomed, and not skinny, so someone is feeding him. I hesitate taking him to C.A.R.E.S. if he belongs to someone, but then they could at least check to see if he’s chipped. He’s very vocal and wants attention, that’s for sure!

      • Captain obvious says:

        If it’s healthy and not causing a problem. I would leave it be. It’s probably a neighbors cat that might not read this blog. Some cats like to wonder or it could be looking for a friend or a cat in heat.

        If you take it to cares and it’s not chipped or its license can’t be verified or is not current . Then they will keep it as a stray cat. Then you may have a worry and upset neighbor looking for ther cat. Which when they find out what happened they might get a little more upset.

      • PONYGIRL says:

        I will check with other condo owners and see if anyone else has any ideas as to owner. We have had him visit our two cats thru the slider for about six months! He is very friendly.

        • PONYGIRL says:

          It is Saturday and our favorite no name cat just showed up at apartments just south of us!

          He perches on railing!

  5. Zorro says:

    He probably is just wandering as all outdoor cats do and he belongs to someone.

  6. Clean it up! says:

    Sweet cat. You might try taping a note with your phone number on his collar. If he does not have a collar, you can make a simple one of cloth or waistband elastic. BTW He may be older than he looks. Bless you for trying to find the owner.

  7. Carla says:

    He lives at Lake Burien Estates his name is Vinnie. His moms name is Patty Macias’s. I’ll call her and give her your number.

  8. Vickie Hollaway says:

    The owner of this kitty contacted me tonight, so I know where he belongs.
    He’s got a home!!!
    Thank you everyone!

  9. Jeremy says:

    His name is Sir Vincent. He also answers to Vinny. His mom lives next door to us on 8th between 156th and 158th in the condos. Hes a great cat and we all love him being around. I heard her calling for him tonight so if you still have him, oleqse let him go home!

  10. John white says:

    I think that is my cat can someone please call me at 206-495-7030

  11. John White says:

    I think this is my cat Remus which I miss very much. If you see him again can you please call me at 206 495-7030

    John white

  12. Marianne says:

    Whoever the cat belongs to needs to keep him inside over the next few days due to the fireworks. Someone could hurt him or he could be frightened and run off.

    John White-if you think he is yours, call the number that the finder posted.

    • Captain obvious says:

      Vickie Hollaway says:
      June 30, 2017 at 9:26 pm
      The owner of this kitty contacted me tonight, so I know where he belongs.
      He’s got a home!!!
      Thank you everyone

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