LETTER: Krystal Marx is running for Burien City Council, Position #7

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff. During this election year, we are allowing each local candidate to introduce themselves in this manner as a public service at no charge:]

Hello, Friends and Neighbors –

My name is Krystal Marx, and I am running for Burien City Council, Position 7. Please allow me to share a little background about who I am, as a candidate.

I am a longtime South King County resident, wife of an Army combat veteran, and am currently a volunteer and stay-at-home mom of four children, ages 10 and under. My recent professional work includes business and operations management at small nonprofits serving thousands of members. In addition to that work, I have worked as an Apprenticeship Services Coordinator for aerospace machinists because I believe in supporting and advocating for our tradesmen and women. To further advance my policy-making and fundraising skills, and to support local theater, I joined the Board of Trustees for Unexpected Productions (the Market Theater at Pike Place) in 2016, and was voted Board President in May of 2017.

Community education is my passion. I have volunteered in the community from my youth, alongside my parents, and have continued to do so into adulthood, finding that lifting up and protecting marginalized and targeted communities is where my heart lies. Openly LGBTQ myself, I have provided free self-defense training to LGBTQ organizations throughout the Greater Seattle area, and have offered Bystander Intervention training to such groups as the Seattle Housing Alliance, Mothers for Social Justice, South King County Neighborhood Action Coalition and more.

What does that mean for Burien?

It is my goal to use my 10+ years of project management, business and coalition-building experience to foster a Burien for ALL who call our city ‘home’. To do so, I am focused on these three key aspects:

  • equitable community representation,
  • community involvement in crime reduction, and
  • addressing homelessness with dignity and sustainable practices.

Burien is a city that draws you in and, once you experience all it has to offer, it is hard to stay away! That’s why my husband (a Highline High School graduate) and I decided to move here nearly two and a half years ago so we could raise our family.

I do not succumb to fear-mongering; I am committed to building upon our great foundation and addressing our issues in equitable, sustainable ways instead of responding with reactionary tactics.

I will work to allow more seats at the table for members of our community who have long been marginalized.

Seeing things from an intersectional, holistic point of view, I will advocate and help plan for more robust, interesting and engaging after school options for our city’s youth that helps keep them off the street and engaged in their futures.

I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me a little bit better, and welcome the chance to get to know you as well!

Please remember to vote in the August 1st Primary Election and, when you do, please vote for me for Burien City Council, Position 7.

Krystal S. Marx


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16 Responses to “LETTER: Krystal Marx is running for Burien City Council, Position #7”
  1. Charles Schaefer says:

    She’s got my vote!

  2. wonderful says:

    A way to far left for me. Sorry.

  3. Bill & Terri Lindeke says:

    Homeowners in Burien for over 38 years – we are looking forward to voting for Ms. Marx.

    Marx is 1 of just a couple candidates for City Council who have provided a clear and cogent plan for Burien that is backed up by reliable and trusted sources. She has done her homework.

    Her views, her understanding, and plans regarding the great things about Burien and those challenges that face us are in alignment with our views and core values.

    Ms. Marx has earned our vote.

  4. Question Authority says:

    With the instant amount of pro votes I see a Facebook/Twitter message having gone out to the fan club. I’m certainly not one of them given her Leftist stances and lack of big picture economics representing a City.

  5. Captain obvious says:

    I have to wonder what her sexual preference and marriage status has to do with being on city council. No offense I am glad she able to be open about it . I just don’t get what it has do with helping in running a city is all.

    • michaelJ says:

      How about having more of an open mind to different appoaches that works for majority of people of all stripes? Unlike others, she is not hitting us over the head with it, but simply stating a fact that in this “small town” environment, would likely be used against her if she did not disclose her bisexuality.

      Having said that, I am still not sure she has the relevant experience to implement and persuade in the city council arena, or the expertise to fully evaluate downsides of things, and am undecided.

      • Captain obvious says:

        Yes that can be true in politics one another going against each other some groups can dig up dirt on people.

        I still just don’t get what it matters to people what someone’s lifestyle or sexual preference is in there own bedroom.

        I have seen there another person running mentions how long they been married. How does this effect policy making or how the city is going be ran.

        I feel it’s more of away to pull votes from certain groups but really has no effect on policy making or how the city is ran. which means it more political trickery witch just lost these two my vote.

  6. Seahurst resident says:

    Sorry, but it is the type of representation we have seen the last 4 years. To be inclusive etc. That’s all great, but we expect our elected official not to shy away from taken a position on real issues. We have been here for three years and the real issues are a high crime rate, way too many homeless people and a lack of interest for businesses to locate to Burien. She appears to be someone not very much understanding these issues.

  7. Burien voter says:

    Just a question here, Scott? How come comments are open on letters of candidacy for this seat, and closed for similar letters from Darla Green and Debi Wagner? It is at the request of the candidates, or B-Town Blog’s editorial decision? Please explain. Thank you.

  8. 20 Years of Burien Life says:

    She’s got my vote.

    Ms. Marx is a breath of fresh air. I’m not of the “left” persuasion (haven’t been for decades), but after meeting briefly with her and understanding that she’s one of few who has an actual plan and credible backing, she’s the logical choice for me and for Burien.

  9. K. and R. Rand says:

    We’ve been in Burien for nine years now and hope to never leave. We are voting for Krystal Marx for City Council. Good luck, Ms. Marx!

  10. Burien Res says:

    Been here nine years and have never been so sure about Burien candidate. Krystal has my vote.

  11. Rob says:

    After .eeting Krystal, I can say she is right for Burien.She actually has plans to improve our local economy. And she has plans for our very diverse population, to lift folks up not putting them down, like some other candidates. MARX HAS MY VOTE!

  12. Tom in B Town for 32 years says:

    Krystal Marx has written seven articles for The Seattle Lesbian, dating back to Sept 2015.

    Anyone seeking further insight into this candidate can read them at this link http://theseattlelesbian.com/author/krystal-marx/

  13. Raised In NP Raised Kids In Burien says:

    Only two years living in Burien? How does this translate into knowing how to fix what started here years ago? Our homeless and meth problems (and now heroin, I hear,) that started yrs ago have skyrocketed with no relief in sight. Illegal immigrants abound. We need someone who has known Burien before these issues came to this and can point us in the right direction for our city, not a blanket cure that might work elsewhere. I see no addressing of the high dropout rate at Highline HS, which is getting worse, and also contributes to those problems. I’m on the fence considering I don’t want us to be a sanctuary city but I do want addicts to have access to needle exchanges and injection sites. I’ll be reading more on your platform as Aug approaches.

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