Shootout, road rage crash between 2 cars injures 2 in Burien Tuesday morning

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The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a shootout between two vehicles – along with what appears to be a road rage crash – injured two in Burien Tuesday morning, July 4.

Police say that just before 10 a.m. a couple of deputies heard shots being fired near SW 126th Street and 1st Ave South. They saw a silver convertible with the top down occupied by one man, who had a gun and was firing it towards another vehicle.

The second vehicle had two occupants, and it appeared shots were also being fired from that vehicle. The vehicles fled the area and the deputies caught up to them at SW 124th Street at 1st Ave South where both vehicles were involved in an accident. It appears the convertible was rammed by the other vehicle.

A third vehicle, driving on 1st Ave South, was also struck. Police say that this vehicle was not involved in the shooting, but the driver had minor injuries.

The driver of the convertible was ejected. The driver of the other suspect vehicle was also injured. Both drivers were conscious and alert but taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for treatment. The passenger of the other vehicle was taken into custody.

It is unknown what led to the shooting, and King County Major Crimes is investigating.

Two guns were found at the scene.

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8 Responses to “Shootout, road rage crash between 2 cars injures 2 in Burien Tuesday morning”
  1. Question Authority says:

    At least all involved have been caught and now and forever watched by Law Enforcement.

  2. Great job by the Burien PD. This had to be scary for the people in the houses that were that close. It’s a shame they involved an innocent driver.

  3. Frosty says:

    Just another early morning in Burien. The time when joggers and families are outside.. Nice… Very nice.. Dodge City

    • Captain obvious says:

      Yeah since this is the first driver on driver shoot out in burien. This seems more of a random act of stupidity by two drivers. That can’t obey common laws that luckily are now going to jail for there most recent act of stupidity.

      Most likely were racing and one felt ripped off or couldn’t stand a lost. Pulled a pistol started shooting other returned fire. Then herd police drove faster crashed got locked up end of story.

  4. Clean it up! says:

    Oh but Frosty, that’s not ‘Burien’. Burien is 152nd and a few steps off it. Anyone who lives anywhere else, who pays Burien taxes, really is living in Dodge City and knows it. We are on our own out here. The cops only come after the fact of any ‘disturbance.’ And the creeps are only too aware of this. The creeps also know that there is very little consequences for any bad behavior. Little time in jail, if any and no true financial penalty. They are soon back on the street and back to their violent unlawful lives.

    • capt obvious says:

      Well clean it up I guess common sense has gone kaboom!

      Here are some things to try

      !. Start a neighborhood watch program if you don’t have one already.

      2. Understand common sense and use of it (don’t leave items of value out in plain view or unlocked over night or for long periods of time unattended)

      3. Understand the police run on a priority system hence burglary low priority burglary in progress high priority. burglary paper work finger prints burglary in progress is catch criminal in act better case for the D.A. office quicker arrest.

      4. Understanding how police reports and other evidence how the D.A. offices works.

      5. Understanding how lawyers get criminals plead deals for more information on bigger criminals. For lower sentences

      6. Understanding how sometimes police officers or the D.A. can make a mistake in paper work or a error in judgment that can cause a case to get drop.

  5. RF says:

    7. Understand how to defend yourself and use a gun.

    • Captain obvious says:

      Yes if it comes down to self defense. Or lerning some other self defense techniques. I took up the skill of knife throwing. Surprising it’s rather easy similar to throwing darts. Took a couple weeks to get it down and watching some YouTube videos. But it actually kinda fun.

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